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Ultimate Eye Support® - Softgels | Eye Nutrients
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Provides exceptional levels of Lutein and Zeaxanthin along with a comprehensive blend of beneficial botanical extracts that help to promote healthy vision and protect delicate eye tissues.
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Andrew Lessman's Ultimate Eye Support is a comprehensive blend of ingredients to protect the most fragile tissues of the eye and to promote a lifetime of healthy vision. It contains exceptionally high levels of both Lutein and Zeaxanthin – two powerful, protective carotenoids, also referred to as macular pigments, most highly concentrated in the retina and its macular region. Sadly, these two vital carotenoids are all but absent from the leading multivitamins and only recently (and minimally) found in typical eye formulas. Neither Lutein nor Zeaxanthin can be produced by the body, so their benefits require a food or supplement source. Plus, beyond their well-established role in protecting the eye and promoting healthy vision, Lutein and Zeaxanthin levels in the brain have now been shown to be associated with healthy brain and cognitive function, particularly as we age. Ultimate Eye Support also includes standardized extracts of Bilberry and Elderberry providing high levels of Anthocyanins to support healthy night vision. We also provide our EGCG-rich Green Tea Extract to further protect the delicate tissues of the eye, along with our Citrus Bioflavonoids and OPC-rich (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) Grape Seed Extract to target the eye's micro-circulation. We also add both Phosphatidyl Choline (PC) and Ahiflower® Oil to enhance the efficacy of this formula while also protecting the eye's most delicate structures. Ultimate Eye Support provides an unsurpassed assortment of Mother Nature's most effective tools to protect the lens, retina and macula while also promoting a lifetime of healthy vision. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always Wear UV-Protective Sunglasses Outdoors. Ahiflower® is a registered trademark of Technology Crops, LLC. Consume one or two capsules daily or as recommended by your physician. For best results take this product with food containing a small amount of fat or oil. This product is most effective when used as part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle.


Great Ingredients, charlotte
By Amazon, NV
I don't know how well these will help my vision, being diabetic with retinopathy, but they certainly cant hurt. The list of ingredients is fantastic. I would have to purchase other supplements to get them. Im very choosy about supplements, & I do my research. I don't like taking a bunch of supplements.<br /> I only take a multi every other day, VIT D3, & these. You really don't need anything else.
Trusting Andrew Lessman Again!!!, CL Vela
By Amazon, NV
I started on Andrew Lessmans product years ago, through another company. I personally havent been sick with any contagious illness in over 6 years. So I’m trying these now. His nail&hair vitamins worked & I trust his multivitamins. Great Products!!!!
Why Not, Daisy's Dad
By Amazon, NV
Your eyes are very important. Could not hurt to take a vitamin to keep them healthy. Plus I really like items made by Andrew.
Best vitamins, Nora Ellison
By Amazon, NV
Best vitamins ever
Great Ingredients, charlotte
By Amazon, NV
I don't know how well these will help my vision, being diabetic with retinopathy, but they certainly cant hurt. The list of ingredients is fantastic. I would have to purchase other supplements to get them. Im very choosy about supplements, & I do my research. I don't like taking a bunch of supplements.<br /> I only take a multi every other day, VIT D3, & these. You really don't need anything else.
Trusting Andrew Lessman Again!!!, CL Vela
By Amazon, NV
I started on Andrew Lessmans product years ago, through another company. I personally havent been sick with any contagious illness in over 6 years. So I’m trying these now. His nail&hair vitamins worked & I trust his multivitamins. Great Products!!!!
Why Not, Daisy's Dad
By Amazon, NV
Your eyes are very important. Could not hurt to take a vitamin to keep them healthy. Plus I really like items made by Andrew.
Best vitamins, Nora Ellison
By Amazon, NV
Best vitamins ever
Seems to be working!, Pauline E. French
By Amazon, NV
Healthy eyes
Eye med., Viola Sellars
By Amazon, NV
Weve been using these. We like it. But it remains to be seen if it will work.
Helps improve vision., Brian W. Jackson Sr.
By Amazon, NV
Use to have to squint to see some things, now, not so much.
Helpful, Kindle Customer
By Amazon, NV
When I take these eye vitamins my eyes seem to tire less. Also my vision is more clear. I notice a difference when I skip a few days.
Good for your eyes, Gabriele Faber
By Amazon, NV
I hope my headline will work out. Because in order to write a believable review I need to take them for at least 3 months to see a difference. So perhaps if you are really interest you will contact me then.
the best quality supplements, hadar
By Amazon, NV
I've been taking a variety of Lessman supplements for many years. The quality is superior, always capsule form so easy to absorb, the company only uses renewable energy and donates vitamins to the needy. The eye vitamin is especially important because I have the beginnings of macular degeneration and my opthomologist says it is working very well. My sister and mother have advanced macular. This eye vit is far superior to Areds.
A great supplement, G. L. Williams
By Amazon, NV
It is easy to take, plus it give nutrient to the eyes.
Eye floaters gone, Explorer
By Amazon, NV
This product is amazing. I'm 72. I was seeing these tiny black dots or bubble like dots in my vision. I was told it was normal at my age. I no longer have this problem. I'm not in the medical profession. I don't know why this product works but I do know that the "floater " problem is gone.
Helped with flashers!, Lyn P
By Amazon, NV
I was dealing with floaters and flashers that resembled lightening. It was very discomforting and I felt like my vision was failing me. After 2 weeks, the floaters and flashers significantly decreased!
