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Circulation & Vein Support™ for Healthy Legs - Capsules | Circulatory Health
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A unique blend of bioflavonoids and beneficial botanical extracts specifically designed to support the health of your circulatory system, particularly the veins and capillaries in the legs.
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CIRCULATION AND VEIN SUPPORT is a blend of the most effective, clinically studied natural ingredients to promote healthy circulation in the legs and provide relief to their challenged tissues and veins. This unique formula is designed to combat the natural swelling of the veins and tissues of our legs that occur with aging, overweight and our daily activities. The blood vessels in our legs are perhaps the most challenged in our body and, as a result, our feet, ankles and calves can swell, enlarge and experience discomfort. This normal process is intensified by aging, overweight and prolonged sitting or standing. Our primary ingredient, Diosmin is the most researched natural ingredient for promoting healthy leg circulation. It has been recommended by physicians in Europe for over 70 years for swollen, heavy, uncomfortable legs, as well as to promote the healthy function and appearance of leg veins. We also add extracts of both Butcher's Broom and Horse Chestnut – two natural ingredients utilized traditionally for centuries in Europe. Both ingredients have been clinically shown to relieve tired, heavy legs and promote optimum leg vein health and appearance. We also add the protective benefits of Hesperidin, Rutin, Pine Bark and Grape Seed. In short, CIRCULATION AND VEIN SUPPORT is designed to provide a visible, tangible difference to the circulation, tissues and veins of our legs. Its unique proprietary blend of Diosmin, Butcher's Broom and Horse Chestnut provide a natural, clinically validated response to the enormous demands we place on the already challenged circulation in our legs. Consume two capsules each day or as recommended by your physician. This product is most effective as part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

NOTE Not intended for use during pregnancy without physician's approval.


What a life changer !!
By Rose, TN
I was taking this for awhile but only one a day , well I had a vein that was killing me and went to the doctor and he said I needed a procedure and I said wait , I showed him this and he said take 2 a day and within a week or so all improved and I did not need the procedure !! I will never be without this, THANK U ANDREW !!
Liked original better
By Dorene, VA
I used the original formula for about 15 years. It helped me to be able to walk. My last order there was a formulation change. I'm so disappointed. I don't think this is helping as much. Please offer the original formula. I'd pay extra. Please? I can't walk without it. The draggy, heavy, painful feelings are returning. And I'm getting an odd rash.
Ingredient change.
By Lorraine, WA
I am about to finish my latest order of Circulation & Vein Support. Looks like you changed the label. Then I cross checked the ingredients and you have reduced the strength in almost all the ingredients. Now I am inclined not to reorder??!!
A wonder supplement in many ways
By Joyce, VA
I've used this product for several years. Helps with restless leg syndrome and overall leg circulation. I offered some of mine to my 46 year old son who was obese for a number of years and had lymphedema in his legs/ankles to where his ankles hung over his shoe tops. He had gastric bypass surgery 3 years ago and lost 200 lbs since. After only one weeks worth of this supplement, he saw a tremendous improvement in his legs. Now, 3 months later, his ankles no longer hang over his shoe tops and his lymphedema in his legs have improved so much and the discoloration in his legs is slowly going away starting from the tops of his legs down improving all the time. He told me he can never be without this supplement. I know Andrew cannot make medical claims like I just did but, people, what can it harm to try these on the chance it may help a chronic ailment.
What a life changer !!
By Rose, TN
I was taking this for awhile but only one a day , well I had a vein that was killing me and went to the doctor and he said I needed a procedure and I said wait , I showed him this and he said take 2 a day and within a week or so all improved and I did not need the procedure !! I will never be without this, THANK U ANDREW !!
Liked original better
By Dorene, VA
I used the original formula for about 15 years. It helped me to be able to walk. My last order there was a formulation change. I'm so disappointed. I don't think this is helping as much. Please offer the original formula. I'd pay extra. Please? I can't walk without it. The draggy, heavy, painful feelings are returning. And I'm getting an odd rash.
Ingredient change.
By Lorraine, WA
I am about to finish my latest order of Circulation & Vein Support. Looks like you changed the label. Then I cross checked the ingredients and you have reduced the strength in almost all the ingredients. Now I am inclined not to reorder??!!
A wonder supplement in many ways
By Joyce, VA
I've used this product for several years. Helps with restless leg syndrome and overall leg circulation. I offered some of mine to my 46 year old son who was obese for a number of years and had lymphedema in his legs/ankles to where his ankles hung over his shoe tops. He had gastric bypass surgery 3 years ago and lost 200 lbs since. After only one weeks worth of this supplement, he saw a tremendous improvement in his legs. Now, 3 months later, his ankles no longer hang over his shoe tops and his lymphedema in his legs have improved so much and the discoloration in his legs is slowly going away starting from the tops of his legs down improving all the time. He told me he can never be without this supplement. I know Andrew cannot make medical claims like I just did but, people, what can it harm to try these on the chance it may help a chronic ailment.
