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Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails™ with 5,000 mcg Biotin - Capsules | Beauty
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A unique combination of nutrients including ultra-high levels of Biotin specifically designed to support and maintain the growth of healthy hair, skin and nails.
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ANDREW LESSMAN'S Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails is a uniquely comprehensive blend of nutrients formulated to enhance the appearance and healthy growth of our Hair, Skin and Nails. These three tissues (hair, skin and nails) make up the Integumentary System, which is not only the largest system in the body, but also the only system that never stops growing. As a result, it possesses exceptional nutrient requirements, which are not readily achieved by even the healthiest diet. Although the appearance of our hair, skin and nails does not directly affect our health, there is no denying its impact on how we feel about ourselves each and every day. This single economical formula is designed to fulfill the unique nutritional requirements for hair, skin and nail tissues. It has long been recognized that the unrelenting growth of our hair, skin and nails demands exceptional levels of Biotin – far higher than that present in any diet or typical multivitamin. This formula provides 5,000 mcg of our high bioavailability form of this scientifically established beauty nutrient. We also provide high levels of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), an exceptional source of organic Sulfur, because Sulfur is so critical to the unique structure of our hair, skin and nails. Because of their role in the healthy growth and structure of our hair, skin and nails, we also include more than a dozen other essential nutrients, including all the B-Complex vitamins with our methyl B12 and methyl folate. Our Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails effectively ensures that you possess all you require on the inside of your body to create the most beautiful hair, skin and nails on the outside. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consume one or two capsules daily or as recommended by your physician. This product is most effective as part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle.


Thank you for this product
By Shalonn, CA
My Stepmom introduce me to this product. I have dealt with hair loss for years. I am diabetic and it's been a struggle finding a product that doesn't interfere with my diabetes. I have been taking this product for several months and my hair has stop falling out, my nails are growing and looking healthier.
Saving my hair and nails
By Ilene, TX
I have been taking this product and while it was on the moving truck I went without it for 4 weeks. My hair had started coming out during washings. It stopped during my first bottle. Without it for 4 weeks, my hair started coming out again. Thank God the moving truck came & now my hair has stopped coming out again I just saw a huge bottle of this with Biotin which I've ordered. A 600 tabs bottle will last me at least close to 3 years while improving my hair, & nails, skin & eye sight! For the quantity I feel the price is really good. I take many of your products so if anyone thinks they're being cautious by waiting, stop waiting because these are the very best ingredients that never bother my stomach. Thanks to Andrew.
Took a while, but it works!
By Reisa, CA
After a scary car crash two years ago, my hair started to fall out from stress. I'm also 72 years old so menopause has not helped. But this was more than usual, I started taking this supplement along with the Phytoceramides and it worked to stop the shedding! However, it took about 6 months for it to finally slow the shedding down. I even see a few new strands of hair growing along my hairline, so I know that it's working. These two formulas work very well together and they are keepers!
Amazing Product!
By Martha, MO
I've always loved and admired pretty fingernails, but mine are thin and split into layers - so I usually have gel or powder manicures. A problem is that when I would have them taken off to give my nails a chance to grow and "breathe", my nails underneath were a wreck and would take 4 months to completely grow out. I started taking Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails about 5 months ago...then, about 2 1/2 months ago, I had my manicure nails removed - and my natural nails completely grew out in 8 weeks! The real reason I started taking this product is that my hair is thinning a little - but I have noticed a definite difference with the thickness and texture of my hair. This is a product I won't be without.
Thank you for this product
By Shalonn, CA
My Stepmom introduce me to this product. I have dealt with hair loss for years. I am diabetic and it's been a struggle finding a product that doesn't interfere with my diabetes. I have been taking this product for several months and my hair has stop falling out, my nails are growing and looking healthier.
Saving my hair and nails
By Ilene, TX
I have been taking this product and while it was on the moving truck I went without it for 4 weeks. My hair had started coming out during washings. It stopped during my first bottle. Without it for 4 weeks, my hair started coming out again. Thank God the moving truck came & now my hair has stopped coming out again I just saw a huge bottle of this with Biotin which I've ordered. A 600 tabs bottle will last me at least close to 3 years while improving my hair, & nails, skin & eye sight! For the quantity I feel the price is really good. I take many of your products so if anyone thinks they're being cautious by waiting, stop waiting because these are the very best ingredients that never bother my stomach. Thanks to Andrew.
Took a while, but it works!
By Reisa, CA
After a scary car crash two years ago, my hair started to fall out from stress. I'm also 72 years old so menopause has not helped. But this was more than usual, I started taking this supplement along with the Phytoceramides and it worked to stop the shedding! However, it took about 6 months for it to finally slow the shedding down. I even see a few new strands of hair growing along my hairline, so I know that it's working. These two formulas work very well together and they are keepers!
Amazing Product!