This works, Beth B.
By Amazon, NV
I’ve used this product for a while. Made the mistake of trying a different brand. Big mistake. I notice the difference in my vision with these. Never again will I switch or let them run out. Yes, it’s that good.
Had to try, Stacey Williamson
By Amazon, NV
Brought them from a recommendation from a friend. They are easy to swallow. Just ordered my 2nd bottle.
Helped get rid of my “floaters”., Jey
By Amazon, NV
Worth the price, they started working immediately. Got rid of the “squiggly floaters” within a week.
Make my eyes healthier, Ladyorena
By Amazon, NV
These just immediately help my vision. I’m a senior citizen & diabetic & they help my vision a lot. Love them!
Amazing Product For Eyes, Judy Cottel
By Amazon, NV
This has all the ingredients you need for your eyes. I have seen a lot of improvement in my eyes in just a few short days. I live in a hot, humid climate in the summer. My eyes are doing better now that I have this product.
They work for me., Lmcl
By Amazon, NV
Very happy with the little eye vitamins that help me see alot better. I will never stop using these.
Best for your eyes, Elena
By Amazon, NV
This eye support is the best on the market, that’s what Andrew Lessman , supplements are about, the best!!
good results from vitamin, Rhonda Holcomb
By Amazon, NV
10 years, Brooklyn Boy
By Amazon, NV
This product is the best I’ve tried for my eyes. My prescription hasn’t changed in 10 years. Highly recommend
Helps me maintain good eyesight, MAGA
By Amazon, NV
Quality product, Easy to swallow, I take these vitamins to help maintain my good eyesight.
Looks really good, Sandra Christensen
By Amazon, NV
Has the potency I want....fingers crossed that it will slow down my Macular Degeneration. I think I feel a bit better but time will tell.
10 in my book, yvonnewatson
By Amazon, NV
See a much clearer overall very good
Andrew Lessman are and have always been a Trusted Product, Steven Fogelson
By Amazon, NV
Pros: Diabetic, eyes going bad...have been taking Ultimate Eye Support with Astaxanthin for 2 months now. Seeing (no pun) much better. I also take Andrew Lessman Vit B's. This guy has been around the health field for a long time. And he tries to stay true to the best natural ingredients.Andrew Lessman is no White Lable operation. These Truly are his vitamins. Made the way he would want vitamins to be. Great Product for a fair price.
Easy to Swallow, JVG
By Amazon, NV
This is my favorite brand. Ingredient list is impressive. Easy to swallow
Excellent product, Stormy
By Amazon, NV
I have always trusted Andrew Lessman’s supplements. They are easy to swallow and never upset your stomach. The eye supplement is a quality product.
Very impressive eye support
By Pamela, SD
I had prk in one eye in 2007 so I wouldn’t need readers at age 54. Recently I couldn’t read really fine print on a label and thought I’d have to live with it. We have used Andrew’s products since he was first on QVC MAYBE 30 yrs ago and always impressed. Well I used the Ultimate Eye Support for 5 days now and the tiny print is now crystal clear. I just recommended it to two others who ordered it this week. Thank you Andrew, we continue to trust your amazing products.
Protect eye health., Patricia Miller
By Amazon, NV
Great eye supplement.
Excellent choice, Eric Orlowe
By Amazon, NV
Great product and excellent price.
Great for dry eyes., Robin
By Amazon, NV
Excellent eye product!!!
Good product., Ed Barrus
By Amazon, NV
Higher dose of active ingredients than other brands.
Works wonders
By Sue, PA
After having the gel in my eye tear away and several appointments with a specialist I was told to live with it until the retina tore then surgery would fix it. I decided to take it upon myself and ordered Andrews Eye Support. I could feel the difference not long after starting them. I don’t have the floating gel and my vision is excellent. Recently my sister had eye surgery to put a lens in. Her eye was very bad after the surgery and was told she’d need more intensive surgery. I gave her Andrews Ultimate Eye and a month later the eye surgeon is amazed at the healing going on in her eye. She doesn’t need more surgery now and the Dr is amazed at how healthy her eye is looking. The blue color of her iris is so beautiful and clear! We are overjoyed! Thanks Andrew.
Have found good results., James Kirk Donovan
By Amazon, NV
Have used several eye supplements but this is good. Started with his all<br />Purpose multi vitamin and added this. Top notch stuff.
Thought it helped. Sadly no, James Kirk Donovan
By Amazon, NV
used two bottles. Retina specialist yesterday said my eye not better but actually little worse. Sad I ran over my rerun time limit.
Really help, T. Britton
By Amazon, NV
These have really helped me. I was having eye pain and that has gone away. They have lessened the streaks of light I was seeing in my eyes at night. I tried another brand but went back to these. They help the symptoms I was having so much more.
Well worth the money., Patricia schuller
By Amazon, NV
Used to help maintain good eye health.
Effectiveness, Cynthia B
By Amazon, NV
To preserve the integrity of the eye health. My Opthamologist suggests the properties that in this product.
Quality, tall girl
By Amazon, NV
Alive his whole line of products
Amazing Quality Eye Supplement, Byron Fuggins
By Amazon, NV
I have been using Dr. Lessman's Eye Support Supplement for several years. This is the first time I purchased them on Amazon. I like the ease of tranasaction and fast shipping plus the Amazing Quality.
Does what the lable says, Glenn E. Washburn II
By Amazon, NV
helps the eyes. Doesn't, react with other drugs.
