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Friendly Flora Probiotic - Capsules | Digestive Support
 based on 108 reviews
Our potent formula delivers a remarkable 10 Billion Colony Forming Units (CFU) of five distinct Probiotic strains selected for their unique stability and bioavailability to support our digestive, immune, urinary and genital systems.
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Andrew Lessman's FRIENDLY FLORA is a comprehensive blend of five established, beneficial probiotic strains, delivering an exceptional 10 Billion Colony Forming Units (CFU) per capsule. Probiotic means “for life” and probiotic-rich foods have been consumed for thousands of years. However, our diet is no longer rich in microflora with yogurt remaining one of its only sources, which typically contains unwanted calories and sugar and only provides unreliable levels of a single strain of microflora. There are trillions of beneficial microorganisms (microflora) in our body and their healthy balance is essential to the health of our digestive and immune systems. Our Friendly Flora is designed to enhance the balance of these microorganisms in our digestive, immune, urinary and genital systems. It is well established that the microflora in our GI (gastrointestinal) tract play a vital role in promoting healthy digestion, including nutrient absorption and regularity. Maintaining a proper balance of our microflora is also essential to healthy immune system function. The delicate balance of microflora is easily upset by stress, poor diet, digestive issues and aging. This fragile balance is further disrupted by medications that affect the digestive system and its pH balance, such as antacids or antibiotics, which can entirely wipe out our microflora. Friendly Flora provides 10 Billion Colony Forming Units per capsule of five carefully selected varieties of established, beneficial microflora to ensure the essential benefits of these remarkably healthy “friends.” These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consume one or more capsules daily or as recommended by your physician. This product is most effective as part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle.


Excellent Experience, Lavinia Velez
By Amazon, NV
I feel great because I don’t have no more problems with my stomach. Before I was feeling that my stomach was upset all the time.
Best Probiotic for the money, Lori
By Amazon, NV
I love all of Andrew Lessman's vitamins. You can't beat the value of this particular product. It is more cost effective than other probiotics and superior quality.
Flora, to the rescue, Elaine
By Amazon, NV
All I can tell you is, it works! Will definitely buy again.
easy to swallow, Christine J. Gisi
By Amazon, NV
using this product has helped my colon issues
Excellent Experience, Lavinia Velez
By Amazon, NV
I feel great because I don’t have no more problems with my stomach. Before I was feeling that my stomach was upset all the time.
Best Probiotic for the money, Lori
By Amazon, NV
I love all of Andrew Lessman's vitamins. You can't beat the value of this particular product. It is more cost effective than other probiotics and superior quality.
Flora, to the rescue, Elaine
By Amazon, NV
All I can tell you is, it works! Will definitely buy again.
easy to swallow, Christine J. Gisi
By Amazon, NV
using this product has helped my colon issues
Fantastic product ????, kimberly Reprogle
By Amazon, NV
During chemo my mom was being bounced from stool softeners to anti diarrheals. This stuff balanced mostly everything out( as much as it could)for what they were working against they did amazing!!Now I'm buying it for my daughter to help with her heartburn/acid reflux. So far so good??
Lesson vitamins, Paula
By Amazon, NV
The Best, Fallout52
By Amazon, NV
This product is the best probiotic I've tried. I've been using it for about 2 years and the issues I was having with my stomach have improved so much it's hard for me to believe. I've tried other brands and have always come back to this one. For me the benefits are almost unbelievable. I use several of his products and I will never be without them.
Excellent ??, Kathy
By Amazon, NV
Always use andrew lessman products. This one makes my stomach behave
A trusted product., Dale Impson
By Amazon, NV
A wonderful product you can trust.
Works great!, Rene Ulrich
By Amazon, NV
Works great!
Great product, normie
By Amazon, NV
Second time I ordered these probiotic, just what we need for gut health. More benefit in one capsule than in a single 5 oz. yogurt container.
I feel better, Kindle Customer
By Amazon, NV
I felt energy and cleansing after 2 weeks a friend provided me with supplements,,, amazing,,,don't miss a morning, ordering for my daughter in-law!
Great product, The Know
By Amazon, NV
Been taking these less than a week and already feel the difference. Pop one in the morning with my first meal and feel amazing all day.
Good product., Rebecca G.
By Amazon, NV
Good product!!!!
