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Vitamin D3 1000™ - Capsules | Bone Support
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Contains 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3 in its most active and beneficial form - Cholecalciferol.
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Andrew Lessman's VITAMIN D3 1000 contains 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3 in its most active and beneficial form - Cholecalciferol. Overwhelming scientific research has validated Vitamin D3 as the single most important vitamin to supplement. We also combine our Vitamin D with Calcium and Magnesium, because of their shared role in bone health. In fact, Calcium cannot be absorbed without adequate Vitamin D, thus making Vitamin D just as important as Calcium for bone health. That should be enough to encourage everyone to consume extra Vitamin D, but it is Vitamin D's other exciting benefits that are making headlines and have experts urgently seeking to raise the recommended intake of Vitamin D. The body can only produce small amounts of Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight (UV radiation), but reduced sun exposure and increased use of sunscreens, as well as the normal aging process, makes our own internal production of Vitamin D extremely limited and unreliable. Moreover, Vitamin D is not readily available in food - only present in small amounts in some fish and eggs. As a result, for over 30 years, ProCaps has always provided extra Vitamin D in all of our multivitamins and Calcium products. An enormous amount of recent research has confirmed the wisdom and necessity of consuming extra Vitamin D, and with our VITAMIN D3 1000 you receive the benefits of the most active form of Vitamin D, plus a bonus of essential Calcium and Magnesium. Consume one or more capsules daily or as recommended by a health care professional. For best results, take this product with food containing a small amount of fat or oil. As with any dietary supplement, this product is most effective as part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle, along with a daily multi-vitamin-mineral formula.


My husband has more energy., Judith Hopper
By Amazon, NV
Easy to swallow.
Anything from Andrew Lessman is quality, Rose A.
By Amazon, NV
Been using Andrew Lessman products for many years. Have seen results from his products. When trying other products I realize I don’t get the same result. I always go back to Andrew Lessman.
highly recommend, Nina, FL
By Amazon, NV
I can feel the difference in my mid 60's. Thank you.
This supplement definitely met my expectations., Sarah I. Vasquez
By Amazon, NV
My doctor recommended I take a vitamin D and calcium capsule. This brand is exactly what I needed.
My husband has more energy., Judith Hopper
By Amazon, NV
Easy to swallow.
Anything from Andrew Lessman is quality, Rose A.
By Amazon, NV
Been using Andrew Lessman products for many years. Have seen results from his products. When trying other products I realize I don’t get the same result. I always go back to Andrew Lessman.
highly recommend, Nina, FL
By Amazon, NV
I can feel the difference in my mid 60's. Thank you.
This supplement definitely met my expectations., Sarah I. Vasquez
By Amazon, NV
My doctor recommended I take a vitamin D and calcium capsule. This brand is exactly what I needed.
Calcium, Sandra Brown
By Amazon, NV
using this product for over 1 year. Easy to swallow and works well
U will like it, ballerina06
By Amazon, NV
Great product!, Georganne Martin
By Amazon, NV
Used for years never disappointed!
Vitamins, Joseph A.
By Amazon, NV
My doctor recommended that I take Andrew Lessman's Vitamins. He said his vitamins are the Best on the Market
great product, abm
By Amazon, NV
been taken this for years
Shows up in blood test, SteveP
By Amazon, NV
This product does show up in a blood test. One capsule daily puts my vitamin D levels where it should be.
The Product works., Faloria
By Amazon, NV
Great vitamins. Love Andrew Lessman Vitamins.
Works great, santos Reyes
By Amazon, NV
Been buying for years best vitamins out there no distress on the stomach
Great product!, Diane J Wagner
By Amazon, NV
I love all his vitamins and supplements, never have a digestion issue with his products, would highly recommend.
Excellent, Mamamia
By Amazon, NV
All of Andrew's products are superior quality.
No fillers and additives, Brittni
By Amazon, NV
Andrew Lessman vitamins are the best, a satisfied customer for over 9 years!
Great product, Mary
By Amazon, NV
Always happy with these products. Have been using for years with great satisfaction.
Love these products!, Jude
By Amazon, NV
Andrew Lessman products are high quality and one of the few supplements I can take without upsetting my stomach. Will continue to purchase exclusively.
Andrew Lessman’s supplements are the best, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Andrew Lessman’s supplements are the best. A hit pricy but worth the money. I was skeptical and kept getting mixed feedback about supplements until I noticed that when I didn’t take them, my hair wpuld fall out and my nails would peel. I take about 15 types now and I know they work.