Not effective, sherif hassan
By Amazon, NV
Not have much effect on my eyes
Great product but questionable delivery, Vance E. Linamen
By Amazon, NV
Dislike delivery found package on ground by mailbox
My Eyes Improved, EJHen
By Amazon, NV
I have just started using this product, so far, I can seen some improvement in my vision, I have been having problems with reading the fine prints, and also night vision... I would like to know if you have anything for memory and concentration.. I need that so much...I am in my seventies and my memory is so bad. Please let me know if you can help me with that. Thank you..
Lessman rules!!!, Charminglogan
By Amazon, NV
I've been taking these now for two months and just saw my ophthalmologist. I had major issues with my right eye that lasted almost 2 years culminating in a hospital stay where I was given shots directly into my eye every two hours for five days. Much to both our surprise he said there was very little scarring almost none on my eye and that a lens could certainly restore vision to something I thought was gone forever. Rock on Andrew
Good product, linda
By Amazon, NV
I believe this product is helping!
Works!, ColoradoSun
By Amazon, NV
I am 34 and am not dealing with any significant vision issues but I do have extremely dry eyes and developed a short term eye health issue (a stress induced small fluid spot in my macula, which is in the middle of my eyeball and caused scary vision issue for a short term)... I started taking these and within days my health issue (see above) went away. They made my eyes noticeably less dry too and I only purchased the smallest bottle. I want to take these as a general eye protection daily because they worked so well; I was very skeptical too. I think taking these along with a high quality omega oil really had a drastic, positive and quick effect on my eye health. Highly recommend.
Eyes clear, Lucille
By Amazon, NV
Helps with cataract problems
Was getting from QVC did not know You had Lessmens vitamins., Kindle Customer
By Amazon, NV
Glaucoma and dry eye
Works Extremely Well For Me
By Maren, MD
I'm 66 & taking Ultimate Eye since 2016 when diagnosed with bilateral Acute Angle Glaucoma; no family history we can trace. Also have bilateral cataracts, mild (since 2016); Rt eye-Posterior Vitreous Degeneration (must be tested annually to be sure retina still attached). In February 2016, my Intraocular Pressure was 20 & 21. Since using Ultimate Eye Support, my IOP is 10-14, in both eyes. I'm tested & reassessed twice a year, & in June, 2020, IOP was 12, bilaterally. I've told my provider about Ultimate Eye & gave him the label info. He still tries to push his favorite supplement which contains magnesium stearate, FDC#5 & 6. What credible eye professional dare take & promote a supplement for the delicate eye tissues that contains such toxins? He is an OD, not MD, so maybe that's why he remains naive. I've done my homework & with the help of Mr. Lessman's supplements, I'll be able to manage & care for myself for many more years to come.
good, Amazossn Customer cooper17
By Amazon, NV
will purchase again
Great product., MessalineApghar
By Amazon, NV
Mom's opthalmologist credits this formula with keeping her macular degeneration from getting worse.
No more dry eyes, Barbara
By Amazon, NV
This product cures my dry eye condition and allows me to go without eye drops completely. A must have if you suffer with dry eyes.
another great product
By Sue, WV
I've been taking this product for many years. Andrew's vitamin are several steps above all other supplements. They are expensive and signed up for special offers. I trust his products and appreciate how he tests his products and we can purchase with confidence. You can hear the passion in his product videos and feel he is bringing us excellent products.
another excellent product
By Sue, WV
I have been taking this product for many years. While I do wear glasses, I feel this product helps my vision. It is loaded with good stuff for my eyes. Thank you so much for a great product. I am a senior citizen on a limited income and I watch for your specials.
great product, Cheryl
By Amazon, NV
my family and I always takes Andrew Lessman's products, they really work and you see and feel the difference
Great product, Pollyanna
By Amazon, NV
I have glaucoma and have for the first time purchased this product. I like it so far but will have to have an eye exam in a few months to determine its effectiveness.
Good stuff!, cheryl allen
By Amazon, NV
I have been using this product for more than a year and I have" seen" ?? a real improvement in my sight. Good stuff!
Better than any other eye supplement on the market today
By sheila, WA
I have vitreous degeneration and high iop and since starting this supplement a year ago, my eyes have not progressed any further. My night vision is better and more acute when focusing on small print as well. Thank you Andrew Lessman.
Speedy delivery., Linda S. Lunney
By Amazon, NV
This is one of my must have vitamin supplements from Andrew Lessman.. Delivery is much faster than HSN . . thanks!
Would not be without!
By Theresa, PA
As a newly diagnosed diabetic, my symptoms came on in a fast and furious process. One of these was blurring of vision. My eye Doctor assured me this was common and was due to the sugar shifts but should improve within a few months. I knew that I would have to do everything I could to approach this in a healthful manner. I remembered that Andrew had developed this product for eye health and it was something I needed to try ASAP. Once I started using this I wanted to make sure I would not run out. Not making any medical claims I feel quite certain that due to taking these along with diligence to my medical and exercise regimen, I regained the clarity of vision to which I was accustomed. And so far, no diabetic retinopathy. Thank you, Andrew, for such a quality product!
Miraculous Improvement
By Ursula, CA
Doctor confirms miraculous retina improvement in both eyes in one month!!! The eye pressure went from 27 down to 18 in both eyes! and the retina swelling that was enormously visible in the scan pictures is down to normal!!! and I hadn't even been given the super power expensive eye injection as yet only the lower cost one. He was dumbfounded to see such a result. I believe completely that it was the addition of Andrew's eye support that together brought about this miracle. Doctor gave the super power injections to me today and said I'd probably get even more vision but not quite 100% because I have slight cataract too. G-d bless you Andrew for your hard work and high quality ingredients. There just aren't words good enough to express my thanks to you.
