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Essential Omega-3™ - No Fishy Taste - Mint - Softgels | Cardiovascular Health
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A blend of Omega-3 oils with Ahiflower®Oil. NO contaminants, NO mercury and NO fishy aftertaste; delivering high levels of all-important DHA, plus EPA, DPA, SDA, ALA and GLA.
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Andrew Lessman's Essential Omega-3 is our high potency blend of ultra-pure Omega-3s uniquely delivered with absolutely NO fishy aftertaste. Our Omega-3s exist in their most active, natural triglyceride form and not as inferior, synthetic ethyl esters. Omega-3s are required for the structure, function and health of all body systems and since they cannot be made by the body, their benefits are only available from cold-water fish or a quality Omega-3 supplement. Research has shown that diets rich in Omega-3s are associated with superior heart, brain, eye, circulatory and general health; yet the American diet delivers alarmingly low levels of these precious fats. Essential Omega-3 delivers a concentrated, but mild blend of DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DPA (Docosapentaenoic Acid), as well as SDA (Stearidonic Acid) from Ahiflower® Oil – its richest natural source. Typical Omega-3 formulas focus on EPA, which is less costly to provide, whereas our Omega-3s target vital DHA, which is essential for brain, eye and heart structure and function. In fact, the highest functioning areas of the brain and the most critical parts of the eye (macula and retina) contain and require ultra-high levels of DHA. Fish oil supplements have long been praised for their myriad health benefits, but they are also criticized for their aftertaste and potential contaminants; however, Essential Omega-3 allows you to enjoy all the benefits of fish oil without the contaminants, stomach upset or fishy aftertaste. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Ahiflower® is a registered trademark of Technology Crops, LLC. Consume one or more capsules daily or as recommended by your physician. As with any dietary supplement, this product is most effective as part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle.


Control Cholesterol., Yu King
By Amazon, NV
Flavor is fine easy to swollen and price was right.
By Amazon, NV
Every other omega capsule I’ve tried had a fishy after taste and I stopped taking them. I tried<br />Dr. Lessman’s and they are excellent and no after taste. Highly recommend!
No fishy taste, recommended by a physician friend, C. Young
By Amazon, NV
This product was recommended by my eye care physician and I am pleased with the fact that it has no after taste and is easy to swallow!
Easy to swallow and no fishy taste!, farmgirl007
By Amazon, NV
I love these. No bad taste. Easy to swallow.
Control Cholesterol., Yu King
By Amazon, NV
Flavor is fine easy to swollen and price was right.
By Amazon, NV
Every other omega capsule I’ve tried had a fishy after taste and I stopped taking them. I tried<br />Dr. Lessman’s and they are excellent and no after taste. Highly recommend!
No fishy taste, recommended by a physician friend, C. Young
By Amazon, NV
This product was recommended by my eye care physician and I am pleased with the fact that it has no after taste and is easy to swallow!
Easy to swallow and no fishy taste!, farmgirl007
By Amazon, NV
I love these. No bad taste. Easy to swallow.
NO Fishy taste, MaUrbs
By Amazon, NV
I don't eat as much fish as recommended so this is a good alternative. It doesn't upset my stomach, it is easy to swallow, it doesn't repeat on me. My physician recommended that we take this for heart health.
Superior Products w/ZERO competition, MsLeah
By Amazon, NV
Great product. Been using Andrew Lessman's Pro Caps Lab products since 2006. This company has a creator with passion that is only outdone by the fact that Pro Caps Labs has ZERO competition. I often tell people if I lived in Nevada I'd of figured out how to get a job at PCL because it'd be great to work for a company that didn't make you feel like you want to take a bath when you arrive each day.<br />If you're looking for a superior product line, you're never gonna do better & you can use flex pay/Easy pay on QVC/HSN.<br />God bless Andrew Lessman for having the audacity to provide clean, beneficial supplements that improves your life period. How about that?