Great product., Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Most supplements bother my stomach but ProCaps do not cause a problem at all. Great product!
A Light Bulb Went Off
By Dan, OH
After experiencing a Sudden Death episode, I decided I needed to improve my health. On the advice of my neighbor, your best advocate, I started to watch and listen about your vitamins and supplements. When you discussed low Vit. D levels, A Light Bulb Went Off, and I decided to have my checked. Well, it was 10.5 very low. My doctor started me on 5,000 IU per day and I decided to take yours. Now, 2 years later, my level is 55.0. What a difference and I feel so much better, Most doctors do not discuss vitamins or supplements. We must educate ourselves. Please continue to educate and enlighten us because we hear you and it makes sense. They are the best and you get your moneys worth. Thanks again Judy K.
Five Stars, daffodhil
By Amazon, NV
Great size and excellent quality! Very easy to swallow!
Love it, Susan Hobby
By Amazon, NV
Great product
Great vitamins., Becca
By Amazon, NV
Great vitamins.
Beats RX, Moderngirl
By Amazon, NV
Brings my low Vitamin D up better than RX medicines.
Five Stars, TRIPTO
By Amazon, NV
Five Stars, Kathleen Carroll
By Amazon, NV
Great product!
This is good. No stomach problems with it, donna k. herbolich
By Amazon, NV
This is good. No stomach problems with it.
By Lorrie, FL
During a visit with my doctor, it was discovered I was so vitamin d deficient I had none. (along with every other hormone / vitamins) My doctor prescribed 20,000 mg a day hoping this would help. Instead of using the prescription, I went to the website and ordered all of vitamins through ProCaps. Not only did it help, but the doctor wanted to know what I was using because he was so impressed with how my body reacted in such a short amount of time. I am now down to taking one capsules a week and still feel great, along with the levels being normal and stable. (I get my levels tested every three months) This product is amazing and for the price, a miracle worker. Who knew vitamin D plays such an important part to our overall health.
Five Stars, Barbara Zambrowski
By Amazon, NV
Ihave used this product for over a year and feel it has improved my immune system.
Only Ones That Worked, Moderngirl
By Amazon, NV
The only Vitamin D3 that works for me. I had an RX of D3 which did not raise my vitamin level. Also tried 3 over the counter name brand ones from my drugstore no difference. After ordering & taking these my vitamin D3 levels were up significantly.
This is the best Vitamin D3 product we've taken, Francesca
By Amazon, NV
This is the best Vitamin D3 product we've taken. The pills are small and easy to swallow with no aftertaste. It does not upset the stomach. I always take it after eating. Andrew Lessman makes great products and I can feel the difference when I don't take them.
Five Stars, l. casarano
By Amazon, NV
I always feel good about taking Andrew Lessman products. Always quality ingredients!
Inflammation Helper., Pamela Kendall
By Amazon, NV
This product really works because I had a lot of inflammation in my left leg and after a few days it's completely gone . I've told a lot of people my experience and hope they try it.
Trust Pro Cap, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Never, ever buy vitamins from a drug store. Pro caps made in this country.<br />You can count on what Andrew says are in his products. Safe and clean.<br />My blood work only went up when I started on only pro cap .
Great for me, Pier A. Smith
By Amazon, NV
I have a kidney problem and my nephrologist recommended that I take this. I only use this brand by this company. Easy to swallow and NO stomach problems.
Five Stars, AZNCST
By Amazon, NV
Easy to get down. I have problems swallowing pills.
Best D3 Ever!
By Amazon, NV
The best D3's available on the market. Small capsules, easy to swallow; all natural; made in factory powered by solar energy. I've been using these for years and wold never change! All Andrew Lessman products are the finest quality available!
Pro caps
By Amazon, NV
Amazing. The first time in 6 years my D levels are where they should be.
Great product but...
By Kathleen, MA
I have taken your D for years now. I started out in single numbers.At my last Doctor yearly physical she did my D level count. My level was 100. She told me to stop them until our next visit. She told me my number was too high. For now, I stopped them, been three months now. When retests my level, I look forward to taking them again. I take your Calcium Magnesium too,so stopped both temporarily. It seems to work too good for my body. I am petite, thin, so I need to figure out my daily requirements. I know they certainly work, excellent product. Thank you for making them , and educating people at the same time.