Try Them - You'll like them!, XYZ
By Amazon, NV
I take several of Lessman's various pills. I love it that they are both easy to swallow and easy to digest. Other brand pills tend to get stuck in my throat. Yikes!
Probiotics are great for you, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Andrew has the best vitamins
Works well. Good for your gut. Good price., Jan Baker
By Amazon, NV
Great probiotic. Just wish y'all carried a larger size bottle.
Noticeable benefits to my digestive health, Michael C.
By Amazon, NV
Started taking these after a bout of gastritis treated with heavy antibiotics. I feel like they played an important role in restoring my digestive health.
Noticeable benefits to my digestive health, Michael Cucinotta
By Amazon, NV
Started taking these after a bout of gastritis treated with heavy antibiotics. I feel like they played an important role in restoring my digestive health.
quality, Vivian Parisi
By Amazon, NV
best vitamins and supplements in the world in mine and my doctors opinion
Great probiotic, GlassyLady616
By Amazon, NV
Great probiotic
Continue buying, Chumkil
By Amazon, NV
Good probiotic
Great for intestinal health for elders on Rx, LCB
By Amazon, NV
Purchased for my mother. She is bed-bound, and on a prophylactic antibiotic to prevent recurring UTI's. The antibiotics caused diarrhea, so I started her on Friendly Flora. Within 3 days she was doing very well. Intestinal health is restored, she is very happy. I am relieved that this worked for her!
This is the BEST Probiotic on the market!, Joan E.
By Amazon, NV
I've been taking Friendly Flora for many years without any of the usual side effects often caused by other probiotic products such as bloating, gas, etc.I had been suffering from GERD and this helped balance my digestive system. I take one capsule every morning and have no digestive or gastric problems since I started taking these regularly.Andrew Lessman is known for his supplements as being extremely gentle, easily and quickly absorbed, and absolutely pure without unnecessary additives or fillers. They may be slightly more expensive than other similar products but, clearly, you get what you pay for!
Long time fan, D.nayro
By Amazon, NV
Tried other brands and this is my all time favorite. Lessman vitamins are pricy, but I am willing to pay the price for the quality and results.
Good flow, Scorpion 55
By Amazon, NV
Works very well.
Amazing Product 100% Satisfied!, bundy
By Amazon, NV
I been having Stomach issues for years, seems like anything I eat or drink will cause me to have stomach cramps and really bad Gas pain especially Chocolate, anything Citric, Milk and milk products, Tomato based Products, anything to put it mildly. I've tried many different products including Ibsgard but that didn't do much good. I even tried a cheaper version Probiotic but that didn't work either till a friend told me to try this brand. I would go a few days with no pain then all of a sudden the pain would come back and last 3 or 4 days and this went on for a really long time so I ordered a 60 capsule bottle and from the very first day I have yet to have and Stomach issues and I been on them for 3 weeks now. It's a new record for me so I'm betting it has to be the Ultimate Friendly Flora. Great product so far, I'm about to order the 180 Capsule Bottle right now, it's actually cheaper than the bottle I purchased last Month and that was a 60 cap bottle so it sounds like a win win deal. I'm convinced.
Best Probiotic I Have Used, Reviewer57
By Amazon, NV
Better than anything I have ever used for a probiotic. Drugstore brands do not compare...it works!!
Five Stars, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Great probiotic.
Great product!, kabree
By Amazon, NV
Awesome...keeps me regular and keeps heartburn away without chemicals
Great vitamins., Becca
By Amazon, NV
Great vitamins.
Five Stars, Bill F
By Amazon, NV
Love these capsules. Really helps with my reflux
Five Stars, William Foley
By Amazon, NV
Love these capsules. Really helps with my reflux
Best of the best, JH
By Amazon, NV
Best probiotics I have ever used! Best by a long shot.
Great Probiotic, akita
By Amazon, NV
I think this is a good product. No complaints at all!
Five Stars, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Best !!!!
Five Stars, Moderngirl
By Amazon, NV
Loe this product no stomach upset & helps with digestion.
Excellent!, J Ricker
By Amazon, NV
Great product!!! I have used these for some time now, they are the best!!! Great price here on Amazon too.
Completely satisfied., Kindle Customer
By Amazon, NV
Product as described. Completely satisfied.
Five Stars, Norman Farry
By Amazon, NV
Excellent product, have been using for years!