Fabulous Product
By Sheryl, PA
My husband and I have been taking this product for several years and absolutely love it. My husband used to get nose bleeds all the time and since we've been taking this product he no longer gets the nose bleeds. I've also noticed that the veins in my legs have improved.
By Judith (Judy), CA
I cannot live without this product. I am in my 70's and this has been an enormous help to me for 10 years. Within 20 minutes my ankle swelling disappears...and that's the truth. Thank you Andrew for working as hard as you do to make our lives easier. God Bless you.
I don't write reviews but now I must
By Michael, NJ
I recently purchased a 60 capsule Bottle from HSN. Sounded great but I was not optimistic cause I have been disappointed many time in the past. I wear a compression sock on my right leg do to pain and inflammation and guess what, no more pain and no more compression socks my results were truly remarkable. I would recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from pain due to circulation or inflammation problems this product works.
By Linda, MN
I've been taking this for years. I ran out and didn't take it for three months. The spider vein that appeared behind my knees looked like low-cost roadmaps! I was able to purchase some as a weekend special. I was afraid to look at my legs until this weekend. WOW!!!! All but a few behind one knee disappeared!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes!!!!! And they were fading. This result was achieved in 2 months!!!!!
Worked for me
By Jacqueline, TX
Several months ago, I started experiencing tingling, heaviness and mild discomfort in both of my lower legs. I started taking these supplements and noticed a difference almost immediately how it reduced those sensations. After 4 months of using, I now have zero of the symptoms I described. I plan on keeping this in my daily regimen of supplements.
Love This Product
By Deborah, MS
After suffering from aching and tingling legs so bad, I knew I had to find something that could help me on a daily basis! I ordered a bottle of circulation vein support and began taking them. By the end of the first day my legs were feeling so good I new that I would not be without them any longer. If you are having any issues with your legs such as tiredness, tingling, cramping, heaviness, and aching. I strongly urge you to try these.
Amazing Difference
By Linda, PA
Mid 50s, experiencing intermittent tingling and throbbing in legs after sitting for periods. No major medical issue. Tried this after reading other reviews and honestly, the discomfort just stopped! Can't explain how much better life is. Now can't live without. Thank you, Andrew.
By Deanna, PA
I have venous reflux disease and have had three leg procedures to correct it. I have had ablation to both my major and minor saphenous veins with little relief. I am 51yrs old and could barely walk or stand due to leg and ankle swelling. It was extremely painful and made it impossible to stand at my job. I could not do anything that I loved that required walking or sitting for any length of time. This product has been a miracle. My swelling has been reduced significantly and I am able to resume the majority of my everyday activities. There is a noticeable difference if I forget to take this supplement. Thank you Andrew. This product has given me my life back.
Good for Accountants!
By Julie, MO
I'm a middle-aged accountant who sits far too much. I've used this product for years with the result of minimal calf and ankle swelling. Also, NO varicose veins and my few spider veins have never worsened. I double-dose during tax season, of course!
Leg pain/heaviness gone!
By Dorene, VA
I had a heaviness in my legs, they ached all the time. I started taking 3 a day, noticed a difference within 2 weeks. If I run out the pain and heaviness returns. I am on auto delivery as I never want to be without this product. I was checked out with a doppler and told my circulation was good. So this can help people who experience what I do.
Circulation & Vein Support
By Kathie, AR
I have taken this product for 2 years. I have restless leg syndrome, my calves felt like I was have constant "mini shocks" that made my legs feel so heavy and interrupted my sleep. My husband was concerned how I was walking and I wasn't handling stair steps very well. This product is amazing! I thought I would test myself to see if I didn't take it, as I ran out of product. Within 6-7 days, that discomfort returned. My situation is perhaps extreme so I take 2 in the am and 2 with my evening meal. I won't go without it! My Dr. was willing to put me on one drug or another but no thanks!!
Saved my sanity
By Christine, UT
Circulation and Vein Support For Healthy Legs is the best thing that has happened to me, I have been miserable for years with RLS. Dr has given me prescriptions that don't work for restless legs and sleep deprivation , nothing worked, then I watched Andrew on HSN with the TSV , and one of the reviews said this supplement helped their RLS and I remembered I had a partial bottle in my closet, so I thought I would try it without any of my prescriptions, I've taken it the last 2 days and I haven't had a problem with RLS since, I could not believe it , normally I'm awake all night , don't get to sleep till 5-8 am of course I made sure I got the largest size of the TSV I will never be without this supplement again. Thank you for giving my life back to me Andrew, you are awesome . I could not believe how fast it worked for me.
This really works!