Macular degeneration, Teresa C.
By Amazon, NV
I have AMD. My dr told me my eyes were better than the last screening! (6 months) I also drink a green smoothie and take Areds2. and Andrew Lessman ultimate Eye Support.<br />She said to keep doing what I'm doing, and I will because it's helping my eyes!!
Solved my problems, my eyes improved greatly., Yvonne Dennis
By Amazon, NV
Must be a part of my daily dose, my eyes have seen the glory.
Doctor confirmed eye improvement!
By Diane, TX
I decided to try this product after my eye doctor told me I was showing very early signs of cataracts. I took 2 capsules every day. When I went back this, the next year, the doctor told me he could see no signs of cataracts at all. Also, my floaters are so diminished I have to search for them :) The only thing I have done differently in my life this last year is take Ultimate Eye Support, so I feel very confident highly endorsing it!
Great vitamins, Tom P.
By Amazon, NV
Just left my annual eye exam. They were amazed at how my eyes have not changed. Same prescription. Great vitamins!!
That I can buy the vitamins here at Amazon., Jake
By Amazon, NV
Keeping my eyes healthy. My eye doctor also noticed a difference in some of my eye tests.
I use this all the time..., MirageMMI
By Amazon, NV
Good, quality product which I hope is improving my eye health. :-)
Good Vitamins, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
My wife loves these vitamins also fast shipping.
Great product, Linda M. Saunders
By Amazon, NV
I am 70 years young and have perfectly healthy eyes, and I use this product to keep them that way. I love all Andrew Lessman's products.
Good price, Irene Day
By Amazon, NV
Eyes feel stronger
Arrived earlier than promised., Salvia
By Amazon, NV
I have AMD and this is a very helpful addition to help in fighting my disease.
Vitamins You can Trust, AlohaJosie
By Amazon, NV
Excellent Vitamins by Prolabs & Andrew Lessman!<br />Easy on your stomach and absolutely delivers healthy results !
By Georgia, WA
I was taking another eye support supplement for a long while and thought it was working. But I started taking Ultimate Eye Support apx 4 months ago, and I was wrong. I noticed a difference with not only my "floaters" but my vision was way better. Then you came along with the Max L+Z and Astaxanthin and WOW even better! I can't wait to see my eye Dr. now.
Used this product for a long time!, Linda
By Amazon, NV
Love it
Great Eye Supplement
By Anatalia, WA
A few years ago, I was having trouble driving at night. I even bought those eyeglasses for night driving. I am now 82 and noticed that I no longer need to use those nighttime glasses as I can see just as clearly without them. I just use my regular glasses as I am nearsighted from childhood. I cannot explain the improvement other than taking the Ultimate Eye Support. Nothing to back up my claim as I haven't done anything with my eyes other than go for my annual check-up which has always been positive.
love this product
By evangeline, FL
i really love this product. i think you should give seniors a break on the price so we could continue to afford it. thanks
ultimate eye support
By Patricia, OH
A year ago I was seeing flashes in the corner of my right eye, I immediately seen the eye doctor. I did not like hearing were getting old and so our eyes are getting old and its natural , I saw your product ultimate eye support thought I would give it a try , I have had great success on your healthy skin ,Hair and nails ,cranberry benefits.one week later flash was gone , I am so happy with this product. my eyesight is better too. now my husband takes it
Best Eye Suppliment
By Carol, CA
I stopped buying this due to price increases and bought "store bought" eye products. My eyes became dry and the clarity was decreasing. Andrew mentioned that eye drops were terrible for the eyes and I never cared to use them. I purchased this again in April, the dry eye is gone and the clarity is back. I will continue to purchase this product as my eyesight is most important to me.
No longer price efficient
By Carol, CA
This product is wonderful and I enjoyed taking it. However I have been checking past purchases, and the price increases make it a product I can no longer afford. Too bad it, is a great product.
Wonderful product
By Deb, OK
Because I alternate between pre-diabetic and diabetic, plus I'm about to turn 69, I have been seeing an opthamologist for several years. Two years ago I happened across this product on HSN and ordered it. Two years ago my opthamologist was mildly concerned about pressure building in my eyes (my mother had glaucoma and cataracts) and had prescribed lutein and zeaxanthin. Having just 'found' Andrew's products on HSN I chose to order this product. Last year when he talked about astaxanthin, I ordered it too. I'm happy to report that my opthamologist has been amazed at the health of my eyes since taking these two products. A year ago she said my eyes had noticably improved, and two weeks ago she was pleased to say my eyes are better and healthier than when I first came to her. Andrew, you've had a very positive impact on our quality of life with your products. Thank you so much for all you do!!
By Susan, CA
Andrew... Two years ago I turned 60 and began to notice optical "floaters" and an increase of irritation with my "Dry Eye Syndrome". Since I have purchased some of your other FANTASTIC products, I decided to try your Ultimate Eye Support. Within 1 week, not only did I begin to feel a boost of unexpected energy, I also noticed the effects of my "Dry Eye Syndrome" have diminished while taking this product. Although my "floaters" are something I am learning to live with, I wanted to thank you for providing HIGH quality products at an affordable price. Susan from Redlands, CA.