I have used these for over a year and like the fact that they are easy to swallow
By Amazon, NV
<div class="reviewText">I have used these for over a year and like the fact that they are easy to swallow. I also liked the prompt delivery.</div>
Another great product from Andrew Lessman
By Amazon, NV
<div class="reviewText">Another great product from Andrew Lessman.No odor or after taste.Like all Lessman products it arrived within 3 days.I have re-ordered this in the past and will continue to do so.</div>
This Isn't Optional!
By Patricia, TX
I ordered Vitamin D before and took it sporadically because I had never had the blood test done and was fairly certain I was not deficient as my blood levels for everything else have always been fine. I really didn't want to take something I didn't need but since I didn't take it regularly, knew it wouldn't hurt me. My knees had been bothering me for quite a while and doctor looked for drug interactions, thyroid and I asked about rheumatoid arthritis since that runs in my family. Well, I went on my own (through Direct Labs, thanks Andrew) and found out today my Vitamin D level is 21.5. I have called the doctor for his guidance to get me back up to what it should be. PEOPLE, get your Vitamin D level checked! It can cause all sorts of problems if you are deficient. I live in sunny Texas and never thought this would be me. Of course I will be 60 in a few weeks and age is a factor also. Thanks for your guidance Andrew, I would have never known about all this if not for you.
Makes it easier to take care of your calcium needs
By Amazon, NV
<div class="reviewText">Doctors say that taking calcium and vitamin D3 together is necessary for the calcium to be effective in meeting a woman's needs for bone strength. I don't like taking so many pills, but this combination capsule of both keeps me on track with one pill. I take one at breakfast and one at dinner because the body can only absorb a certain amount of calcium at one time. Taking it all at once wastes the value of taking calcium. The capsule is easy to take too.</div>
Vitamin D-3
By Amazon, NV
Love this product, I like the capsules rather than the hard ones you get at Drug Stores. Thanks Dr. Lessman.
They really work!
By Amazon, NV
This is a great supplement, just like all of Andrew Lessman's vitamins. When I first started taking these vitamins a year ago, my vitamin d levels were low. Now I am doing great. I have tons more energy. They are small and easy to swallow with no negative side effects. I will continue taking them.
By Amazon, NV
I compared it to my other Vit D3 . It was water soloble. I would highly recommend this to anyone
Best Vitamins made
By Amazon, NV
I have been using Andrew Lassmen vit. for 14 years and I wouldn't buy anything else! They are the highest quality vit. on the market.
By Amazon, NV
In Feb of 2013 my lab tests revealed a massive depletion of Vitamin D. Hair was breaking off badly, nails were growing thinly. Tired all of the time. I was led to these vitamins. Its been 6 mos, went back to the doc on Monday and new lab tests revealed my levels at 71!!!My hair is the longest it has ever been and my nails are growing fast!!!!
Super Product
By Bonnie, GA
Andrew, thank you for making this product. A few years ago my D levels were very low which concerned my doctor. I have been taking your product and my reading is now 42, not ideal but going in the right direction. I am increasing my intake each day. With Andrew's help, I'll reach my goal of 60 or more!
By Judy, NY
I depend on these to help me with my significant bone loss. Am lactose intolerant and cannot have much calcium products. I also take the Women's Complete Vitamins. Just one added ingredient for the Vit D3 -1000 would make this perfect for me. Adding Magnesium which I feel would be more absorbing to these. Andrew would you consider adding it to these?
Thanks So Much, Andrew
By Judi, NC
I really needed this 2500 especially in the winter. I take Andrew's supplement everyday, my husband does also.
Muscles and Mood
By Stephanie, CT
I had to write a review on this product, as I rarely feel a noticeable difference in many supplements I take. I suffered many winters depressed, moody and sad. THIS PRODUCT is AMAZING! My vitamin D levels have ALWAYS been borderline deficient by 1 point, ie. 23 where 22 is considered a low lab value. My physician said that levels should be up in the 60s at minimum. So I take 5,000 IU/day and within a month I started recognizing my overly cheery and happy moods consistently! Additionally, this helps your own body absorb the necessary amount of calcium- but I eat plenty of cheese so no need for a calcium supplement:) I also recommend that you pay attention to your body as you know what the right amount is for you. In response to the Institute of Medicine's study on Vitamin D, I just want to say that they have discounted years and thousands of studies on Vitamin D with no real evidence to support their claim that you ONLY need 600 IU of vitamin D/day. This product is a lifesaver; it restores the vigor and energy in my life. This is one product I make sure to take religiously, thank you Andrew for your continued research of all these products! Stephanie, Connecticut
What a difference..