By Patricia, PA
I started taking this a few years ago when I was on my feet a lot and thought that it worked, but then I stopped. A few years later, I found myself once again being on my feet for 8-10 hours and started having leg cramps and general discomfort in my legs, particularly at night, so I started taking this again. Within a few weeks, I noticed my problems diminishing rapidly. It obviously is making a huge difference since this is the only thing that I changed. I will not doubt its validity again!
Great for Type 2 Diabetic Leg and Ankle pain and swelling.
By Paul, NH
Immediately, within one month of starting this product, all of a sudden I could wear non diabetic socks for the first time in over 7 years. This Circulation Vein Support system directly affects, as I see it, the blood flow that is happening in my lower extremities. My ankle swelling has disappeared. I have about a 75 percent of pain decrease in my Ankles, helping me to reduce and eliminate my pain medication for these pain situations. I have found I can go up and down stairs and not to have to go one step at a time, I can actually carefully walk up and down the stairs just like a normal person, my goal is to be able to skip up two steps, I hope that happens soon as I am losing weight using other Andrew Lessman Products, but my Ankle, and Foot swelling, including the black areas under my ankle, as well as the muscle formations in my calves have changed dramatically. I am now on my second bottle, so, I will never stop taking this as long as he offers it, and without Andrews products, I do not know what I would do as I have decreased my overall medications in all areas of my life, by DOCTORS ORDERS ONLY, and I am a legitimate customer, buying and trying these products and returning them if they do not work, and I have never returned a product yet. I just got the Cranberry Extract product, and am waiting for the benefits for that. So, to not write another book here, I just want to say, what price can one put on health, swelling reduction, pain reduction, not having to pay for expensive Medications at the RX Pharmacy. And, so, the cost benefit is actually a net gain for me, as I have saved more money by not having to pay for medicines I was taking, and so the price I pay for these.....does not even approach what I was paying the Pharmacy for Doctor Prescribed medicine that was making my liver enzymes higher and making me gain weight, and destroying my personal quality of life, giving me leg cramps and not solving the PROBLEM but just treating the symptom. This is a deadly serious review, and I am not paid to give this. I offer this freely and will back this up with any medical records that would have to be requested of me, because the facts are certainly the facts. And my life has been changed. Thus, I write this. Thank you Andrew, you are saving my life after an arduous Military career that left me without any hope of restoration and your products are helping me in tangible ways and giving me hope, and there is no amount of money you can put on that. Paul, New Hampshire.
No more wooden extremities !
By Lee, OK
Andrew Lessman has a supplement for everything, and as I've aged, I've identified various features of my body changing. When I started having leg cramps and weakness in my shoulders, the Calcium-Magnesium came to the rescue. By taking Bone and Body Factors and Positive Passage, I no longer have the hot flashes that made me feel as though I was going to self combust (and those were all in my chest and neck - sweat city, my own private summer). So when I started experiencing swelling in my feet and ankles (primarily the left one) and my legs felt heavy late in the day, I ordered these. My problem is that it takes me a while to introduce a new habit. My many supplements are divided into a.m., lunch, 5:00 pm/dinner time, and bedtime. I added these into my lunch regimen, and within 5 days I had relief. No more swollen feet, no more dragging oak tree trunks around the house as I did my chores; no more hoisting them up on the couch to relax and watch the news before bed. And I'm not a heavy person - I'm not overweight, I'm petite, my lower look like pencils (but the rest of me is pretty average, which just confirms what Andrew says about blood flow going back up and its effect on our legs!). I don't know if my veins are disappearing (I have so few, mostly in my ankles), and while the cosmetic benefit will be welcome, the relief from the tree trunk phenomenon is most definitely satisfying. Thanks Andrew.
Doctor is speechless
By Bernadette, VA
I’m an RN with a strong family history of diabetes type 1 and type 2. I have seen first hand the complications of this disease. Unfortunately, all the females on my Mother’s side of the family develop diabetes. I have always been determined to be the first to break this cycle. I have never been overweight nor are my relatives. Because of my family history, my physician has been checking my A1c level every six months. Finally, when my hemoglobin A1c level reached 6.3 my Doctor said I would need to start on medication. I begged him to please give me another chance. He cautioned me that I had already tried modifying my diet and exercise with no success. He wanted to know what else I was going to try? I said, “Cinnamon”, and he rolled his eyes and smirked. I had tried cinnamon from the local warehouse before with no improvement. Before I decided to give up on cinnamon I ordered Andrew’s cinnamon. I took one capsule in the Am at the end of my meal and another single capsule after dinner. The results have been incredible. My A1c level is now within normal range. My Doctor was speechless and “yes”, he’s still skeptical, but that doesn’t bother me any. I just love to gloat every time I see him. Thanks Andrew for all your hard work. I appreciate the research you do and share your words of wisdom with all my relatives.
Works extremely well!
