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Ultimate Friendly Flora Probiotic - Capsules | Digestive Support
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Our potent formula delivers a remarkable 25 Billion Colony Forming Units (CFU) of five distinct Probiotic strains selected for their unique stability and bioavailability to support our digestive, immune, urinary and genital systems.
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Andrew Lessman's Ultimate Friendly Flora Probiotic is a comprehensive blend of five established, beneficial probiotic strains, delivering an exceptional 25 Billion Colony Forming Units (CFU) per capsule. Probiotic means “for life” and probiotic-rich foods have been consumed for thousands of years. However, our diet is no longer rich in microflora with yogurt remaining one of its only sources, which typically contains unwanted calories and sugar and only provides unreliable levels of a single strain of microflora. There are trillions of beneficial microorganisms (microflora) in our body and their healthy balance is essential to the health of our digestive and immune systems. Our Ultimate Friendly Flora Probiotic is designed to enhance the balance of these microorganisms in our digestive, immune, urinary and genital systems. It is well established that the microflora in our GI (gastrointestinal) tract play a vital role in promoting healthy digestion, including nutrient absorption and regularity. Maintaining a proper balance of our microflora is also essential to healthy immune system function. The delicate balance of microflora is easily upset by stress, poor diet, digestive issues and aging. This fragile balance is further disrupted by medications that affect the digestive system and its pH balance, such as antacids or antibiotics, which can entirely wipe out our microflora. Ultimate Friendly Flora Probiotic provides 25 Billion Colony Forming Units per capsule of five carefully selected varieties of established, beneficial microflora to ensure the essential benefits of these remarkably healthy “friends.” Consume one or more capsules daily or as recommended by your physician. This product is most effective as part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

NOTE This product should be stored in a cool, dry place and kept away from sources of heat or humidity. It does not require refrigeration.


High quality product that is gentile on the stomach., Gary A.
By Amazon, NV
I like the quality of the Andrew Lessman products. Iuse it to balance the function of the intestines.
it does what it says, Jaywar
By Amazon, NV
It works great.
All pure...made in USA, Phoebe
By Amazon, NV
I use a lot of Andrews products.<br />Made in USA<br />No fillers .<br />Must haves are his Probiotic,<br />Vitamin B12, Omega 3,Magnesium with D,<br />And Glucosamine and Condroitin.<br />I'm 71....only surgery I've ever had was Rotator cuff surgery last Christmas. I healed quickly and amazingly well.<br />Easy to take a vitamin or supplement, but these are the only ones I'd ever use..<br />.
Great product!, Kali Love
By Amazon, NV
Great product!
High quality product that is gentile on the stomach., Gary A.
By Amazon, NV
I like the quality of the Andrew Lessman products. Iuse it to balance the function of the intestines.
it does what it says, Jaywar
By Amazon, NV
It works great.
All pure...made in USA, Phoebe
By Amazon, NV
I use a lot of Andrews products.<br />Made in USA<br />No fillers .<br />Must haves are his Probiotic,<br />Vitamin B12, Omega 3,Magnesium with D,<br />And Glucosamine and Condroitin.<br />I'm 71....only surgery I've ever had was Rotator cuff surgery last Christmas. I healed quickly and amazingly well.<br />Easy to take a vitamin or supplement, but these are the only ones I'd ever use..<br />.
Great product!, Kali Love
By Amazon, NV
Great product!
I always buy his products they are the best, betty s.
By Amazon, NV
I use them all for health reasons. Keep us healthy. We will soon be eighty we have taken them for years ty
AMAZING PRODUCT, munchkins mom
By Amazon, NV
This product is the best. I have been dealing with constipation for many years. Since I have ordered this product I am regular every day. If you have the same issues I suggest you try this. Highly recommend. Would give it 10 stars if I could.
The best there is!, Deb W.
By Amazon, NV
First, I only order Andrew vitamins and have been for years because of the quality of the ingredients, the purity, processing standards and the research that goes into his products. Unlike many vitamins you buy , he always considers and includes everything you need for that vitamin to work in your body at an optimum level. I take many of his vitamins daily but this one was new. I can tell you it works well, my gut bacteria have never been better, and everything is working as it should. I specifically was looking for a probiotic with polyphenols and expected it to perform well but I did not expect to lose weight, an added benefit and a pleasant surprise. My husband is now stealing my pills and also loves the product. I would highly recommend this product and encourage you to check out his website for all the information you need to know about vitamins
Andrew Lessman, Rosemonkey
By Amazon, NV
Andrew Lessman is a wonderful developer of healthy options… I’ve been taking many of his products for years. This friendly flora works like a charm! I will continue to use it
I guess it’s working., aphriknqween
By Amazon, NV
Who knows if it’s working. I don’t ??????? But I take them.