Great Omega-3
By Frances, NC
Love this product. Everything Andrew says is true. I ran out and grabbed a bottle of another brand at my clinic. Big Mistake! Hideous repeat and I will never run out of Andrew's Omega-3 again.
Easy to swallow!, peter le
By Amazon, NV
I have reordered these because I like this brand and they are easy to take due to size. Amazon has faster delivery than the shopping network.
Great product, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Easy to swallow no fishy taste
Worth every penny and much more, Bad Dogma
By Amazon, NV
These Andrew Lessman products exceed their claims. I take the Essential 1 multi-vitamin everyday and I have noticed an impressive increase of energy and overall well-being. Granted, I exercise too but if I didn’t have the energy FIRST, I wouldn’t be able to get the most out of my workouts. Thank you Andrew & Team
Easy to swallow, Jill
By Amazon, NV
I have trouble swallowing those large omega 3 tablets, these are easy, no fish burps, no upset stomach and I know I'm getting a quality product.
Easy to swallow, Anon
By Amazon, NV
I have reordered these , because I like this brand and they are easy to take due to size. I use other lessman supplements. Amazon has faster delivery than shopping network.
Easy to take. No indigestion!, Jack Barkin
By Amazon, NV
Taken this fish oil for years. I hope it will bring down cholesterol. Don’t know the answer yet.
Andrew Lessman products are always high quality!, Shepainter1
By Amazon, NV
I trust the brand. Pills are gel capsules and easy to swallow.
good quality, Richard Schermerhorn
By Amazon, NV
Just what i needed
Great product, Dave, Carrollton, TX
By Amazon, NV
Great product, have used for years
Good product, Marianne McKinnon
By Amazon, NV
Good product
Excellent product, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
This is an excellent product- no after taste , easy to swallow.
No after taste!!, Karen R Czerwinski
By Amazon, NV
A friend of mine, suggested these Fish pills, told me she never gets an after taste when taking them. I followed her advice and ordered and SO glad I did. Take them everyday...thank you
Love his products!, Jennette Cox
By Amazon, NV
I love Andrew Lessman’s products. Such better quality than other out there that cost less.
Absolutely the best supplements
By Ruthann, NY
Andrew has the best supplements anywhere -- you know you are getting quality when you buy from him. However, he needs to have better shipping. DHL is a very unreliable shipping service, and people don't like to wait weeks, with long delays, before their products arrive.
Been taking these every day - a great vitamin, Louise Mound
By Amazon, NV
I use these vitamins for my eyes - they have no fishy aftertaste and they really help my severe dry eye
Been taking these every day - a great vitamin, Mary H
By Amazon, NV
I use these vitamins for my eyes - they have no fishy aftertaste and they really help my severe dry eye
By far the best Fish Oil, no smell at all, LB
By Amazon, NV
I've been using these Fish Oil pills from Andrew Lessman for years. So glad I can order from Amazon now. There is ZERO smell or taste, no burbs, nothing. I can also take them whenever, as they never upset my stomach. Mornings, evenings, with food or without.
Trusted company., Susan
By Amazon, NV
I like the small size capsules and trust that I am getting a quality supplement. I also was pleased with the processing and shipping time.
Quality product, expensive., Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Great product, easy to swallow, love The Omega 3’s. Expensive however.
Great for floatwrs, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
I've been taking this supplement for 3 years. My floaters are gone when I take 2x500 a day!
andrews vitamins are top notch, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
no repeat no after taste
Five Stars, shopper
By Amazon, NV
easy to swallow
This pills are working blood pressure‘s been perfect seem to have more energy at the end of ..., Ama
By Amazon, NV
This pills are working blood pressure‘s been perfect seem to have more energy at the end of the day no fish burps And I haven’t been eating as much at night
Five Stars, sweetpea
By Amazon, NV
Love this product, it's my go to Omega-3 pills.There's no repeat.
Absolutely clean, no taste.
By Judy, CT
I have been using this product for years and never experienced any stomach upset or aftertaste. I highly recommend this product because of this and trust Andrew to provide the highest quality oils.