By Barbara, AZ
For the past several years, my legs began hurting after I was on my feet for more than an hour or so. The doctors just told me to wear support hose, which I had for years previously. The pain got to be so bad that I would limit my walking and standing and/or would sit with legs raised between errands to rest them. After about a month on this product, the pain completely went away and I can now do and go where I want to and for pretty much as long as I want to. I would not have believed it had I not tried it for myself. Thank you Andrew and Pro Cap Labs. BJ in Texas.
saved my job and my sanity
By Trudy, ID
My legs hurt so bad after a day at work (standing), I had trouble driving home because of the pain. I could hardly get out of the car to get into the house, and once inside I plopped down and couldn't even get back up. Sleep was impossible. I thought I was going to have to give up my job. Then I found Circulation and Vein....leg pain is virtually gone...on an extra-long day I take 3, but most days 2 work great. I even walk after work now....THANK YOU Andrew you saved my job and my sanity.
Fantastic Product!
By Sylvia, CA
I have a cyst behind my left knee and due to excessive walking/standing the entire month it became the size of a golf ball. I had pain and could not stand up, taken to ER, given pain med's and came home to elevate/heat/ice treatments for a couple of weeks. During that time I started to have much discomfort on my calf (horrible, achy, bloated, fuzzy kind of feeling)...I was dragging my leg with a lot of discomfort. Ordered these C&VS and took 2 as soon as they arrived (early afternoon) and as weird as it may sound the calf felt better immediately, not totally, but better. So in the night I decided to take 2 more in the morning I woke up with minimal discomfort. In a matter of exactly 3 days, what I had been experiencing went away! and I do mean completely! This is not in my head, they worked! Andrew can't make medical claims but we, his customers can...so if you have a problem like what I described, take these...wonderful! oh! also, great for ankle swelling from having arthritis, boy! that went down too. Great Job Andrew. Thank U So Much!!! :)
Wouldn't be without it :)
By Penny, WI
Ladies and Guys - I have been religiously taking this product for about five years and wouldn't be without it. I smoke, yes, I know (I'm working on that) anyway....for being almost 52 years of age, my legs look pretty darn great. The small spider veins have almost dissappeared - I no longer expereince ANY pain in my legs - none, zip, nothing. This product ROCKS - actually Andrew Lessman, ROCKS!
Wonderful product
By Beth, WV
I have been taking Circulation & Vein Support for 10+ years. I have had repeated phlebitis for 30+ years with vein removal, aching legs. I started this after seeing reviews and it is wonderful, a product I will never be able to do without. No more problems since taking this product. Legs feel great and I am past 60.
It works!
By Renaye, TX
I ordered a small bottle for my uncle just to try because he has been suffering with arthritis, severe leg pain and unable to walk well. He noticed an extremely positive difference after a couple of weeks! He called me and said he was out it, and really needed a refill. I am ordering a second bottle now. Thanks Andrew
I really saw results
By Dottie, CA
This supplement is amazing! I take 15 of Andrew's vitamins and have total faith in them. I absolutely wouldn't buy any other brand and I've been researching vitamins since the 1960s. Usually, you don't literally see dramatic results from vitamins - you just know they work - you're healthier, you feel better... but this one is different. Within a month or so, I began noticing my ankles were no longer swelling up. In fact, I had to tighten my shoelaces because my shoes were loser! This supplement really, really works. I'm 74 yrs. old, and my ankles don't swell up at all anymore. Amazing!
Really works
By Debra, TX
I never get swelling in my ankles or feet so I didn't think I needed this product. But I had been feeling that my legs started to ache or start feeling heavy if I was out and about for more than 3 hours. I'm in my 50s now so I thought I was just starting to feel some aging or that I was just that out of shape. I was also feeling weakness when I would squat and try to stand. That really makes you feel like you're getting old. Then I watched Andrew on HSN and heard him mention tired legs. Really? There's such a thing as tired legs? So I gave this product a try. WOW! In just a little over a week I feel so much better. In the last few days I intentionally planned more time out and about to see if this improvement was just in my mind. No discomfort at all after 8 hrs. running around town. This product will now be a regular in our cabinet of Andrew's supplements. Thank you Andrew!!!!!
very good
By margie, FL
yes start to take this few days ago i have bad circulation on my legs was having bad pain cant get up in the morning so much pain now i feel so good not havent pain feel the different the first day i taken them i did buy this on hsn and i was looking around the internet to find this more expensive am glad find this website i will get this few dollar less because i wan to keep buy them i do not make so much money so i have to get more for less because the really work and am excite to try other products the have good reviews i will never go with out this vein circulation because i work on my feet all day and this really help with pain and keep me with pain thak you for this product you rock
Love this Supplement!
By Kathleen, MA
It has made such a difference in the way my legs and feet feel. The true test to see if it is working is to stop taking it. Did I feel the difference? YES! It is definitely a feel the difference product. I highly reccomend it. One of my favorites. Thank You.