Such a Difference
By Ilene, NY
I have a number of floaters (9) in my right eye! They were so annoying! I started taking your Eye Support a year ago. Last month- I did the squint test, closing one eye, and I noticed a huge difference. I only had 1 floater. Today "NONE AT ALL". This little brown pill did a big job, NO MORE FLOATERS! Now I can read without squinting! Ilene
Very good for diabetic eyes.
By William, CA
I'm a 72 year old diabetic. I've had trouble with my eyes in the past. Since I've been using Eye Support my eyes are not as dry less blurred vision. I'm being seen by the VA. Just did a check of my eyes where they can take pictures of inside of eyes to check blood veins and nerves. The Dr. could not believe how good my eyes are at 72 and being diabetic!! I highly recommend this to everybody for good eye health!!
By Amazon, NV
no more floaters
By Fran, GA
My husband and I both take this....neither one of us have floaters anymore...we are 58 and 64 years old...He has macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa....I have cataracts ....but since we have been taking this supplement we have had good reports from the eye doctor and have not progressed...to me the floaters being gone is proof good things are happening and I will not be without this supplement ......don't hesitate....it certainly cannot hurt to try it....you will probably notice improvement in your night vision also...just saying!
By Barbara J, FL
My painful dry eyes don't itch and burn and blur when I take this am and pm, My eye specialist said it was a really good preventive of glaucoma and to keep right on taking it because it would help equalize the pressure in each eye (I presently have no pressure problem, but" an ounce of prevention . . . . It's a small and easy to swallow capsule, and it doesn't bother my stomach even when I take it on an empty stomach. Nice!
Best Eye Vitamin
By Amazon, NV
I have tried a lot of different eye vitamins in my life, they did help to preserve most of my vision, I have been taking this for a short time and my eyes seem to be better. They don't get tired as quickly and I can see small print more clearly than I use to. I am anxious to see what a year of taking these will do
By Amazon, NV
These vitamins are great. I've been using them for a year. I take two a day AFTER I have eaten since these are suppose to be consumed with some fat. I see better at night and my eyes feel healthier now. I will keep buying these as long as they are being sold.
Finally I can write a review!!!
By Fran, GA
I bought the large bottle of this eye supplement and have finally been able to get to the eye doctor for a check up....have had flashers and floaters over the last few years. Am halfway through with the bottle and the eye doctor says I had had a retinal tear but it is completely healed and gave me a great report... I am a 57 year old RN and really do believe that this supplement has helped renew my eyes on a cellular level and so they can heal ...no more floaters either and my husband says the same.... before with the flashers the doctor in our previous city had frequently checked my eyes but never suggested vitamins...so thankful I started these for both me and my husband.
My Vision Got Better, B. Ram (St. James
By Amazon, NV
I love this vitamin. I was on a crazy diet and my vision suffered from lack of vitamins I guess. I was very worried and saw this on one of those shopping shows when I was clicking around. I went right to Amazon and bought it. I think it was the same price as on TV, but I buy everything here whenever possible. Anyway, I saw improved vision within a few weeks of taking this wonderful vitamin. I will try other vitamins from this brand now as well. Great product for me.
By Lois, CA
I been taking Ultmate Eye Support for 10 years. I just turned 70. Five years ago when I had my last eye examination I had a small Cataract. When I went back yesterday June 19th the doctor was amazed that my Cataract deiminished and she was amazed that the Cataract has deiminished and that my eyes were so healthy for my age. She gave me a A+ and wanted to know what I was doing. So I told her about this Andrew Lessman and what he does and where he is located and everything about him. She took all the information and was going to look on the internet and search everything out and give them a call.
Meet's my doctor's approval!
By Lee, OK
In the last year, I've had surgery to remove my left eye. It was injured when I was a child but I had peripheral vision; still, a cataract had developed. It was a little unsightly but not terrible. Last year in April, I noticed, in a picture taken to include as part of an exhibit, that the eye was dark and falling slightly towards the corner. My eye doctor confirmed the eye was dying. Referred to a surgeon, I had it removed and now realize how much vision I DID have in that eye. Now I have an implant and prosthesis, very natural looking and very cosmetically appealing, but more importantly, I'm dependent on my one good eye. I need to keep the tissues supple behind the prosthetic but there are a whole host of issues to face with the right one now. Today I saw my eye doctor who diagnosed good health in the eye with a few vitreous floaters. She asked if I was taking at least 10 mgs of Lutein along with Zeaxanthin, and I said, yes. She also advised anti-oxidants, A, C, E, zinc, etc. I said yes and yes and also Astaxanthin, she said, good. And, I went on, all from Andrew Lessman. A wide smile broke across her face, her eyes it up, and she said, good girl. I haven't used the product for long, but I expect those floaters to go soon! ;) Thank you, Andrew!
Eye support
By Amazon, NV
Have used this product for 10 years. I have noticed the difference in my vision while driving in the nit time.
Incredible product..
By Carol, IL
I know Andrew.. I'm not supposed to make any health claims but I need to share what I do know for a fact. I started taking this product a year ago.. I only take 1 pill a day. I saw my eye dr. a year ago when I first started these vitamins and she commented that behind my eyes looked very good... Let's go forward 1 year and I saw her not too long ago... and she kept looking and looking behind my eyes and I asked her if she saw something wrong... Finally she sat back and said... Your back of your eyes are absolutely spectacular!! They look fantastic... I get my eyes checked every year because I'm pre-diabetic and my mother was diabetic and lost her eyesight in her 60's.. I'm in my early 60's and to be told that my eyes look fantastic and spectacular is great for me!! I could not be more thrilled Andrew... This product has most definitely made a huge difference in my eyes.. And I should also mention that my left eye improved so now I'm -2.00 in each eye whereas before I was -2.50 in my left eye... My eyesight has actually improved as well as the health of my eye overall... This is a win win in my book and Andrew I can't thank you enough for your vitamins. I take so many of your products and each and every one has made a marked difference in my health.... Thank you so much for your integrity and passion for your vitamins... We all get to benefit from you dedication to our HEALTH!!!