Omega 3 - orange
By Wanda L, NH
Love this product.....no fishy taste at all plus very good for you. Thank you Andrew for such wonderful products. WLE/NH
The best Omega
By Nanette, IN
I started taking the Essential Omega about two weeks ago for my memory and sore joints and I can truly say it has helped me tremendously, totally unbelievable what it has done for me. A must buy.
By Alexandra, PA
I have finally convinced my 75 yr old mother to try these this week. My mother has never taken any medication or supplements until a couple of years ago, but still she is resistant and only takes the minimum. Recently a friend told her of a news story about a study saying that taking Omega 3 or Fish Oils were not as good as once thought because of the mercury found in the supplements. I introduced her to Andrew's supplements and she less apprehensive about taking Omega 3 now and was happy about the mint! I have been taking Andrew's supplements for a couple of years now and I am very happy with the results. Thank you!
LOVE this product!
By Janette, CA
FINALLY a product that does not have a terribly fishy aftertaste. I stumbled across ProCaps late one night on TV and ordered a bottle of the non-flavored Omega-3. I was skeptical at first because I have tried a lot of different products that claims no aftertaste, no upset stomach... and now I found a product that lives up to its claims. I experienced no fishy aftertaste and my stomach is just fine even when I take them on empty. I am back to try the mint and orange. Thank you ProCaps. PS. The multivitamin is just as amazing.
JC Wisdom of the mind................
By Lilia, AZ
This Essential Omega-3 ProCaps vitamins including other ProCaps vitamins I am taking is truly healthy-pure-nature nourishment and blessings to healthy, good and active and wise mind...My daily devotional prayer to JC with wisdom and thankful joyful heart with healthy-creative-good wisdom mind and wholeness and wellness day by day..............
Love your Omega-3
By Cristina, TX
Love your Omega-3 orange. Tried your Omega-3 long time ago. I am glad I gave it a try again. Does not repeat or hurt my stomach. You did it again Andrew great job! Love all your vitamins, take care we need you making us vitamins and keeping us healthy . By Cris , Tx
Bursitis pain relief
By Janet, FL
A year ago I was diagnosed with bursitis in both hips. It was extremely painful and often woke me from a sound sleep. Over the counter pain medications did not provide relief. My doctor was only able to offer prescription pain medication, which I hoped I wouldn't have to take. Out of desperation, I was just about to fill the prescription when I decided to try your Omega-3 fish oils for my overall health. I have previously tried three other brands and these are the only fish oil capsules that do NOT cause ANY fishy taste! After only 10 days I began noticing an improvement in my hip pain. About a week later, I realized I no longer had pain in my hips or pain from the arthritis in my fingers. It's been a couple of months since I began taking Essential Omega-3. It feels wonderful to no longer suffer with awful pain. I'm staying on auto-ship. Thank you, thank you!
Bill, Alabama
By Bill, AL
I have read where other manufacturers state an adverse effect of their Omega-3 Fish Oil may increase LDL cholesterol. We are taking the Essential Omega-3 and would like to know that since the label indicates: Less than 5mg/1%, is this product likely to increase LDL CHOLESTEROL? If so, what product should we take to offset it?
Love Them
By Lisa, WA
I am in my 40's and have a family history with B/P and Cholesterol issues. My blood work is good right now, but I want to prevent. I was worried about taking Omega as I had heard so many say it made their stomach upset or they would get a terrible after taste if they burped. With these I do not even know I am taking them. I take one ever night but I have taken them during the day even and no issues. I feel so much better knowing that I am taking something good for my health.
By Nancy, AZ
I store my essential omega-3 in my refrigerator. No smell, no taste, small size, easy to swallow, best available! I take one in the AM and 1 in the PM. THANK YOU ANDREW LESSMAN!!
Amazing Product All Around!!