No Knee pains
By Carlos, NY
I suffer from Arthritis and for the last 20 years I could not find a product that could do what Circulation & Vein Support has done for me. No more knee pains! Thank you. Carlos Hernandez
By Judith (Judy), CA
I will never be without this for the rest of my life. It is as important as any of the pharmaceuticals I am required to take. Within 20 minutes after taking, my ankle swelling is minimized. My legs feel healthier and more comfortable. Great product Andrew. Thank you so much. God Bless you. Judy L.
Powerful and active foot-legs................
By Lilia, AZ
It is truly amazing to know and understand to have powerful and active legs. I have wonderful time grocery shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables and long-hours of window shopping and shopping top purchase essential necessities with sound budgeting. Imagined in my work, our legs are assets for walking movement activity. Of course, I have time to sit-down for sound foot-legs rest. Circulation and Vein Support for Healthy foot-legs ProCaps nature vitamins is truly effective and beneficial together with my ProCaps multivitamins.
Is this stuff for real??!!!!
By Shannon, TX
I have had an 8 year battle with varicose veins on my left leg that began with my second pregnancy. I have had 2 surgeries (a vein ligation 5yrs ago and an in office laser procedure 2010). Despite these treatments and several rounds of sclerotherapy I continue to have a painful ugly swollen varicose vein on my inner left thigh. I am only 39 (I say only) and have become very self-conscious in shorts, skirts and dresses. Looking for anything else that might help, I came across this product. After only a few days of taking these supplements, I have noticed a DRAMATIC improvement. The offensive area is 3x3cm purple swelling just above my knee that stays hot and tender to the touch. The area is now significantly improved in every aspect...its smaller, less purple, not as swollen and much less warm and tender. I don't write reviews generally but I am so impressed with the results thus far I felt I had to let others know how beneficial this product is. Bring on summer....momma can show her legs again!!!
It's a ten, actually...
By Gretchen, ND
10 out of 5 that is! What a remarkable product! At first, I was a bit hesitant about ordering this product because of the hesperidin, so I consulted my sister-in-law who is a pharmacist. She actually told me that she was seeking a vitamin containing hesperidin for her varicose veins. That was enough to convince me of the safety of this product because my sis-in-law is very well read on both prescription drugs AND supplements. My legs feel and LOOK much healthier since I started taking this product. They don't feel tired at the end of the day like they used to. I recently had to fly and as most people know, being on an airplane for an extended period of time does a number on the legs. My legs were definitely traumatized from the long flight, but they bounced back into shape within 24 hours. Thanks again Andrew for another wonderful product!
Amazing !
By diane, NJ
I have slight varicose veins on my legs and feet, Drs told me to wear compression stockings, elevate my legs. The aches and pains I was having was becoming unbearable. I am in my 40's. And wearing compression stockings was not something I wanted to do, especially in the summer. I also have an ankle injury which at times can cause lots of pain. I saw this product on TV one day and thought I would try it. Wow! After about three months of using it my legs and feet felt no more aches. The veins in my legs were actually getting better. I ran out of the product and am noticing the aches again. I can not live without this product. Thank You Andrew Lessman =) It's a wonderful, natural product that works!!!
Love this product!
By Bonnie, GA
I have been using this product for several years. It is one of several of Andrew's products that I cannot be without. I can tell a difference in how tired my legs get if I run out of it. Do try it. After taking it for a while, you will not want to be without it either.
Excellent Product!
By Shawn, OH
I have put on a few pounds over the years and noticed when I got up after sitting for some time there was heaviness and some numbness in my legs but after receiving this product and taking it every day I have not experienced this at all. I am very pleased with the product and hope others give it a try also.
By Michelle, FL
As a medical transcriber, I sit for long hours on end. I had developed a pain on the outside of my right knee that radiated down the front of my lower leg, to the top of the foot. It got to the point that I was not comfortable in any position, including sitting, standing, or even lying down. Driving a car was excruciating and the pain was severely cutting into my ability to work. I was unable to sleep due to the stabbing, burning pain. I had seen this presentation on television and had been meaning to try it. After my recent pain exacerbation, I ordered the bottle as a last ditch effort before forking out crazy money to a doctor. The capsules arrived SO QUICKLY, I couldn't believe it. I took two that day and two the next morning. By that second evening, the pain had already substantially backed off. By day three it was gone. It works crazy good for me, and I intend to buy the biggest bottle of this I can get. I will not be without it from now on!! The best part is that the capsules contain all natural ingredients, while any doctor I went to would surely have been me pain medications I don't want or need. Thanks so much for the service you provide to the world, Andrew. Cheers, Michelle
Can't be without
By Dorene, VA
This product is the best, before trying this I had episodes of feeling a heaviness in my legs and/or swelling of ankles and calves which hurt so much I had to put my feet up. About a week ago I ran out of these supplements and bought something at the drug store, it did not work. I am back to order Andrew's supplements and am now on auto delivery. I do not want to be without this supplement again. Thank you so much Dorene, Virginia
The Best supplement that really makes a difference
By Mike, CA
Andrew, Circa works just like it suppose to. I take this after my workout and improves the leg circulation a great deal. :):):)
Carolyn From Mi
By Carolyn M, MI
Over time my feet & legs became very sore; especially the round bone on the left foot & big toe area. Walking for any period of time became no fun. Because my symptoms were different than common heaviness & swelling- it took a while to catch on. But the word circulation kept coming to mind so I ordered. Within the 1st couple days there was relief. It's been about 3wks now & progressively keeps getting better. I thank God first then you ProCaps/ Andrew for rescuing me from having to go another route. Plan to change Auto Ship to larger size. I am an otherwise healthy 50 yr. old & currently use Complete Multi, CQ 10, Hair Skin Nails, Glucosamine & Night Time. No regrets on any purchases.