Easy to take, G.J. D.
By Amazon, NV
Easy to take and helped with intestinal issues.
They work great!, Jeff Shimek
By Amazon, NV
I have been using Andrew's products for years<br />they work awesome!
These are so good, christine cassaday
By Amazon, NV
I noticed a difference in my digestion within 2 days or so. I am not sold on supplements because it’s hard to tell if you are benefiting from them. But these there was a huge difference and improvement. Going to order the 6 month supply.
Love It !, Mary
By Amazon, NV
This really helps with my stomach issues.
Andrew always quality, Smiley4u
By Amazon, NV
I’ve been taking Andrew lessmans suplements for like 25 years... anything he offers I would feel good about ... not saying it’s the least expensive... but I believe it’s quality.. thanks Andrew.. I’m 66 years old and take his complete max daily along with co q 10.. don’t hesitate ..
This is a must try!!!
By Donna, CA
Andrew, thank you so much for all of your products. My son came home from work in sever pain in his lower stomach. He went to lay down for a minute and the pain was so sever he begged me to take him to the hospital, almost in tears. The hospital kept him for 5 days. He could not have anything at all by mouth not even water the entire time. He had 3 little pin hole in his colon, diverticulitice. They told him they would try to save his colon if they could. On my way back home that night all I could think about was my son having to wear a bag on the outside of his body. I have been on several of your of your products for years so I looked up on your site and tried to find something to help him quickly. I bought the Friendly Flora, Fibermucil, Tumeric, and Ginger, I put him on massive doses of all 4 In about 3 weeks he had another appt post hospital and they asked him how he was feeling. All was so much better at that point. He had that procedure a colonoscopy and he was healed. Everything was well, doctor asked what are you doing? your gut is so healthy, no pin holes no leaking in his gut nothing. My son told the doctor that his mother had him on a regiment from hell and Andrew Lessman's Vitamins. Dr was very happy to hear about his home treatment, good vitamins, and his very healthy colon. Thank you Andrew for saving my son from this horrible surgery. My son is a huge believer in Vitamins. I have been on Vitamins since I was 18 and on your products for 15 years now. We take 36 different ones and we are so healthy.
Fast, Mo
By Amazon, NV
Fast delivery. Great probiotics
Cost, George E.
By Amazon, NV
Taken daily
Good company!, Daphne Jones
By Amazon, NV
Trust Andrew Lessman, products.. they are great!...
it works, andrew freihofer
By Amazon, NV
i am old and this works great to get me to go every morning and my gut does not hurt any more as well..what could be better then that
Gut health, Jose D.Guzman
By Amazon, NV
Working perfectly, love it
Great supplements, joe
By Amazon, NV
I love these supplements. They help keep me less bloated. I have been using them for years.
great stuff, Suzy Q
By Amazon, NV
I use this all the time, no more tummy issues for me!
They do not upset your stomach, vfleming
By Amazon, NV
They work good and they do not upset your stomach
fast shipping, ledgens_33
By Amazon, NV
fast shipping. works
Good stuff!, SNOMOHO
By Amazon, NV
These have really helped my IBS issues. One a day seems to keep me regular.
Great for stomach issues
By Arlene, NJ
I have had gerd in the past few years. Finally got it under control and taking these religiously. I highly recommend for anyone who has stomach issues. Thanks again for another great product.
The best of the best!, U S Man Of Steel
By Amazon, NV
I have been very sick this past year with Sepsis 3xs and nearly died I was given extremely strong antibiotics which was so hard on my body. I started taking Andrew Lessman's Ultimate Friendly Flora and I won't ever go a day without it. Ultimate Friendly Flora is easy to take and the purest best quality product. I did so much research and nobody can compare to the quality of Andrew Lessman's products. Antibiotics always cause me very bad side effects and since I started taking this I have not had stomach issues or yeast infections......Love this product and I went to his website to get auto ship I wish they offered subscribe & save with Amazon too.