Great, Mary
By Amazon, NV
Have been taking these for years......Love them.
very good product, pumpkin
By Amazon, NV
it does work for me. will order again
Five Stars, JaniOKC
By Amazon, NV
Great product & good delivery time. Thanks!
Love , love Andrew Lessman vitamins !, Bettina Parker
By Amazon, NV
Great for your Gut !
By Shemika, GA
This was the first time that I have tried this product and I must say I absolutely love it. I often have a lot of bloating and gas but when I take just 2 of these it stops almost instantly. can't believe that I've gone through the entire bottle I will be ordering the ultimate flora next thanks Andrew
Product, Sharon
By Amazon, NV
The best
Product, Sharon Hinds
By Amazon, NV
The best
Five Stars, Auggie
By Amazon, NV
Really good vitamins.
Excellent, willyloughran69
By Amazon, NV
Excellent for digestion
By Amazon, NV
Great product
Five Stars
By Amazon, NV
Best vitamins out there!
Five Stars
By Amazon, NV
Great product
Five Stars
By Amazon, NV
Nearly all items purchased from Lessman are the best that you can get and work as advertised.
A good product!
By Amazon, NV
I like this product. I did not have issues with stomach after taking this product.
Five Stars
By Amazon, NV
Love all of Andrews products!!! They work!!!
Another great ProCaps product.
By Amazon, NV
I have tried many different types of probiotics but this one takes the cake. In fact all of ProCaps products are amazing. My test for a probiotics capability is to take one after a eating a meal that doesn't sit right or is very hard to digest. Every time I take one of these capsules after a meal, the food is gone in under 20 minutes and I'm hungry again. Now I take one daily with after dinner and my digestive health has been great for about a year now since I've been taking them. Have recommended to family and friends and others feel the same way. They are a little expensive, but what is your health worth? I am not affiliated in any way with this company either.
By Amazon, NV
great for the stomach. I take one almost everyday.
Works Great!
By Amazon, NV
Switched to this brand in the last few months and I have no issues with it. I love Andrew Lessman vitamins and am happy to have this available on Amazon.
Five Stars
By Amazon, NV
My persona favorite ProCap product. Will never be without it.
Friendly Flora
By Eugene, KS
I have been taking supplements from another good company but was very expensive and wanted to save some money but get a good product. I have on only about a week and am very happy with product. This is very good on colons and since I have issues watch what I take. This is better than anything I have taken. Would recommend!
Can not find another product like this anywhere
By Paul, NH
This is an amazing essential program of ingredients that are so useful for the colon and the way our whole body digests our food. This is a staple, it cannot be denied as massively important, and the unique blend of this, with the levels in this.....well, it is unmatched in quality anywhere I have searched. And for pennies per a fine powder pill that does not upset the stomach....worth the few pennies they cost me
Take this with Omega 3 fish oil!
By Marni, LA
I have learned from a D.O (osteopathic doctor) that if you take probiotics with omega fish oil that it will be held in the intestines longer to do a more complete job.(lay-mans terms of course) Just take this into consideration when taking this product. (This doctor also has a biochemistry background like Andrew).
The best!
By Amazon, NV
Andrew Lessman makes the best vitamin supplements in my opinion out there. Pure - and in concentrations<br />that you don't find elsewhere - and at an affordable price! Great product - keeps me feeling healthy!
By Amazon, NV
By Amazon, NV
Use this product all the time. Good product, really gets balance on track. Trust Andrew Lessman's products and will continue to buy.
Grest product
By Amazon, NV
I am a big Andrew Lessman fan. I always purchase the large bundle of his products on HSN with flex pay. Items I have purchsed through Andrew Lessman, Health Hair and Nails. Vitamins D, Vitamine B and many other supplements. His products are all natural and his manufacturing plant is located in Las Vegas, nv. I purchased this item on Amazon since I know Mr. Lessman products are the best. Would highly recommend this product and others. Thanks Mr. Lessman. Looking forward to seeing you on HSn in Jan.
An ESSENTIAL Supplement
By Joel, IL
.......FYI: These probiotics...with FOS!.......are the healers of [ your] digestive tract....which regulates your ENTIRE health profile......If your "gut" isn't healthy....YOU won't be healthy....Shrinkage??????.......Just take the pill & let it do its job!!! Out of ALL of Andrew's products,....this Unique formula I rate at the TOP of his supplements.....something that you Really can't find anywhere else.