This is a must have!
By Richard, NY
I am not one for writing reviews but after taking Circulation & Vein Support for just 3 days, I started to notice a difference with my constant leg [discomfort].... [A]fter about three weeks of using Circulation & Vein Support, the level of [discomfort] had been reduced to a point that I can now do things I forgot I once did. I can now do things I forgot I once did.... The swelling in my legs has been reduced to a point that I can see the calves on my legs again. (Weight 176) This product for me is nothing short of amazing. I really can’t imagine doing without it. If they ever stop making it, I’m [in] trouble. I could continue, but I think you get the point.
By kimberly, CA
About a year ago I was diagnosed with type ll Diabetes. I started to experience that restless leg syndrome, a little at first and then it got so bad I couldn't sleep at night. I was taking anything I could find around the house such as Tylenol, Excedrin and Advil every single night to get rid of the pain so I could get some sleep. Then I started to notice that my legs ached all day long ... even if I was just sitting down watching TV. I started to worry that this was going to be something I was going to have to live with the rest of my life and the thought of that was very depressing. About 2 months ago my doctor prescribed a cholesterol drug for me and I was telling my girlfriend that now I have to take prescription drugs which neither one of us is keen on ... I actually would prefer to skip it all together than take a bunch of chemicals. She suggested I get Andrew Lessman’s vitamins for that, which is something she took and it worked in lowering her cholesterol totally natural vitamins... not chemicals ... so, I got online and looked him up ...THANK GOD I DID!!! THIS PRODUCT IS A GOD SEND!!! I took one pill and noticed a difference right away ... the aching subsided and I've been taking them ever since ... and sometimes I can even go a few days without taking them and the pain does not come back the minute I don’t take one... I am sooooo pleased with this product!!! I am re-ordering and plan to never be without this product -- I have also purchased many others of Andrew's products because I feel they truly can be trusted to do what they say.
By Sherri, MI
I left a review for this product about a month ago...based upon my experience when I stopped taking it and in anticipation of resuming. Well, I can definitively say that this supplement is a difference-maker! I haven't experienced the pronounced swelling in my lower legs, ankles, and feet since I've started taking this again (and when I say "pronounced", I mean swelling to the degree where skin over my calves actually felt hard because of the fluid retention - no kidding). I will never let myself run out of this product again - thanks so much, Andrew! I can't say enough good things about Circa!
I'm Convinced
By Sherri, MI
I took this product (Circulation & Vein Support from HSN - same thing as Circa) for a few years and honestly, didn't really notice anything. But, when I started taking this product, I didn't have heaviness or aching in my legs...and my ankles and feet really didn't swell on any consistent basis (just occasionally - maybe once a month...and quite honestly, I attributed it to hormones and water retention). I took the product simply to help ward off potential issues down the road because I have a strong family history of circulatory problems. Well, I ran out of Circa-Circulation & Vein Support a few months ago and didn't replace it. Over the last couple months, I've been having issues with my legs - heaviness at the end of the day...and significant swelling (so much so that the skin over my calves felt "hard" because they were so swollen). Hot and humid days just exacerbated the issue. I don't know why I didn't make the connection sooner - that I had stopped taking this product a few months ago...and maybe it took up until recently before the levels of applicable nutrients in my body lowered to a level where it's now causing problems. Anyway, I reordered last night and anticipate an improvement...as I never had these issues while taking Circa-Circulation & Vein Support. Thanks for the excellent product, Andrew! Your passion truly makes people's lives better!
Will never be without this one!
By Annette, MN
Love - Love - Love this! I am a 43 year old woman and was starting to have "puffy" ankles. I started taking this and immediately noticed a big difference in my ankles and how my legs felt. I take 2 every day. I really noticed it working when I recently flew on an airplane, usually I would have really puffy ankles after a flight, no matter how much water I was drinking. Never had any swelling this time! This item is on auto-ship to me! Highly recommend it, and it's not even that expensive - thank-you for this product.