Great product, MALINDA
By Amazon, NV
Great product
Will keep buying!, Frannie
By Amazon, NV
I’ve been taking for years! Easy to swallow, no problems.
Calming acid effects., Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Seems to help calm stomach.
You gut is the key to you health, June Barrow
By Amazon, NV
Good to add a little something something to your health because these fast high chemicals process food is destroying our gut health. Will buy again. 1 a day help keep the doctor away. Everything takes times so do think it’s not working somethings can not be seen with the naked eye.
The Best Supplements., T Hamilton
By Amazon, NV
Have used this and many Andrew Lessman supplements for more than a decade. I highly recommend.
Stomach issues
By Charles, MD
I also definitely need this! It was a mistake when I stopped taking this over a year ago. My doctor told me, and I also noticed the favorite foods I could no longer eat. Without this, certain foods affect me in several ways besides my bowels.
quality, Vivian Parisi
By Amazon, NV
better price than hsn. i have been using for years. would not buy any ones else vitamins or supplements. watch video on hsn. incredible information and pure and solar grown . no additives or chemicalas.
Wonderful product !, CGGilford
By Amazon, NV
To improve GI system, also to stop candida over growth. Great product.
Andrew Lessman has vitamins that work., Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Andrew Lessman's products are "clean" meaning good ingredients that has really helped me stay healthier in my older years of life.
Great probiotic!, California Kim
By Amazon, NV
I have been using Ultimate Friendly Flora supplements for a couple of years now and swear by them. They have helped balance my stomach, decreasing indigestion and stomach upset. I won’t be without them. I have tried many of Andrew Lessman’s vitamins and have never been disappointed.
Andrew Lessman products are the best, CynD
By Amazon, NV
Been taking Andrew Lessman products for years and years. I like them because they’re natural and they work.
They are great and really work, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
My husband and I are both taking these. They are great and really work!
I love this product and I have been purchasing it on ..., Darlene D.
By Amazon, NV
I love this product and I have been purchasing it on HSN and I am happy<br />This time I bought it on Amazon
This works!, Donna Kapfhammer
By Amazon, NV
Superior product. Far better than anything else I have used.
GREAT, Constance Picha
By Amazon, NV
I use so they are helpful for me.
Five Stars, Carmel Nanez
By Amazon, NV
Didn't feel as bloated or sluggish after taking this.
Cannot live without it, J. L. Horton
By Amazon, NV
Love it, Sherri R
By Amazon, NV
Love all Andrews products
Wont be without !, Bettina Parker
By Amazon, NV
Have used this for years and love it !
Five Stars, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Works verywell
Five Stars, Alfonso Diaz
By Amazon, NV
Very Good Highly Recommended
When I take these i simply don't get sick with ..., letsgoplaces
By Amazon, NV
When I take these i simply don't get sick with colds flu etc and when i run out i will pick up everyone's germs in a heartbeat. I am convinced this probiotic keeps my gut healthier
AMAZING product!, LoriBecky
By Amazon, NV
I have been using this product for several years now. This products is amazing. I am someone that used to get 2 or 3 colds every season - I work with kids at church, my own kids bring home colds. Seems like sometimes everyone around me has a cold, but since I started using this product, I haven't had a cold in 4 years! My gut is working much better, and it has ZERO undesirable effects (that some other probiotics were causing me) Every product I have tried from ProCaps has been a winner! I have Celiac Disease so I need to avoid gluten. None of their products contain any gluten, and I have never had a negative reaction to anything. LOVE LOVE LOVE these products and if you have any questions, their customer service is amazing!
Love this product and have been using for a few ..., Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Love this product and have been using for a few years now. It has helped me with a medical condition
Fewer Tummy Troubles, Susie Martinez
By Amazon, NV
With the friendly flora, I have less tummy troubles ??
Wonderful Product
By Amazon, NV
This is something I have been using for a very long time and I am now ordering it on Amazon! It is really a great product and does keep your gut feeling good.
Five Stars
By Amazon, NV
use daily. excellent
Never want to run out
By Donna B, VA
I use to take the Friendly Flora and when Andrew came out with the Ultimate Friendly Flora I started taking it. I have had several ports to get infected, septic and after a week of i.v. strong antibiotics I had diarrhea so bad it de-hydrated me. I ask the doctor if my husband could bring my probiotics, he said he can give that to me. I told him he should always give a patient probiotics when giving those strong antibiotics. He agrees. I take it everyday, now my husband takes it also and my family physician looked and read the bottle and said these are really good.