By Cristof, NV
I've been taking the orange version of this product for 1 year, and I love-love-love it! No fishy after taste, and am simply switching to mint as a preference. I take about 8 other products by Andrew continuously for the past year, and what with becoming a vegetarian and regular exercise, I and those close to me have noticed a very significant difference in my appearance and health. As science has proven is possible, I believe I am changing my body at a cellular level, and that is exciting! I research most everything that I consume, and Andrew's products are top notch! Don't ever settle for an inferior product-just downsize the product until you can purchase your normal size. You do NOT want to go without after feeling the results.
By Anita, NC
I usually order this in the mint but somehow ordered the mint-free by accident. I have had NO fish burps whatsoever. I do not taste fish at all. LOVE the size of the capsule. Thank you Andrew!
The one and only!
By Jennie, PA
I have been told by many physicians that Fish Oil is one of the best supplements you can take for your health (it's also essential for great looking skin- which is probably more important to me than my health)! I've tried all different brands and ended up just wasting my money because after just one dose, I'd be sick to my stomach and quit taking it. The Essential Omega-3 is unlike any other brand! It works faster and better than others, but most importantly it doesn't make me sick! I take the one with the Orange Extract and while I don't really taste orange, I don't taste anything at all- especially no fish! This product is the only one that doesn't upset my stomach. I will be on this for life- and I'm only 27!
It really works and no fishy burp!
By Lilly, GA
I have tried probably 10 to 12 different brands of fish oil over the years for my dry skin and stiff joints. I found a few that work really well but the only problem is they give me stomach aches. Not Andrew's though! They loosen my joints so that I can run and climb stairs and keep my skin moist and supple AND best of all-NO STOMACH ACHES!!! The minty flavor makes this product a SIX STARS product! I love it! I take between 8-10 a day, and I notice my joints feeling loser within 24 hrs of first taking it. NOW that's results.
By Cheryl, GA
I have been taking Andrew's mint Omega 3 and loved them but my daughter doesn't care for mint so the orange is wonderful. You don't taste anything at all. All Andrew's products are terrific and they truly do what they claim. I have seen my health come back over time since I have been taking these products. Thanks Andrew.
By Michelle, TX
I have had what the eye doctors call "dry eye syndrome". No matter how much eye drops I put in my eyes nothing helped. With my eyes being dry all the time things were blurry most of the time. Then one day at the optometrist I was told to take omega-3. I tried taking Omega-3 way back in my early 20's (I am in my early 40's now), but it upset my stomach. I was already taking other vitamins from Andrew so I tried his Omega-3 and I had no upset stomach at all. So I have been taking Andrew's Omega-3 for years now and I will continue to take it. My eyes feel so much better now and things are much clearer. I have also noticed a difference in the dry patches I had on my scalp and my face, which was a added bonus. Thanks Andrew for all that you do.
Great product
By Nancy, AZ
I am just about to finish my 1st bottle of these, and just re-ordered. After 30 days, I feel great, no stomach issue, and my hair and skin look smoother. My joints are starting to feel the relief as well. I will continue taking this product. I also like the smaller size.
I've always wanted to take Omega 3 Fish Oil!!!!
By Dalinda, CA
I have always wanted to take Omega 3 Fish Oils, but I was always afraid of all of the negative comments I read about the repeating, smell, etc. I am not much of a fish fan, I love lobster and shrimp, but that's it!!! I received these and couldn't wait to give them a try. I must say they are great. I kept waiting for something horrible to happen, but nothing! I haven't tasted anything gross at all!! I take a lot of Andrew's supplements, and everything he says is true! All of his claims about his products are absolutely right on! I love the fact that I can take all of his supplements with confidence that not only am I getting the excellent benefits, but I can take so many different supplements without an upset stomach ever! In the past I couldn't even take one calcium tablet without literally throwing up! I am once again amazed! Keep up the good work Andrew, thank you and God bless you!