Great for eyes!
By Janis, OH
I have used other products that were supposed to support the eyes but weren't. Per a Meridian Stress assessment this product is doing the job. Mr. Lessman keep these great supplements coming!
May Have Improved Prescription!
By Christy, SC
Now obviously, I'm just a "regular person" and I did not conduct a scientific experiment, but here's my story. When I went to the eye doctor this summer, my contact prescription had improved by 1/2 point in my right eye. The left eye (which suffers from extreme dry-eye) remained the same. I purchased Ultimate Eye Support in early fall. About 2 months later, I noticed that my vision had worsened and I was a bit disappointed. Then one day I had a thought - I wonder if my left eye has changed and maybe the prescription is too strong? So I tried one of my right eye contacts in my left eye. That was it! My left eye had improved and my vision is nearly perfect (with contacts, of course)! I will most certainly continue to take this product faithfully for the rest of my life.
Very Pleased
By Barbara, MI
I found my eyes being tired and dry feeling. It was then I realized that I had run out of the Ultimate Eye Support. So, I reordered and, hurrah, in about l week I could tell the difference. I take other supplements, and have tried other eye supplements but did not have the success I have with this product. It is easy to swallow and I won't be without again.
from -5.50 to -5.00 after a month!
By Itza, IL
I love this product! After only one month my sight got better! I went from a -5.50 in both eyes to -5.00. Not only that, but I can keep my contacts in all day long. I can also look and focus on my computer screen for hours without feeling like my eyes are tired and dry! Even colors look crisp and brighter! I used to be afraid to drive at night and it was even worse in the rain, but now my night vision has gotten better! I'm not afraid anymore! These are the differences I have noticed since using this product for only one month! Thank you Andrew Lessman! =)
Miracle Cure!
By Susan, NC
I have macular problem consistent with old age! I work a lot on a computer and was always thinking "I wonder how long I will be able to work because it will be my eye sight that stops me" as some days I really had to be very careful not to make a mistake. I was listening to local public radio a while ago and an eye specialist was talking about macular problems. He said that he recommended that when you start to take eye vitamins that you take double doses - or more - and then slowly cut back to the prescribed dose. I thought I would try it with Ultimate Eye Support. After a while I realized that I had not had a day at work when I thought "Oooh, my eyes are bad today!" Then, when I went for my annual eye exam my doctor was soooooo pleased that my problem eye was ever so slightly better than it was at my last exam!! I decided that such a miracle was worthy of a review and when I logged on to Andrew's reviews my positive results were confirmed by other good Eye Support reviews - I don't know why I was surprised! I love you Andrew oxoxox
New health to eyes
By Jennifer, ME
I was diagnosed with pressure behind my right eye over six months ago, I began taking Ultimate Eye Support and at my last test a week ago my eye pressure was almost back to normal and other eye issues healthy, has to be this have done nothing else, thanks Andrew
Super! Try it!
By Bonnie, GA
I am glad I tried this product. I already use so many of Andrew's products that I did not want to start another one. However, my eyes got more and more tired after a few hours on the computer. Being a teacher, you might think I am not on the computer that much, but I am. I can really tell a difference in the tiredness of my eyes. I work comfortably much longer than I used to. Give it a try.
I am proof that this product works
By Catherine, FL
I tell everyone I know about my own experience with this product because it saved my sight. Nearly four years ago I began to experience strange symptoms in my left eye. Lines in the road looked wavy, and the news headlines that run along the bottom of the TV screen had an S shape. I consulted my optometrist, who immediately sent me over to an ophthalmologist on an emergency basis. I was diagnosed with a blister on my retina. I was told it was inoperable and that there was nothing that could be done for it. But that wasn't the worst of it. The doctor said that if the blister was compromised or grew larger and started to leak optical fluid, I would need emergency surgery, day or night, because the loss of optical fluid would mean loss of sight, and that would be irreversible. I was beside myself with worry. Then I happened to see Andrew on TV, talking about his Eye Support product. People were calling in with testimonials. I thought, "What have I got to lose but my sight?" After the vitamins arrived and I had taken them for a week, I began to see a marked improvement in the sight of my left eye. After about 10-14 days, my left eye was back to normal. I could not believe it. I called my optometrist, who wanted to see for himself. He tested my eyes and said my left eye was now better than my right eye, which had no problem at all! He called my ophthalmologist, who said he wanted to see for himself, as well. I went to see him and he took an ultrasound. The blister was completely gone, and the part of my eye that it had pressed in on had completely regenerated. He could not explain it. I said, "Well, I can." I took the vitamin bottle out of my purse and showed it to him. Everyone in the office - nurses included - wrote down the information from the bottle about the ingredients and how to order the vitamins. Needless to say, taking my Eye Support - which I upgraded to Ultimate Eye Support as soon as it was released - is a very important part of my day. I recommend this pro
Love this product
By Margot, CA
I really appreciate this product. My husband started taking Ultimate Eye Support several years ago when he was diagnosed with age related macular degeneration. A year later at his exam, his ophthalmologist told him the disease had not progressed at all. This continues to be the case with subsequent eye exams. Our ophthalmologist told us that the type of ARMD my husband has, was researched using the ingredients in Ultimate Eye Support. I also take this product, and while I have not noticed a measurable change in my eyes, I think this product is working as a support for my eyes, warding off problems. Thanks Andrew.
goodbye floaters!