A friend recommended Friendly Flora for my husband
By Amazon, NV
A friend recommended Friendly Flora for my husband. I saw that there was a better version with Ultimate Friendly Flora and bought it for him. He is steadily seeing improvement and recommends to everyone with similar problem.
Great stuff!
By Sandra, CA
I can eat crab & lobster again!!! Wooohooo! These little gems are the reason for it. Thank you Andrew! No more burning stomach for hours on end after eating a couple of crab legs. Now I can eat as many as I want :D Lobster too! Geeez, my gut must've been really out of whack before taking your Ultimate Friendly Flora. Plus I was starting to get heartburn and that's history as well. Will never stop taking these for the rest of my life!
Everything is on a schedule ...
By Amazon, NV
Works like a charm. Friendly to your stomach as well. Thus the name Ultimate Friendly Flora!!!<br />Highly recommend if you are looking for a probiotic that is good to you and is good for you!!!
Five Stars
By Amazon, NV
It works!!!
Five Stars
By Amazon, NV
Andrew Lessman is the best
Five Stars
By Amazon, NV
Love anything from Andrew Lessman. Wonderful quality, all natural products.
This is seem help me to feel better whenever I need but often time and when I ...
By Amazon, NV
This is seem help me to feel better whenever I need but often time and when I feel a sick or not feel well. It help me feel well that seem work to me.
Just starting to use this
By Maddy, FL
I found after two weeks their is a different between store products and Ultimate Friendly Flora. I feel better and can eat things I could not eat before. I did not expect such a change when ordering but I sure was surprised. I feel great.
Ultimate Friendly Flora
By Teresa, NM
I have tried many other probiotic complexes but none have worked as well as the Ultimate Friendly Flora. I don't know what Andrew puts in his product but it works much better in my body than products that have twice as many potency. Thanks so much for your dedicated work for your customers. I have found a "True Friend".
a must have
By Michael, WI
I was put on antibiotics and was having some problems side effects, I took 2 capsule's of Ultimate Friendly Flora and everything is fine. Bottom line if you have to take antibiotics this Ultimate Friendly Flora is a must! I will never be without it. I highly recommend.
Has helped my digestion
By Paul, NH
This product goes perfectly with the Fiber, the Digest Assure, and the Aloe Vera. If you take those 4 products your digestion in my opinion will be perfect. I take this twice daily. I have reordered this. I can only give it a perfect 5, and I wish it came in 1,000 pill increments. Waiting for the next special, Andrew! Thanks for notifying me with Emails when you have specials! This product is a great product if you are taking many medications that slow down digestion efforts, like Pain Medications, or Anti Depressants or any other medications like this. Being a disabled Veteran I have to take some of these medications, and these products negate the side effects greatly. What else could I ask for. Worth every penny!
By Susan, NC
I have been using this product for quite some time. When I forget it I have the worse heartburn. I already have GERD but for some reason this has always kept it at bay. Thank you for this product.
Finally, Pat NC
By Pat, NC
All last winter I was sick with pneumonia and treated with antibiotics. Did not help. Cough got worse and I felt so bad I could not get out of the bed. This spring I went to another doctor for the same problem. This time it was not pneumonia, but congestion in my chest. Again, antibiotics but they did not help the wheezing and coughing. I ordered the Ultimate Friendly Flora and in four days the wheezing is gone, the cough is getting better and I feel really good..almost back to normal. WOW, finally I found something that is working. I also take a large number of Lessman's vitamins...they all are wonderful. Thanks Andrew. PS: also giving one a day to my Pekingese for her skin problem. She also says thanks.
Better than the stores!
By Sharon, MD
I have purchased from GNC for a long time. Although they are good, I prefer these because they have the FOS in them as well, and the others don't. Also, the others are in a foil packet that has to be "pressed out" where these are in a convenient bottle. They are comparable in price as well. I take many different supplements, I have not needed antibiotics in almost two years!