By Linda L, KY
This product has helped my digestive system more than anything. I will not do without it. People with colon and stomach issues need to try this product.
Excellent Product
By Timothy, MS
I've had IBS for many years and have tried all kinds of things from diet to prescription medicines. I've been using this product for some time now and it really works for me. I know that supplements are not a cure for anything, but this product gives my digestive system what it needs to function normally. Thanks Andrew! Tim, Mississippi
Great Product
By Wilena, AL
I have had digestive issues for quite some time. At my sister's request, I tried Friendly Flora and in about a week my issues had disappeared. This is an excellent product especially, if you take the Digest Assure and the Aloe Vera pills along with it. Thanks, Andrew Lessman.
Love These!
By Gitta, AZ
I have been taking this product for years. When I forget and skip a day or two, my digestive system notices the difference immediately. I take two each day and I'm most satisfied. I don't understand all of the comments about the product shrinking inside the capsule. I've never had that problem. Perhaps the people who have had this issue don't have air conditioning and it's humid in their house...that could affect the product. Overall, a wonderful product that I highly recommend. I'm on autoship, if that tells you anything!
I won't run out again..................
By Linda, FL
I have IBS and I tried this after several years of over the counter items. Even though I took it for almost 6 months (1 cap a day) -didn't know if it was much better than the store bought, UNTIL I RAN OUT!!! The difference is amazing. Apparently it takes longer to build up in your system. After being on the over the counter brands, I can't wait to get my order in the mail. Not only does it works well but is less expensive.
Best Product Ever!
By Sandra, KY
I have had a chronically spastic colon all my life and many other problems with food and digestion, IBS, Crones without the polyps. Basically "Malabsorbtion", it was a coincidence that I had an appt to have blood work done, labs, the day after I had started taking this. My blood sugar was normally 63 it was 93, after just one day. My colon is so happy, and so am I. That was several years ago, and I have never been happier with this product. I am 50 now, and looking forward to everyday. The ONLY thing I DON"T Like about this company is, the sales people are trained to SELL, Hard Sell, I end up spending way too much and have to cancel some things. So I do my ordering ONLINE. Thank God for Andrew and his dedication to humans and out health...<3
I've found this works for me....
By Carol, IL
First, this is a great product really helps regulate your GI tract. Second, for those having problems with the product shrinking inside the capsule...I've found that keeping this in the fridge has helped with that issue.
Quality Product
By Robert, PA
Friendly Flora is yet another fantastic product from Andrew. I was going through some pretty harsh digestive issues but couldn't understand why. I tried OTC remedies before without success until I found this product. I can tell you personally that this product works and works well. I use some other products of Andrew's as well but this was the first to alleviate a problem I was having. I know everyone is different but this really did work for me. Not only do we have superior products from ProCaps here, we have a very intelligent and passionate man who knows the importance of proper nutrition, uses the highest quality ingredients and who does the research for you and presents it like no other. No one else presents information and products like this anywhere that actually work, it is a breath of fresh air to see someone who actually cares. Thank You Andrew!!! Robert Pennsylvania.
Love product but don't like that it hardens
By Joanne, NY
I have resigned myself to ordering the small container; no more than 60 at a time b/c I too have found by the time I make it down halfway, they are shrunken and rocklike. I called and they told me they are still effective but, sorry, it is a bit disconcerting just the same. I found one way to keep tabs from hardening is to keep all the other little silica packets that come in Andrew's other bottles of vitamins and put them all into one container holding the FFlora. It seems that moisture is the enemy of these tabs! I screw the cap back on tightly (just like when you cap a fizzy soda, you know if you don't keep the air out, it will flatten). Also, do NOT sort out your FFlora tabs to put into those daily/weekly pill containers...I've tried that; it shrivels up in there in a few days! I am almost finished w/my container of 60 and not ONE Friendly Flora tab got hard. So my advice is, keep those little silica packets, don't throw them out, put as many as you can collect into one Friendly Flora container and screw the top back on TIGHTLY. Avoid putting these into those weekly pill dividers.