Orange knocks it out of the park
By Laura, NY
OK - I remember the primarily Omega-3 soft gel that came with the multi-vitamin packs. I couldn't stomach taking them because of the repeating fish flavor all day long. I lost out on all the other ingredients from the packs in the softgel because of the bad taste of the Omega-3 fish oil. Even when Andrew introduced the mint - I was too skeptical to try it because of my prior experience. Well, I gave in and ordered the newest version with the Orange Oil as the TSV. I fully expected that I would take it once and have to return it because the hype exceeded the product's actual performance. Well, first night I got it, I took two with diner. Hours later...nothing. I tried again the next morning and had two with breakfast (and a glass of OJ) - here I am at 5pm, nothing. I don't know enough about how it makes me feel yet to comment on its benefits, but I can say - with much surprise - that I can't taste fish. There is no unpleasant side effect with this one - I'm amazed. Even Dad - who I shared it with - never noticed any repeat of anything! (He was lucky he never tried the old stuff that repeated) We all know that some vitamins repeat (CoQ10 and Green Foods being the most noticeable), but no longer do the Omega-3's repeat. This is a pleasure to take - it wasn't HYPE, it was TRUE, there is no fish taste - ever. I'm glad I got up the courage to try again. Andrew, I'm not afraid of Omega-3's anymore, I now agree with you that this would be a great base oil for the softgel version of Ubiquinol you're developing. (You've got about a year before I run out of these and the CoQ10 w/ TruQ10 I also ordered, so I'll look forward to re-ordering these as a combined softgel version!)
By Alyce, OH
Love this product! I've tried other fish oil and the experience was nasty. Not to mention hard to swallow. It is definitely true that there is NO FISHY taste ever. Occasionally when I take more than two at a time, I sometimes notice a slight mint smell/taste. But I don't mind this at all. This product is a god-send. And I love that it contains omega 3's from both fish & flaxseed :)
Very convenient
By James, NY
The gels go down very easily and there is no aftertaste for me which is a wonder - I have acid reflux and all I taste is a little mint if anything and that is only after the pill has entered my digestive system, in a half hour its fully down in the stomach - I have had problems digesting Omega-3 acids in the past and now I finally have a product I can take.
the best
By Barb, MI
I have tried all different brands of omega-3, but kept having the worst after taste and didn't want to take it any more even though my doctor was telling me I really need to. One day I saw this on HSN and thought I would try it, and to my surprise I had no bad after taste, and am taking my Omega-3 every day with no complaints.
Great product
By Vicki, AZ
I like this product with the mint because it helps take away the fishy taste. We don't always eat as much fish as we should and this is an easy way to get our Omega-3s.
Great Product
By Janis, NM
My doctor wanted me to lower my cholesterol. I already use Andrew's Cholestecare and this just seemed like a smart addition to that endeaver. Feel great and my husband also takes it, as well as my 17 year old daughter (her dietician suggested she add this as a "healthy fat" to her diet, as she is a vegetarian). We love all of Andrew's products and use many of them with great results!
An Alpha of a Product
By Maria Belinda, KY
Because I only want the best for my health...I'm particular of the supplements I take, and Andrew's Essential Omega-3 is part of my vitamin regimen. If I were to take the equivalent of the ingredients listed...I would be HUGE! How do you pack it in such a capsule? Thank you Andrew for being my researcher, manufacturer, and taste tester. Well-done.
By Sherri, MI
I totally agree with the previous reviewer. I absolutely LOVE this product! I've been taking it every day for the last 2 years or so and have never had any sort of problem with fishy aftertaste. The best thing about Andrew's products is all of the research that he puts into them. On several occasions, I've heard a "new health discovery" only to find that Andrew's products have already been supplying me with the optimal dosage. Thanks Andrew - you and your staff are the BEST!!
My Favorite!
By Kathleen, MA
I love this new formulation of your Omega-3. I liked the original but this one is even better. Please keep making this. I don't like eating fish and I feel so good about taking this supplement, no fishy aftertaste whatsoever. Customer for Life! Thank You Andrew!
Love, Love this product!