By Martha, MO
I've always loved and admired pretty fingernails, but mine are thin and split into layers - so I usually have gel or powder manicures. A problem is that when I would have them taken off to give my nails a chance to grow and "breathe", my nails underneath were a wreck and would take 4 months to completely grow out. I started taking Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails about 5 months ago...then, about 2 1/2 months ago, I had my manicure nails removed - and my natural nails completely grew out in 8 weeks! The real reason I started taking this product is that my hair is thinning a little - but I have noticed a definite difference with the thickness and texture of my hair. This is a product I won't be without.
My Nails Are Long & Strong!!!!!
By Katherine, TX
I'm 54 & have never been able to grow my nails. They were always thin & would break off until now! I only take 1 capsule daily, but within a couple months my nails look completely different! No longer do I have to go the nail salon to get tips put on & suffer through the horrible toxic fumes while at the salon. My husband can't even believe how AMAZING my nails look! We both thank you for this product!!!
Not just for humans!
By Janis, FL
I've used this product and many of Andrew's other products for about 20 years now, or whenever Andrew started back in the day on QVC. When our 10 year old Lab mix rescue dog, with a compromised immune system, (he was diagnosed with Addison's Disease when he was 4 years old), began suffering with a horrible skin condition, I tried everything vet prescribed (antibiotics, injections, numerous sprays, baths, etc). Almost $1,000 later, it was recommended we take him to a specialist 100 miles or so away from home! Stress is a huge factor with Addison's Disease and I decided not to subject him to the stress of this travel and a new vet. I decided to do continue my own research and tried many products, holistic, special dog food, etc. After 18 months of watching our beloved dog, Rusty, suffer, I thought why not try Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails? I know Andrew's products are all natural and do not have any artificial sweeteners (which can be toxic to canines), so I took a chance. Within several days, all Rusty's bald spots starting growing new soft hair, sores went from dark pink to light pink, and chunks of his hair stopped falling out! I honestly could not believe it and I cried, because this was the first thing that made a significant difference! I wish I could post photos because at least 25% of his body was scabs, sores and bald. Now, after several months of giving Rusty this product daily, his coat is beautiful, even better than before the skin condition, and sores are gone. He still has some scabs under his arm pits and groin area and a little dandruff, but it is now at least manageable by giving him this product daily, and medicated baths weekly. Thank you Andrew!
Great results
By Marlene, GA
My hair has grown unbelievably fast in the last 4 years that I have been using this product. I also use Ultimate One a day vitamin as well. I am 52 years old and get my hair colored so because of the rapid regrowth I am in the Beauty shop about every 4 weeks but that’s ok. Thanks for the great products!!
Super fast nail grower
By Carol, SC
I only take one tab a day and within 5 days my nails have grown a lot! I have soft and /or brittle nails and if it wasn't for these, I would nave NONE. I need a larger bottle!!! I am wondering if it would grow hair on my husbands head.
Truly Works!!!
By Diane, TX
My nails were always thin, peeling and breaking. I have tried many nail products and this is the only one that produced improvement. It took time...about 4 months of taking the product daily. I am not a doctor and so could be wrong, but I think that is because it helps the new nail growth at the bottom of the nail bed and it takes that long for that new nail growth to reach the end of the finger. I realized my nails were much thicker, stronger, longer and not peeling. Yay! They look really healthy. I know that if I quit using my nails as tools and digging in the garden without gloves :), they would grow quite long. But, I am happy with my super healthy, just the right length for my lifestyle, nails! Just take it every single day and give it time! I may try to grow them out my daughter's wedding and will report back how that goes.
Love it!
By Laura, NJ
My mother ordered this product from a home shopping network. She spoke so highly of it, I started to use it. I have used it for years. It has always helped my hair grow well and look healthy. I can not tell you how many times people ask what I do to get hair so long. I get tired of saying, Andrew Lessman Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails! I wish I could upload a picture. My hair is long, thick, and healthy - at 56 years of age!
Awesome product
By Desserie, OH
I've been taking Healthy Hair Skin Nails for about 3 years. I started when a beauty shop accident left me with weak hair and bald spots. It took about 6 months to see a difference in my hair. My hair, skin and nails just keep getting better and better. Hair is strong and thick. Nails are strong... and my skin looks better than it has EVER looked in my life. I also take the Marine Collagen Peptides. I get so many compliments. I am 70 years old and love the effects of this product.
This works so well for me!
By Kimberly, AR
I take these because I have adult acne caused by hormonal changes month to month and no topical treatments exist to help that kind of acne and I started shedding a lot of hair. I tried this supplement and they helped both problems! My hair shedding was reduced to a more normal rate and my adult acne - while still there - is so much less severe. It makes a huge difference in my skin! I cannot be without these capsules - please never stop selling them!