By Roma, FL
I have had chronic constipation and bloating for most of my 63 years, and nothing really helped. I had IMMEDIATE relief after starting with these wonderful capsules. I only need 1 per day. I started in early November and have not had an uncomfortable day since. I too keep my meds and vitamins in a weekly plastic container and began to notice the shrinkage around the end of December (but they still worked fine), so now I keep the whole container in a Zip-Lock bag and there is no problem. I take the Healthy Hair (these also really work wonders!!!), Life RX Elite, and the Omega 3 (orange). Andrew, THANK YOU for your wonderful products!!
Tried this and avoided a doctor's appt.
By Carla, NE
I have never had tummy troubles in my life. I had a cyst and was given a prescription for an antibiotic. Within two weeks of finishing that prescription, I started having significant lower abdominal pains, which over the next week or so, started to spread upward into the upper abdominal area and then into the stomach itself. One night, after all of the pain and bloating, I almost decided to go to the ER. Unfortunately, we are between jobs now and so I didn't go. I started checking online about possible side effects of antibiotics. The one I was given was (generic cefuroxime) apparently played havoc with my system. I also took time to read about probiotics, but was somewhat skeptical...I consider myself a total skeptic by nature and I'm a very difficult person to win over. I ordered the Friendly Flora, thinking this wasn't really going to matter and I'd have to go to my internist and then a Gastro. doc, racking up thousands of bills to find out what was wrong. I could not fathom paying those bills and tried this as a last-ditch effort thinking it wouldn't help. I took the FF (one a day) and within two weeks, I was almost back to normal. I have had this product for almost four weeks now and I am "back to normal!" No more pain or bloating. My stomach is flatter and calm and I saved all that money - thankfully. I selected this product due to the blend of probiotics (covering the bases) and due to my belief that Andrew does his research to bring a beneficial product to market. I am very appreciative of this product and science behind it. I watch Andrew on TV and can see that he cares about the science and quality, not to mention his integrity. Obviously, I don't recommend anyone avoiding a necessary doc's appt. In my particular case, this worked, but if anyone does feel they need to see the doc, then they should do so. I am just happy this worked for my needs after that episode after the antibiotics. Thank you Andrew, and thanks to all of your hardworking staff who make
Response to shriveled up capsules
By Stephanie, CT
This product is excellent, one of the best Probiotics I have ever used. It took me two years in total to completely rid myself of the symptoms of bloating, gas and gastric upset on almost everything I consumed, including water! I take 1-2 each day along with my vitamin D - 7500IU, Green Foods Complex, One-a-day Minerals and Aloe on occasion to coat the stomach to stop the inflammatory response I get on occasion from foods. Probiotics are generally supposed to be stored within a particular temperature range, otherwise it decreases in potency. Think about the pH and temperature of the gut... most chemical reactions only occur when the environment is RIGHT, just as certain bacteria, i.e. acid-loving, only populate where their environment meets their ideal needs. This is a given with ANY PROBIOTIC. So if you rate this product 2 stars because it shriveled up, do a few minutes of research on GOOD PROBIOTICS and you will realize that something this natural and effective will OBVIOUSLY have specific storage instructions to maintain high effectiveness. It's common sense.
By Pat, CA
I recently had a portion of my colon removed due to diverticulitis. Friendly Flora has regulated my gastrointestinal tract and relieved the bloating I experienced after eating. Everyday I look forward to taking Friendly Flora because I know it helps my healing body.
Great product
By Margot, CA
I had the same problem with the capsules seeming to shrink. The representative explained they just compressed since they were alive. Also I had been putting my daily vitamins in a plastic container marked for each day. I found that when I left the product in the original jar there was no problem. It may be the plastic is not good for them. I noticed also when we were having humid hot weather that was when I had problems. I find this product to be very helpful even if it shrinks.
Highly recommend
By Mari, CA
When I have to take antibiotics (yuck), I always take prebiotics/probiotics in order to restore intestinal flora (friendly bacteria) or you will develop bigger problems with your GI tract later in time. I will have to order Andrew's formula because it includes FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides), highly recommended, this increases the overall gastrointestinal tract health & prevents yeast infections. By the way I do take other supplements from ProCaps & currently a very satisfied customer.
This is good stuff
By Timothy, MS
I have taken other Probiotics products in the past and paid more for them than this but this works a lot better. I'm on my first bottle and have gotten such relief for my digestion. I go regularly and no more cramping and gnawing and heartburn. I highly recommend this product.