By Dori, NV
I've been taking 3 caps a day for years. I am on medication and used to have stomach upset. With these, I don't have any stomach issues. I also love the fact that I can get 25 Billion per cap, which you cannot find in most health food stores, unless you pay a lot more money and you then have to refrigerate it. Most of the other brands do not have the complex.....all the various types all in one dose. I started giving these to my 2 dogs, who regularly threw up several times a week. With these in their food, which there is no flavor by the way, they no longer throw up, and it's been almost a year since I started them on this. My two grown children and my husband also take this as well, since they have very bad stomach issues, which have all cleared up since I started them on it. The most amazing thing that proved to me that it was working, was when I have had to take antibiotics. I used to get the worse yeast infections. Now, if I have to take an antibiotic occasionally, I no longer have that problem.
Pricey, Nyfeds
By Amazon, NV
Pricey but good prebiotic
Four Stars, Teresa Holder
By Amazon, NV
I think it is the same as HSN purchase. I don't notice anything different in taking it.
Four Stars, Teresa Lund
By Amazon, NV
I think it is the same as HSN purchase. I don't notice anything different in taking it.
Very good... but overpriced, Co&Be
By Amazon, NV
Good product, as most products by Andrew Lessman. However, I switched to another brand that also offers good quality with lower price.
Four Stars, beachbaby
By Amazon, NV
Works great - but is expensive
Not as effective as it advertises., Happy Haunts
By Amazon, NV
I have been taking this Probiotic as directed for 3 weeks now and I have Not had the results that others have stated. It has not performed as well as other Probiotics I have taken in the past.
Not for me, ginger house
By Amazon, NV
A long time probiotics user due to daily use of an antibiotic for my skin, I found this did have enough flora to keep me balanced but couldn't make through the 30 day supply because it upset my stomach.
Just my opinion, MM in Danville
By Amazon, NV
I used to use VF11 which for some reason isn’t available any longer.<br />It worked much better for me.
Not sure, Jake Pardue
By Amazon, NV
A little expensive and not sure if helping or not?
Three Stars, btgem
By Amazon, NV
couldn't really tell if it did a difference or not and too much money too buy again...
I like the regular strength Friendly Flora this one is a ..., Moderngirl
By Amazon, NV
I like the regular strength Friendly Flora this one is a little too strong. It really makes my stomach hurt if I take it more than 2 days in a row.
I Love Pre- and Probiotics......
By Stephanye, WI
I have used Andrew's Friendly Flora before and LOVED them and had nothing but good effects from them. But this one is too strong for me. I can't take a whole capsule at a time without getting the raging 'you-knows'. So, I'm going back to the regular Friendly Flora because it works BEAUTIFULLY for me.
Reformulation issues
By Kathleen, MA
I have used your original friendly flora since it first came out. It was fantastic. Solved digestive issues for me, one a day. Since I got the new reformulation November 2019, I share this with my 27 year old granddaughter. She noticed the same as me. I noticed the abdominal pain at night. Woke me up out of sound sleep. I took it at night before bedtime. I asked my granddaughter, and she was having similar digestive issues to mine. We both knew there was no change in our diets, or supplements except for the the version of the Friendly Flora. I wish you would consider offering the original formula again.Otherwise, I will be using the one my Doctor suggested before I switched to yours. I really hate posting a bad review, as I have had such great success with most of your products. I will still continue to use the ones I do. This is the second reformulation that failed for me. I am so sorry Andrew, and everyone at your wonderful company. Honesty is the best policy, and I hope you understand. Still a customer for life.
Not for me
By Rhonda, TX
I use Andrews friendly flora product, but got this one when it was a TS on HSN with his Immune product. This one just doesn't agree with me. I just seem to keep an unsettled feeling in my stomach that just doesn't go away. It isn't pain, just and blah feeling and a little nausea. I think this one is just way to strong for me. I am waiting on my friendly flora now and should be in soon. This one also seems to have issues with the shrinkage in the capsules and hardening where as I have not had this problem with the regular one. I store them the same way, in a dry dark place,...my cabinet.
Put magnesium back
By Suzanne, NY
I've used Ultimate Friendly Flora for years with great results but I don't do well with the new formula. Please put magnesium back in the formulation!


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Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 Capsule
Amount Per Serving . .
Total CFU (Colony Forming Units) 25 Billion
    Lactobacillus acidophilus (La-14)       10 Billion CFU
    Lactobacillus plantarum (Lp-115)        5 Billion CFU
    Lactobacillus paracasei (Lpc-37)         5 Billion CFU
    Bifidobacterium lactis (HN019/BL-04)   5 Billion CFU
† Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Natural plant cellulose (acid resistant) vegetarian capsule, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate.
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