Great Product!
By Rhonda, NJ
I bought this product because I was having...heavy and tired legs all the time. I started taking this product because I wanted relief so very badly. This product has [helped with the discomfort], tired and heaviness that I've experienced. I ran out and the...heaviness and tiredness returned. I set up auto-delivery and will not be without this product again. Thanks Andrew for such a wonderful product.
I have to have this product.
By Linda, ME
It works for swelling in your fingers as well. My problem was swelling in my fingers and the lower part of my arm whenever I was riding in the car. I had to use Windex to get my rings off at night. I no longer have this problem. It also helped my spider veins. I can hardly see them now.
Almost a miracle !
By Alice, FL
I use about 6 of Andrew's products and this one provided me the quickest most noticeable benefits- I have used it for about 2 years now ... and saw results within the first two weeks. It is one that I never run out of - I am diabetic and overweight and ...I no longer feel that "heavy" feeling in my legs. Thank you Andrew !
No more swelling
By Julie, IA
My mother bought me a bottle of Circa to try after I mentioned to her that I had been (told that I have) weak veins and capillaries in my legs. I had suffered for over a year with swelling that typically appeared at the end of the day, but over time became increasingly more frequent and bothersome. When I would try to wear sandals all day at work, my ankles were very swollen and hurt. After taking Circa for about 3-4 weeks, and then increasing the dosage from 2 caps to 3 caps per day, the swelling is gone and my legs feel normal again. I can now go all day in sandals or even bare feet with NO swelling! I am going to start ordering Circa on auto-ship, I wouldn't want to be without it. Thank you for a wonderful product!
Unbelievable Product!!!
By Kathleen, WI
As far back as I can remember, my feet and legs would swell if the weather was hot and humid, if I would fly in an airplane, or sit too long. They would feel as if they weighed 100 pounds each. No more!!! I've only been on this product less than a week, it is hot and humid, and I can see my ankles all day long. If you are hesitant to try this product, please do yourself a favor. It amazes me that there is a natural product that works this well. Thank you Andrew!!! I will never be without it.
Feeling Good
By Deborah, NY
I have been taking this product now for almost a year and would not start my day without it. I waitress and have spider veins all over my legs and with this product, my legs are never ... tired any more ... I just took a chance with a money back no-questions-asked [guarantee], I had nothing to lose, but now I have the freedom and energy to move about.
I have...
By Douglas A., PA
I have [clotting and circulatory issues]... I have been taking Circa for the last eight years or more my legs are [now free of issues}. I just flew from PA to Alaska and back with no problems... I can't begin to say how much CIRCA means to me, I love what it does and how it makes my legs feel. Thank you Andrew Lessman.
By Jacquelyn, PA
I was having a terrible achiness in my legs whenever I would lay down. It was soo bad that it would either prevent me from sleeping or wake me during the night. I decided to search for a product that was made for such a problem. After searching numerous web sites I decided to try Circa. I use it in conjunction with Potassium capsules and I have had wonderful results. I will NOT be without my Circa ever again!! Thanks Andrew for such a fantastic product.
By Helen, FL
I have been on this product for about 6 to 7 years now and love it. I have taken 3 a day without fail. ...Thank you very much you added years to my life.
Your legs will love this!
By Donna, CA
This product is just wonderful! I have one large varicose vein that is very bothersome. Taking this product has made such a difference and I can tell when I don't take it. Also, I used to get swollen legs when I would fly more than and hour or so, now I can fly across country and arrive with normal size legs. What a blessing! Thanks so much for your products.
No More Swollen Feet and Ankles!
By Patrice, FL
My job requires that I sit in front of a computer. Before I started taking Circa, my legs, ankles and feet would be swollen by the end of the day. I don't know how it works, but it just does! No more swollen legs, feet or ankles, and absolutely no side effects. Andrew Lessman's products are excellent, and I highly recommend Circa to anyone who suffers from bad circulation in their legs.
Debbie N.Y.
By Deborah, NY
This product is great!I can't believe what a difference it has made with the comfort of my legs.I waitress and have spider veins all over my legs.They always hurt and are very heavy or tired feeling, but not any more.Thank you for a wonderful product.
Great for.....
By Lori, PA
I started taking this out of curiosity to see if it would help the chronic itching on my lower legs thinking maybe it was a circulation problem due to long term diabetes (29 years). The itching is gone. I stopped taking it for about a month and sure enough, the itching returned... Thank you Andrew!
lady of the night
By Dorene, VA
Hi I have been using your product, Circulation and Vein Support for at least 15 years. It enables me to walk. Without it I have heavy draggy painful legs. When I received my latest bottle, the formulation had changed. I figured you knew better than I and I proceeded to take it. This was weeks ago, it’s not working as well. In addition I am developing some weird spots (rough patches of skin) on my legs. I don’t know what the difference is but my body can sure feel it. Is there any way you could offer the original formula? I see others have complained about the new formula. Right now I am trying to buy up all of the original formula bottles I can find. Thank you for considering.