What a great product for digestive
By Bill, FL
Friendly Flora really helped my digestive function a great deal, as time goes on I am sure the benefits will get better. You did it again Andrew another great product. I will take this for a long time. As for all the products I take they are all great products Thanks again Andrew for making great health products that work not like other products that don't work. Bill Fl.
User Friendly
By Karilyn, MD
I just started taking these. Haven't finished the whole bottle yet, but so far so good. I can feel the difference. The capsules are smaller than Andrew's other supplements, so they're definitely easy to swallow. I think these are an essential staple to our everyday diet, along with exercise and eating healthy (clean) foods. I will be adding these to my multivitamin for women daily regime. Thanks Andrew, you've done it again!
Regulated my GI system
By Tanya, FL
This is amazing stuff! It evened out my very irregular BM's. I used to swing from constipation to diarrhea, and now I'm as regular as clockwork. I am an RN, and I am recommending this to any of my patients who have the same problems. ... I don't get heartburn anymore. It's wonderful not to have to take another drug to "fix" something. This is natural and restores the healthy lining of the GI tract. Great product!
By Daniel, DE
I started taking this a month ago one capsule a day. Last week, felt like a head cold and sinus infection was developing, usually happens this time of year. Took 2-3 of these capsules a day over the last week and the cold has disappeared. Several times a year I develop sinus infections and nothing but antibiotics take this away, I know this product made a difference in making me feel better. I would highly recommend this product.
Andrew Lessman products are great, A.E.
By Amazon, NV
I started using probiotics about 6 months ago. Another brand was intolerable, so I found these from Andrew Lessman. They are well-tolerated, easy to swallow, and they have helped to minimize my IBS symptoms. I've been using his products for over a decade. He knows what he's doing & educating his customers. I will stick with his brand & highly recommend this product.
Good product, Shawn Kwak
By Amazon, NV
Willing to buy it again once it runs out.
Did not work for UTI’ s, Melissa
By Amazon, NV
I read the reviews and I was so happy about them that they would help my bladder infections. But they haven’t. I keep taking it till I finish the bottle. Won’t buy again
Four Stars, Earl Light
By Amazon, NV
Four Stars, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Great Product but....
By Kathleen, MA
This is a very good product, I took another brand before this. I have conditions that I need this for, and it is a daily part of my life. I have to agree with the people that noticed the shrinkage inside the capsule , and it turns brown. That does not look like a LIVE active product to me. I called CS about it, no real answer, but it was safe to take. What I do when I purchase this product, as I think it is one of the better ones you can find. I refrigerate my bottle. Keeps the capsules with the white powder, and no shrinkage, or brown color, which to me means lower potency, if non- existent at that point. Just my tip for those with those issues, as it works for me. I have upgraded to his ultimate. I think everyone should take the one best for you. Most Doctors just address treating you once you have a issue, I am more into treating before it becomes a problem. I want to know the product is active and working, not just a placebo capsule.
Works well
By Amazon, NV
Best I have found for helping out with digestive issues. This one is loaded with friendly flora and works like it should. Have tried many brands.
Friendly Flora
By Amazon, NV
This product was recommended to me from a friend of mine who has had stomach issues and has spoken very highly of this product. I have similar issues with acid reflux and other issues and I can honestly say that I haven't had any acid problems since I have taken Friendly Flora. I have been very happy with them and will continue to take them. Would highly recommend!
Helps keep you "regular"
By Colleen, MA
I had never taken a pro-biotic product before but kept hearing how important it was to facilitate the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestines, so I decided to try it. I had begun to experience some occasional "irregularity", but saw an improvement after only a couple of weeks on this product. I ordered the large size, since both my husband and I take it (just one pill per day), and we have had it for several months now. The "shrinkage" problem (where it looks like a pill inside a pill, with a lot of empty space) seems to only happen to the pills that I put in our weekly pill dispensers (which are clear, thus exposing the pills to light); but the ones left in the bottle seem fine (so far), so I've decided to just take them out of the bottle at dinnertime and not put them in the pill pack at the beginning of the week with our other supplements. Anyway, it seems like a good product for anyone who just needs a little help staying "regular". {;^)
These were great, but Ultimate Friendly Flora is better
By Amazon, NV
I LOVE Freindly Flora but recommend that you buy the "Ultimate" FF vs this version. You get 5x more probiotics for about 2x the price. Probiotics are so important, not only for gut health, but, irionically for immunity. Invest in the Ultimate.