By Victoria, CA
On the 5th day after taking this Eye Support, my floaters started to disappear, I advice my ophthamologist was not amaze. He knew that the ingredients had done the job. When confronted of why they don't tell the patients that there is a cure, he was silent and I walked away from his office. Thank you Andrew for caring!
Miracle worker
By Ok, NV
I was introduced to this item through HSN. I took about a month, and am able to read small letters without my reading glasses. I have been taking over the counter products for about two years. Nothing worked as this one. I am 51.
Healthy Diabetic Eyes
By Diana, CA
I am diabetic and have my eyes examined annually for damage from my illness. My doctor's comments are that the blood vessels are very healthy looking and there is no damage from the diabetes. I have been using Eye Support for several years and I am positive it has made a difference in the health of my eyes. I confess that I have only been taking half a serving a day. I will be 75 on my next birthday, so I have decided to take the full serving from now on. Thanks for this great product.
Will never be without this one!
By Patricia, IL
I feel that I'm doing the best that I can do for my eyes. This product I have also been taking for years now, first from HSN and now from this site.
Great product for LASIK patient
By Deborah, AZ
I am now 52 years old and had LASIK surgery 10 years ago. My vision had worsened over the years and ... I started taking Ultimate Eye Support and my vision improved dramatically in about a month. I can see clearly and still do not need reading glasses. I credit this product with my improvement.
Bottle is a lot smaller than anticipated, Dennis
By Amazon, NV
The bottle is the size of two shot glasses stacked upside down on top of each other and the pill is a soft gel capsule (pea size). It seems okay so far taking the product, but we were just surprised since the product we get usually comes in a bigger bottle with the pills being bigger too.
Black, medium sized football-shaped, Aquarius
By Amazon, NV
Everything's fine about it. Haven't taken it long enough to SEE if it works.
Improved vision, Beautiful Chair Covers
By Amazon, NV
My eyes has actually improved since taking third vitamin. I love Dr. LESSMAN'S VITAMINS.
eye vitamins, nova
By Amazon, NV
I haven't taken these long enough to know,how they work.
Quality vitamin!, DLJ
By Amazon, NV
Great product !
Good product great reults, cesar a collado
By Amazon, NV
Good supplement for you body, great results
Good Product But Too Much Green Tea Extract
By Annie, CA
I have used this product for more than five years and have perhaps marginal benefit in part because of its high green tea extract content. I can only take one capsules and not two because upon taking two capsules I get stomach cramps similar to those that I experience when drinking too much green tea. So, I take one capsule of this product and take another product from another manufacturer to get sufficient lutein and zeaxanthin. My relative who is able to tolerate two capsules find that this product helps his vision and he no longer feels eye fatigue. It would be great if Andrew would consider reducing the green tea extract content by 50%.
Dry eye relief & help to diminish floaters
Hi, I'm a 44 year old female who suffers from extremely dry eyes & floaters. I take Systane eye drops 3 to 4 times a day but my eyes aren't bad enough for prescription drops like Restasis yet; so I decided to try Ultimate Eye Support since I saw such good reviews about it on HSN and here. I'm near-sighted and have an astigmatism also, since being on the vitamins for a week, my floaters have already started to clear up and I don't squint my eyes as much as I use to. I truly believe the vitamins are helping since it's the only new thing I have added to my daily regimen. I plan to order more & take them for another 5 months to really see if it's truly the vitamins or just my imagination. So far so good, so 4 stars!
Still In Progress
By Amazon, NV
Haven't had it long enough to review. I imagine my doctor will be able to see, if any changes. We will see. smile!!!
Jury is out but good so far
By Amazon, NV
Been using for about a month. I take twice per day with a little coconut oil if I haven't eaten anything with a little fat. I believe my sight has improved...I need readers to see anything within about 2 feet...but nothing drastic. I will continue but they are very pricey. I am looking around for a good lower price substitute but plan to continue for now.
Eyes feel less strained
By Amazon, NV
I'm on the computer all day so I need the eye support that these capsules provide. Good price compared to HSN!
Surely I will be happy with the Lessman Supplements., Kim Stango
By Amazon, NV
I think it is a little too early to rate these. I believe that a little time is needed to get them fully in my system. I am expecting to love them.
They changed from powder to gel, don't work as well, Bosey
By Amazon, NV
Sometime back they changed from powder to gel caps. My eyes are not as happy with the gel caps. I had a large stash of the powdered ones that kept me going for a while, but I am on my second bottle of gel caps and have noticed my eyes are blurrier and not as happy as with the other powdered caps. I may have to look elsewhere
TO SOON !!!, David V. Bauer
By Amazon, NV
Its to soon to tell ask later !!!
Fast shipping, Ron P.
By Amazon, NV
I honestly do not sand did not see any difference by taking the 2 caps daily.<br />Ron<br />Soldotna aAaska
Had to stop, side effects, obrss
By Amazon, NV
Did not feel well after a few days. Stopped using. Going back to the organic I used that had no side effects.
