Book - Andrew's Favorite Soups Cookbook by Muriel Angot with Andrew Lessman

In keeping with Andrew's healthful outlook on life and wellness, Andrew's Favorite Soups Cookbook offers a unique collection of natural, wholesome and delicious soup recipes, all of which have special meaning to Andrew, himself. 25 Easy-to-Follow Recipes.

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Product Information


When it comes to our health, even the best vitamins must take a backseat to the food we eat, but how does a guy who can't cook very well qualify to have his name on a cookbook? Well, I suppose that loving to eat is a good start and the fact that I know what constitutes a healthy diet is important as well, but my limited skills in the kitchen would prevent me from creating recipes you would enjoy. As a result, I have never felt qualified to write a cookbook; however, this is not really a cookbook, but my "Eating Book," since I was able to rely on a professional chef to turn my favorite foods into great recipes. In short, the only reason this book exists is because my best friend, with whom I live, happens to be a trained professional chef. Her name is Muriel Angot and she was born and raised in Paris - the world's capital of fine cuisine and the same city where she attended the world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu cooking school made famous by Julia Child. Muriel has improved on all my favorite soups that I have enjoyed for many years and in some cases, for my entire life. It is only Muriel's exceptional talent in the kitchen that has brought all my favorite soup recipes to life and now, to you. But why soups? Well, ever since childhood, soups have been my favorite food. They are delicious, low in calories, easy to prepare, simple to eat, easy to control portions and they enable me to enjoy many healthy foods I do not normally eat throughout the day. Soups have made it easy for me to maintain a healthy weight throughout my life, since weight control is all about portion control and since soups are liquid, there is no fooling oneself or weighing or guessing about portion size. In fact, whenever we make soups at home, we only use an 8-ounce portion and store them in the refrigerator in 8-ounce glass storage bowls. We can then simply eat them cold or reheat them in the microwave. In this way, we ensure that we never consume more than an 8-ounce cup of soup. Sadly, typical soup bowls are enormous and caloric levels skyrocket, but with an 8-ounce cup of soup your portions are always low calorie. When you look at the recipes, you will notice that many of these soups contain beans and legumes, since they are so remarkably rich in protein and fiber, which also makes these soups healthy, hearty and filling. You will also find soups containing a wide range of healthy fruits and vegetables including of course cruciferous vegetables, along with a myriad of herbs and spices that are so rich in healthy phytonutrients. I have always included these healthy ingredients in my soups, since I have found that I often do not eat them sufficiently and soups make it so much easier for me to eat better. As a child I simply enjoyed soup, but as a busy adult, I have found that as far back as college, soups have been an easy, affordable and delicious way to eat better. I hope you feel the same way after reading our book. Best of Health, Andrew Lessman

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews


Love this! I’m really enjoying this cookbook - very much how our family eats: low carb and lots of veggies. I originally bought this to get me to free shipping ha ha but am finding lots of wonderful recipes we’ve tried and ones to try soon. Thank you for this fantastic book!
By Lisa, CO on 8/8/2022

Excellent! Beautiful cookbook! I love the pictures, they inspire me to cook gorgeous, healthy food! The recipes are easy and delicious. I also love the lay-flat binding, a small but important detail. I have all of the cookbooks that have been provided so far, and hope there are more to come, they are my "go to" when I'm looking for a great recipe. Thank you both! P.S. I think Muriel should have her own cooking show!!!!
By Donna, AZ on 1/20/2019

Fantastic recipes - LOVE SPIRAL BOUND! All the cookbooks are great. They have all helped me branch out and discover things I never thought I would like. Asparagus soup? DELICIOUS! (Can't believe it)... I started with the sweet potato soup and made that over and over (fantastic) but then I realized I had to try the others. I loved every single recipe I tried. We make at least one soup a week. I love the Split Green Pea Soup; red, yellow, and orange pepper soup; zucchini and herb soup; cream of mushroom soup; onion soup; tomato soup; butternut squash soup; lentil soup; and his recipe for chicken stock. And the Turkey Chili is delicious. There are still many recipes that I haven't tried (spinach and chickpea, barley soup, there are a couple of other lentil soups, green curry thai soup with shrimp, etc.). One recipe that sounds weird to me is the Mango, Red Curry, Chicken soup. But I bet once I try it, I'll love it! That's how I felt about the asparagus soup... totally shocked at how delicious that was! I have all the cookbooks and they are all easy to follow. THANK YOU FOR THE SPIRAL BOUND AND QUALITY PAPER.
By Joyce, RI on 4/14/2018

Great dishes I received this cookbook a couple of days ago and already made several dishes. I really do like your suggestions for different herbs and spices. Makes it so healthy and tasty. I would highly recommend this cookbook as well as the 'Healthy Veggies'. If we don't have our health, we don't have anything. Muriel, keep up the great work. I ordered the holiday cookbook tonight and looking forward to healthier holidays. I will be purchasing your other cookbooks soon. Thank You, Diane
By Diane, GA on 10/16/2017

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