Be ready to use!, D.P.
By Amazon, NV
I unfortunately bought this product a few<br />7 months ago and the product expires next month. My caregiver put this product up on the shelf and I'm ready to use and Product that appears it was packed and shipped by the company will EXPIRE next month. Recommend you purchase this product in person to check date or be ready to take immediately. Never seen this before. Company. States it is Amazon's fault. Product expensive and slow shipment.
I really felt no difference with this product to be ..., YumLove
By Amazon, NV
I really felt no difference with this product to be honest. I suffer from bloating and was hoping that it would have helped but for ME I experience no difference. Would I write off this product ....yes I would .....for ME. I have taken Andrew's Essential ! and his Energy Vitamins and have had no problems except it's a bit pricey and I should note that when taking the Essential 1, I didn't experience the bloating. I decide to try the Alive for women vitamin.....Long story short I will be going back to the Essential 1
good product but needs some help
By April, MI
I love the digestive benefit of this product, works well! I do have a problem with the product's stability. In a short period of time the product dries out and becomes hard and compact inside the capsule. I contacted customer service and they assured me the product was safe to use. I personally did not believe this advice and am sending the unused product back. Andrew prides himself on making a product that is a fine powder and easily digested. I will only purchase this product in the 30 day supply to ensure its quality.
Powder in capsules hardens & shrinks
By Karen, OH
Like others have posted, the powder inside a lot of these capsules got hard & shriveled up. I do hope that Andrew addresses this issue on the product labeling & also when it is presented on HSN. Are they still effective & safe to use in this rock hard condition? Recently, I was able to salvage enough capsules that had not hardened & took one a day while on 2 consecutive courses of antibiotics. I did not develop a yeast infection or intestinal problems, which I think could have happened with so many days of antibiotics. Whether or not this was due to the Friendly Flora or if I was just lucky, I can't be sure. However, I would like to keep these on hand because I would want to take them again if I am prescribed antibiotics, but am afraid that they'd become ineffective, since they tend to shrivel & harden.
Gave me stomach aches!, TJS
By Amazon, NV
I took these for 4 days. Everyday I had awful burning stomach aches with nausea. I thought it was something else, but I stopped taking them and I suddenly felt better. I threw these in the garbage!!! Went back to my Renew Life.
New Formulation - Ugh!
By Sue, CA
I am a faithful ProCaps client for many years! I have been a consistent fan of Friendly Flora (5 billion), and found it so beneficial to my system. Sadly, recently the formulation was changed to a minimum of 10 million. Since my 5 billion formulation was discontinued, I decided to try the higher dose. Very bad decision! This higher dosage is way too potent for my body, and (without specific explanation) I could not use this product. It is difficult to find a replacement this product, and I do hope that ANDREW WILL BRING BACK the 5 billion formulation for senior customers like myself.
Not helpful
By Shirley, SC
Unfortunately this did not work for me- could not tell the difference at all. This is unusual for an Andrew Lessman product to not work as well as some of the over the counter probiotics. Wish I could have returned but wanted to allow the full 30 days to see if it would work and then it is too late to return
Won't buy again
By ls, TX
The amount of product inside the capsule was significantly less than previous purchases. Every capsule was 1/4 empty. Also I do think the Fructooligosaccharides ingredient gives me excessive intestinal bloating and gas.
Shrinks in capsule
By Elaine, CA
This product shrinks to tiny gooey wad in the capsule. Since the cap is clear it is very obvious. I threw them away rather than chance taking it. Of course it started shrinking after 5 weeks so I could not return them. I use a lot of Andrew's products and this is the only one I had trouble with. If I had tried this first I would never have bought any others.
Sorry but why?
By Matilda, PR
I love Andrew multivitamin I take them every day. the capsules dry out to the trash they when.


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Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 Capsule
Amount Per Serving . .
Total CFU (Colony Forming Units) 10 Billion
    Lactobacillus acidophilus (La-14)          4 Billion CFU
    Lactobacillus plantarum (Lp-115)          2 Billion CFU
    Lactobacillus paracasei (Lpc-37)           2 Billion CFU
    Bifidobacterium lactis (HN019/BL-04)   2 Billion CFU
† Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Natural plant cellulose (acid resistant) vegetarian capsule, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate.
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