Circulation and Vein Support
By Janet, CA
Could you please talk about the change of ingredients, e.g., Horse Chestnut? I find your explanations very interesting.
No Veins After Hip Revision
By Christina, FL
I started taking this supplement about three years ago after my first total hip replacement. After working as a professional chef and competing as a serious athlete for twenty years my legs looked awful and felt worse. After my first surgery my legs became even more "map" ridden. The varicose veins even stuck out on my thigh by my incision, and the heaviness had increased. I felt like I needed a deep stretch, but I had to be careful of my movements as to not dislocate my hip so I suffered. I was told by my surgeon I had to be patient and let all of those severed veins knit back together, basically to suck it up. I found out about this supplement and went for it. I just added it to my other Andrew Lessman regime. After taking this supplement I noticed immediately my achiness was starting to dwindle. After a while my veins just "melted away". So after my revision in 2012 I started taking this again not long after coming home from the hospital. My post-surgical eruptions are all but gone. Thanks Andrew for giving me great legs again!
Vein & circulation support for legs.
By Rafael, CT
The caps get slightly thinner & smaller with less important supplement in each cap. (grape seed extract, pine bark, hesperidin, rutin). This happens everytime they change the look of the bottles or sizes of procap supplements. Less for more money, be-aware to see if its happening to what you like to order!
Achey Legs
By Ruth, TX
I used to wake up in the morning with achy legs like I walked a marathon ..well since I been taking Circulation & Vein Support all that has stopped. I almost jump out of bed with no problem, I walk miles every day without a problem the next day, my husband also takes them due to anxiety feeling in his legs at night. This is a great product we notice the difference when we forget to take it. Great stuff!
circulation & vein support
By Mary, MD
I would like to know why the formulation change for the vein product?
Warning information
By Barbara, NJ
I have used this product for about 6 weeks with no change in my legs. I am concerned that this product ... contains Diosin and Hesperidin... . If you use this product, I suggest contacting your physician for guidance. I would also like to see the warnings posted on this website in an effort for treatment transparency. NJ RN
Change in formulation of Circulation and Vein supplement
By Nancy, NC
I have used Circulation and Vein for years and have enjoyed the benefits from using this supplement. However, I have noticed recently the product wasn't working like it had been. I checked the label and noticed the formula had changed. I'm asking that you bring back the original formula for those of us who need it. I don't want to have to purchase other items to achieve the results that one product was providing.
Why 50% reduction of ingredients???
By Eleanor, CA
I was just getting ready to reorder, but see the label changed. Upon reviewing both old and new labels, I see you've reduced what were your claims for effectiveness by 50%. Why is that? Not sure how to rate the new one. The old one was great!
Not Working as Claimed
By Gloria A., NM
I have been taking 2 capsules of Circulation & Vein Support every day, as recommended on the bottle, for the last 6 months because I have spider veins on the sides of my inner knees and upper legs. I was so hopeful that this was the answer to my problem and I would be able to wear shorts this summer. But, instead, I started noticing the spider veins spreading and even more spider veins starting on my lower legs as well! Clearly these capsules are not working for me. I noticed most of the reviews are about tired and heavy legs, leg pain, diabetic problems and only a couple mention spider veins. Am I supposed to take more than 2 daily? Well, after 6 months of no improvement, I can't see giving this product a high rating.
What's up?
By Susan, OR
I am curious...I have been taking this for a month and haven't noticed a difference at all. I take 3 a day, and reading the reviews, I really thought it was an answer to my prayers! If anyone reads this and it's taken a long time to see results, let me know. Otherwise I will discontinue taking. I have taken other supplements of Andrews for some time now and have been completely satisfied, but this one doesn't seem to be effective for me...maybe I need to take a while longer for it to kick in. I have to give it a least one star, but to be fair, if it does take awhile to work and it does, then I will adjust my rating.


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Supplement Facts
Serving Size 2 Capsules
Amount Per Serving . %DV*
Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate/ascorbyl palmitate) 30 mg 33%
Diosmin 600 mg
Butcher's Broom, extract (rhizome/root) 80 mg
    standardized to 9% saponins as ruscogenins
Horse Chestnut, extract (seed) 80 mg
    standardized to 20% aescin
Pine Bark, extract (bark) 10 mg
    standardized to 95% proanthocyanidins/75% polyphenols
Grape Seed, extract (seed) 10 mg
    standardized to 80% polyphenols
Hesperidin 50 mg
Rutin 10 mg
* Percent Daily Value (%DV) based on a 2,000 calorie diet. † Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Gelatin capsule.
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