Awesome product
By Carol, SC
I have had a bottle of this sitting on my shelf. Don't know why I wasn't taking them. Then I started one capsule per day until the end of the bottle. Sometimes skipping a day or two. My nails grew like never before. I can't grow nails since I don't eat right. These are awesome. Thanks Andrew!
Let Your Freak Flag Fly!
By Terence, IL
I purchased this product on a whim and now I swear I am the "hair apparent" to the throne of luscious long locks! Without out a doubt the most impressive instant gratification as seen on TV type product I've ever picked up. Hair Up!
Fantastic Wholesome Product
By Sena, OK
My nails are growing like crazy. I had a thyroid problem, my physician told me to take biotin but a "good" product. No fillers, etc. My hair is so much better, I have hair growth. That was my number one issue. I am so thrilled I can't even express my thoughts. Thank you Andrew!!!!!
Awesome Product
By Carolyn, CA
I have been using hair, skin and nails product for several years now and love this product. Several years ago my hair really started thinning out due to pre-menopause. I had my hair dresser put in extensions because it thinned out so much. I hated the feeling of the extensions so I looked around to find the best hair vitamins I could find. I saw all the great reviews for this product so I thought I would give it a try. Within 4 months I noticed a big difference in my hair. It wasn't falling out so much and it actually starting to get thicker at the crown. My hair is blonde and baby fine too. I would not go without this product. It has really helped my hair grow and my nails too. Now don't think that this product will instantly give you thick hair because it won't, especially if you weren't born with it. But what it will do is stop your hair from coming out in handfuls and help it get to the condition it used to be. I highly recommend taking this product but it does take several months before you see a change in your hair so have patience.
By Sylvia, CA
I'm 60. After my annual physical check-up, my doctor (lovely as she is!), was standing, me sitting, as we talked. She said "you're hair is thinning" and she recommended I use over-the-counter Biotin (she recommended this to her mother too). That weekend I was watching HSN and I first discovered this product from Andrew Lessman. When I heard him talk about "Biotin" ... WOW, it was like a sign for me to buy it. After 2 weeks using it, I had a haircut appt with my regular stylist. When she started my cut/color, she said "you have a lot of new growth here" --- OMG I was shocked/amazed/so happy. I did not tell her I started this product. Been a loyal customer of this product and buy all my supplements/other products from ProCaps. I usually check prices from HSN and ProCaps. This site is usually better priced. THANK YOU DR. LESSMAN =)
By Jayne, MI
This really works. My hair is thicker and stronger. My husband had a bad finger nail he had smashing in a window years ago. It was dry and brittle and cracking. He tried oils, bandaids, store B vitamin supplements, but nothing worked. After using this for several months, it looks like a normal finger nail again after over 30 years of being damaged. We ran out once and it started getting cracked again. Will never be without this again.
Love this Product!
By Julie, NY
I have been taking Healthy Hair Skin and Nails for more than 15 years. I feel that this product has done wonders for me. Before taking this product my nails were weak and would always break. Now, they almost grow too fast! People always compliment me on my skin. Thanks Andrew for making this product!
By Ben, OH
Have been taking these for six months now, not really expecting anything to happen.... Well, I was mistaken......in the last 2 months, I've noticed that I need to cut my nails more often than in the past.....and, that my coarse, gray hair has a bit of a sheen to it....Now I am using shampoo/conditioner for my type of hair, and for many months; but the results I'm seeing now with my hair are not the same as I was getting from shampoo/conditioner.....It's almost like my hair responded well to the hair products, but is now saying, "Hey,what the heck's going on?" and becoming even softer & shinier!!! So if you have any doubts, GET IT AND SEE FOR YOURSELF the wonderful results you will get!!!!
Love My Hair!!
By Phyllis, VA
I have been using this product for about a year and my hair has really grown. I have dread locks and I am always receiving compliments about how fast my hair is growing and how nice it looks. Thank you for such a product really does what it claims.
Is Working Very Well!
By Barbara, AZ
As I am getting Older and on lots of medication, my hair is thinning and falling out when I wash it terribly. I have cut it short and it has taken about 2-3 months on this product, but my hair has begun to stop falling out! Yes, I am so glad! I expect that it will continue and even get better as time goes on. My nails are in terrible shape also and maybe they will begin to improve if I would only stop chewing them. Thank you Andrew and Pro Cap Labs, BJ in Texas.
A Blessing
By Sheryl, FL
I can't stress enough how much these vitamins have changed my life. I was skeptical because I've tried EVERYTHING. A few years ago I became very ill. My hair was falling out so bad. I'm only 38. You could see my entire scalp. My eyebrows due to over plucking had areas that would not grow back, bald patches. My skin was getting horrible rashes due to fibromyalgia. Right away within a week after taking these the handfuls of hair in the shower became smaller and smaller. My skin was so pretty my sister said she's never seen my skin so clear. Even my eyebrows began to grow back. That didn't happen for years and I took expensive hair vitamins from the stores. I ran out of these and decided I would see what happened, BIG MISTAKE! Now my hair is falling out horribly. I am reordering some today. If you’ve given up hope please try these. Just a tip for hair loss ladies if you use Rogain along with these your hair WILL grow back in. Don't give up hope. Prayer, Andrew’s vitamins and Rogain the magic combination.