By Debra, CA
I just feel better since I've been taking this product. I sleep better too. I'm 53 and not as active as I should be but since I've been taking this product I've noticed I'm not "stiff". Getting off the couch is much easier. :o) I feel great! Thanks Andrew.
Thanks for the Larger Size!
By Gitta, AZ
I take 2 of the 2500 D3s each day. I appreciate the fact that I don't have to take FIVE of the 1000s! So much easier when you're rushed in the morning. I also take many other ProCaps products. All are wonderful. Thank you for being there for us!!
Best D3 available on the market
By David, OH
I get 1500 IU from the Life Elite RX and now an additional 2500 IU from this product to give me the 4,000 to 5,000 IU I desire. This is the one D3 that actually raises the levels of D in doctor’s tests. I'd love to see you come out w/a 5,000 IU bottle of D3. It's become a number that's becoming more and more common place among those of us knowledgeable about this vitamin. The significance of [Vitamin D3] is so underrated and I can’t say how pleased I am that you offer this. Thank you, Andrew.
By Douglas & Laura, FL
Andrew, I have tried your other calcium supplements and I had to stop because they would constipate me something awful. This formula is absolutely wonderful and I have no problems whatsoever now!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
By Nadine, CA
We got Hubby's knee[s]...covered with Andrew's Glucosamine with Chondroitin. Next we had to find what would help the...meaty area by the thumbs on his hands. Hubby uses his hands a lot for work and he's not an old guy by any means. We got the Vitamin K-500 and the Vitamin D3-2500, as both help skeletal tissues. Whoo hoo...It's only been a week and the improvement is unbelievably great...Hooray! Thanks for your outstanding products Andrew!
By Sherri, MI
This is a terrific product!! Andrew puts such research into his products that you never have to worry. I had been taking this product along with Andrew's Womens Multi-Vitamin for a while now...and one morning as I was getting ready for work a couple months ago, I had "Good Morning America" on the TV and they had a doctor touting the newly discovered health benefits of Vitamin D3. Guess what? I was already right in the optimal range simply by following Andrew's lead. Thank you, Andrew!!!
Good but that's it forme., Carl
By Amazon, NV
Good product but you get ripped for too high of shipping costs. They have a flat fee for ALL sizes of this product and so we're punished for having a small size order. My wife likes them but I would Not recommend them because of there costs.
recommended, Le Mcclellan "Lmc" (Palm Springs
By Amazon, NV
<div class="reviewText">These are expensive vitamins but they seem effective. Best calcium I have found in years as far as absorption. A friend recommended all of his vitamins, they are good and expensive.</div>
recommended, Leann Mcclellan "Lmc" (Palm Springs
By Amazon, NV
These are expensive vitamins but they seem effective. Best calcium I have found in years as far as absorption. A friend recommended all of his vitamins, they are good and expensive.
Good stuff, bit pricey
By Sonja, NV
I know all of Andrew's vitamins are premium. This product just seemed a bit pricey to me.
Careful if prone to kidney stones
By Margo, IA
Didn't realize until reading the famous national clinic newsletter that excess Vitamin D levels can exacerbate kidney stones for some. Wish he would address this sometimes either on his blogs on while on tv.
I think it probably is a good product, but it was not for me, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
The capsules did not dissolve well in my system. I think it probably is a good product, but it was not for me. Still researching and may try other products from this company in the future. This is not a bad rating on the company, just that this particular item did not work well for me
Vitamin D3
By Amazon, NV
My daughters D3 was extremely low so she was taking 5000mg of D3 from Walmart and when she had it rechecked her level was up a little, so I got these for her and she waited the same amount of time and had it checked and her D level was normal. I will never let her be without Andrew Lessmans vitamins again. I have been taking his vitamins for years and will never take anything else.


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Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 Capsule
Amount Per Serving . %DV*
Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) 25 mcg (1,000 IU) 125%
Calcium (as calcium carbonate) 100 mg 8%
Magnesium (as magnesium oxide) 50 mg 12%
* Percent Daily Values (%DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. † Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Gelatin capsule and Vitamin C (as ascorbyl palmitate).
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