Expiration, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Expiration date on this is siondtthan when I get from QVC
Old reviews mixed with new product reviews
By Kathleen, MA
I used your capsules with powder for years, helped my eyes immensely. Now with the new soft gels introduced this year, they are not doing the same , as your previous version did. When reformulation is done of any product done, they should be separated. I look at the dates to figure it out. I loved the prior version , even my eye doctor saw the difference, for my annual check ups. The news ones not as good, I can swallow them easily , but my vision seems to be worse. Will know more at my next eye doctor visit. Why not 5 stars, not sure about new formula yet. Will post another review , after finishing my current supply.
Much too expensive., Shirley vh
By Amazon, NV
Much more costly than my usual brand.
Eye support, Moni
By Amazon, NV
Doesn’t work
Love Andrew Lessman Healthy Nails, Hair and Skin...that truly works, Lynn Harris
By Amazon, NV
Something in it made me feel sick...very weak.
Sorry no change for me
By Lynda, NY
I made an appt for my eye doctor.My eyes have come blurry. I called and reported the two pack did nothing.Ill finishh it up and done.
Had reaction, Lydia
By Amazon, NV
Headache, heart rate & blood pressure went up, triggered allergies & auto-immune issues. Can’t tolerate green tea or caffeine. Was better able to tolerate the powder form in capsules.
Had a smell and a fishy taste to them. Tossed them., James Meade
By Amazon, NV
They had a fishy taste and smell to them. I never had this in the past. Tossed them
The bottle had already been opened when I received the product today., Fang Zhang
By Amazon, NV
The bottle had already been opened when I received the product today. I am so disappointed about it. I am waiting for this product and have had high expectation for it.
DOES NOT WORK - DO NOT BUY, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
I have experienced absolutely no changes whatsoever after taking these for six weeks. Not even the slightest bit of improvement in clarity, etc. While I certainly didn't expect any changes in my actual vision, there have been no noticeable or even minimal benefit to take these.
I Get A Bad Headache, M. Anthony
By Amazon, NV
I need something for my old eyes, but these give me a terrible headache. I'd like to return them.
No improvement whatsoever, Lucinda Sparks
By Amazon, NV
If anything my eyes got worse during the time I used this.
Best vitamin ruined by soy lecithin oil additive
By Martin, NY
The vitamin before modification gets a perfect 5, Tis one we won't buy again. Andrew, most people who buy your vitamins do it because you don't use additives, or fillers. Why contaminating the best product with soy? Why not use flax? We are now looking for another vendor. Super disappointed.
Did nothing for me!, Debbie Anderson
By Amazon, NV
I saw no improvement at all
Not the same little capsules., S Holmes
By Amazon, NV
I purchased this same product weeks before and the capsules are not the same. I do not understand why, because all I did was purchase again. I prefer the smaller capsules. I am very disappointed.
Did Not Work For Me, O. Drake (Philadelphia
By Amazon, NV
This is the second time I purchased this product from a television shopping network. The first time I did not take on a regular basis, but the second time I followed the instructions, took with a little fat (hemp or fish oil), but I got no results. My vision up close actually got worse, so I finished the bottle, but will try Astaxanthin, or Zeaxanthin. Doing eye exercises has helped strengthen my eyes. I even tried the lutein and maximum eye support products by Lessman without any change in my vision. His products may be good and work for others, but for the price, I will have to leave this line alone.
Green Tea & Caffeine
By Kathleen, MA
This product would get a five star review from me, if there was no Green Tea in it. I suffer from Migraines, and can't consume Caffeine of any kind, even De-Caf. Why can't you make a version of this otherwise excellent product without the Green Tea? I will need to search for the other ingredients sold separately elsewhere now for my eye support.
By Thelma, MI
I found this to be the only product of Mr. Lessman's that caused me gas. The aftertaste was like alphalpha.


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Supplement Facts
Serving Size 2 Softgels
Amount Per Serving . %DV*
Vitamin A (as natural beta carotene) 300 mcg RAE (1,000 IU) 33%
Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate) 40 mg 44%
Vitamin E (total natural tocopherols) 80 mg
    as natural d-alpha tocopherol            40 mg (60 IU)
    as natural d-gamma tocopherol         40 mg
Zinc (as zinc citrate) 15 mg 136%
Copper (as copper citrate) 1 mg 111%
Lutein 12 mg (12,000 mcg)
Zeaxanthin 6 mg (6,000 mcg)
Green Tea, extract (leaf) 40 mg
    standardized to 98% polyphenols
    Epigallocatechin Gallate            20 mg
Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex, (fruit) 40 mg
    standardized to 80% bioflavonoids
Bilberry, extract (fruit) 40 mg
    standardized to 36% anthocyanins
Grape Seed, extract (seed) 20 mg
    standardized to 80% polyphenols
Elderberry, extract (fruit) 20 mg
    standardized to 15% anthocyanins
Total Omega Fatty Acids (from Ahiflower® Oil B. arvensis seed) 160 mg
             ALA - Alpha-Linolenic Acid (Omega-3)           100-110 mg
             SDA - Stearidonic Acid (Omega-3)                 40-50 mg
             GLA - Gamma-Linolenic Acid (Omega-6)       10-15 mg
Phosphatidyl Choline (from soy lecithin oil) 26 mg
* Percent Daily Values (%DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. † Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Soft-gelatin capsule (Gelatin, purified water, glycerin).

Common Allergens: Soy 
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$22.90 - $119.90
$34.90 - $159.90
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$17.90 - $119.90
$17.90 - $129.90
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