By Kathleen, MA
I have tried other Omega-3 products and this is the best.No upset stomach, or fishy after taste.I plan on using this for life.I love many of your products and at this point ,I only use your supplements.I get them through HSN or/Pro Cap Labs.Your explaining the products ,and all the research you do, and the presentations, was what originally peeked my interest.So I tried my first product of yours, the Glucosamine/Chondroitin.I had joint concerns.I still use that and many others.Thank you Andrew for the wonderful products and the education,giving me the knowledge to know why I am taking what I choose to consume. I would love to see the flex pay also, if possible.
By Rhonda, TX
Love this product!! NO fishy aftertaste. Great to know I'm taking a product that is all natural and at the same time is soooo important and good for me. Highly recommended!! Andrew - Can you put this on flex pay?
Minimal trouble, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
This product did have a small fish burp to it and made me a little nauseated during the day, but all worked well other than that.
Not sure if I am taking enough?
By Becky, CA
I began taking these along with Evening Primrose OIl, in hopes of helping a long term problem with hair loss. I also suffer from PMS, sore breasts, moods swings. I am taking 2 of each per days, just not sure if the balance is Okay/enough. I do burp more but do NOT taste fish/mint.
Great product
By Candido, CA
I have taken many fish oils throughout, but this is my favorite one. It does not bother my stomach and it does not make me burp. It mentions that it is mint-free, but I have had not problems with any fish odors. Plus it is mercury free!
Great Product
By Michael, NJ
Love the Omega-3 since they are mint free. Also easy to swallow. Take them everyday.
Love it with mint
By Michelle, TX
I have been taking the Omega with Mint for years from Andrew. I bought Omega with the orange from the last today's special on HSN only because Andrew only offered the orange and not the mint. When I opened the container I smelled fish, unlike when I have been opening containers with the mint. I taste the fish with the orange, but I will keep it only because it was a great deal. Plus I have dry eyes and it helps, but I will never ever buy it with the orange again.
Maybe a bad batch, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
This product caused stomach upset and a very unpleasant after taste.
Disappointed - Stand By Your Product!!
By Linda, MA
Great product. However, when I called for assistance about defective capsules I did not receive a satisfactory resolution. I did purchase on HSN but the 30 day return had lapsed so I call ProCaps and although very friendly they only offered me a $25 credit for something I paid $139.00 for. I offered to send them pictures of the interior of the bottle but they did not give me a number where I could do so. I have been buying these ProCaps since the 1980's and this is the first time I have every had a problem.I am feeling sad!! I had to throw them out because they smelled fishy.
Hate the hard capsule!
By Judi, DE
Have taken these for years without problem, loved them. UNTIL the actual capsule was changed from soft to HARD. UGH! Does Not Digest and gives me severe pain. Sent them back. Why did they have to change?? Offer the original SOFT caps again. I can buy hard plastic caps in the drug store and supermarket.


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Supplement Facts
Serving Size 2 Softgels
Amount Per Serving . %DV*
Calories 10
Total Fat 1 g 1%
Cholesterol less than 5 mg 2%
Fish Oil (anchovy, mackerel, menhaden, sardine, tuna) 970 mg
    Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids                                                          >800 mg
             DHA - Docosahexaenoic Acid (Omega-3)                                                                  400 mg
             EPA - Eicosapentaenoic Acid (Omega-3)                                                                   280 mg
             DPA - Docosapentaenoic Acid (Omega-3)                                                                  40 mg
             ALA - Alpha-Linolenic Acid (Omega-3)(from B. arvensis seed, Ahiflower® oil)          55 - 65 mg
             SDA - Stearidonic Acid (Omega-3)(from B. arvensis seed, Ahiflower® oil)                24 - 30 mg
             Other Omega-3 Fatty Acids                                                                                         40 mg
GLA - Gamma-Linolenic Acid (Omega-6)(from B. arvensis seed, Ahiflower® oil) 6 mg
* Percent Daily Values (%DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. † Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Soft-gelatin capsule (Gelatin, purified water, glycerin), Peppermint Oil (stem, leaf), Spearmint Oil (stem, leaf)
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$17.90 - $129.90
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