Great for nails!
By Laura, NY
I never had great nails, and my manicures used to chip after a day or two. When I take this product regularly, I have much stronger nails, I can grow them longer, and my manicures last much longer.
My Nails Look Wonderful
By Winetta, CA
Before I started taking the ProCaps Healthy Hair Skin and Nails I was taking the Discount Warehouse brand (for Over A Year!!!!) I started taking this product about 3 or 4 months ago and I have seen AMAZiNG results, my nails are so long (they do not typically grow and when they do they have been brittle, they split or break) they are SuPER strong! My dry skin is also much better and of course my hair is growing. I love this product and I am amazed at how well my body has adapted to this product. (I also use Essential 1)
A Life-Saver
On a recommendation of a friend I ordered and started using Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails. I was in dispair as most of the hair on the right side of my head was very, very thin and more was falling out each day. This product saved the day! I can't rate it high enough and have recommended it to several friends with the same problem.
Best thing that EVER happened to my skin
By Jennifer, NC
I have been using this product for about three months (2 per day) and I will never be without it again. Before I started using it, whenever people tried to guess my age, they got it spot on +/- a year. Now when they guess, they take an average of ten years off. The only thing that has changed is this supplement. Over the last few years, I have tried several types of skin care and cosmetic products some of which have been very expensive. Upon reflection, none of those products have had as significant an impact on the look and feel of my skin as Healthy Hair Skin and Nails. The tired, dull look is gone and my skin is smoother and clearer than it has ever been. I need less make-up and many of the skin care items I used before are now in the trash. If you're considering this item, DO NOT HESITATE. Two thumbs up!!!!! This product ROCKS!!!!
Long Beautiful Hair
By Janis, OH
I had decided to grow my hair out (again) and this product has helped it to grow. My hair is shiny, thick and long. I trust these products as they are clean and they do help.
By giovanna, TX
I am so happy with this supplement. My nails look fabulous. I used to have these nails in my youth. However, I am now 70 and could not make some of them grow for the last ten years.
Nothing works better!
By Alisa, TN
I used Healthy, Hair Skin and Nails for a year and it really did work. Then just as an experiement, I stopped taking it and tried another store brand. after just a few weeks, my hair got noticeably thinner! And I am reordering today.
I just can't quit you!
By Lynda, CA
Thinking I'm going to save money, occasionally I stop taking this "vanity" vitamin. This last time I went a few months and wondered why my nails started breaking and my arms got these dry bumps that no amount of scrubbing or lotion would eliminate. I started taking them again and after two weeks, my arms are so smooth. I give this to my dog too, and he's fluffy and gorgeous. So, Andrew, I surrender! I can't quit you (or your Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails).
Even my EYE LASHES grew long!
By Udoka, TX
Wow. My eye lashes grew longer thanks to this and I had tried everything. It took about 1 month for others to comment on my lashes and it took 2 months for me to notice that my lashes were longer. I was not even expecting that. I didn't know how well it worked on my hair. But once I stopped taking this, my hair hasn't grown at all. It has been 1 month since I chemically relaxed it, so I can tell when there is new growth and it feels like almost nothing has sprouted up! On top of that, my hair is shedding and breaking more than usual. As for my nails, my nails are okay because I am taking biosil (works on nails, but not on hair). When I was taking HSN, my nails grew longer than with biosil, but they broke from time to time, too.
Great Product 5 stars on this one!
By Carol, TX
Have taken this product on & off for several years but recently noticed my hair coming out more than normal when I'd wash it. So I started taking it faithfully everyday & within a month noticed a big difference. Even my hair stylist mentioned how much my hair had grown & how healthy it is. Thanks Andrew - love several of your products - keep up the good work!
By Maria, NY
I'm a hair stylist. All I could say is OMG this product promotes healthy thicker hair and beautiful sheen. My skin has a glow that even my clients have noticed. Nails are better also I never had a problem with them. I've been taking them only 2 months and noticed a difference the first month. Everyone is different some take a longer time to notice the difference. I recommend this to all my clients who have thin hair....Thank you Andrew Lessman : 5 stars on this one...
By Dana, TX
Love this product. It has helped with a hair loss issue I am having.
Love A Good Product
By Nastasha, AL
This isn't the first time I have used a supplement to improve the health of my hair skin and nails, but this is the first time I have seen results. I have also used products specific hair health and specific to nail health. Nothing has worked like this does. Love this product and others in this line of products. I recommend it to anyone.
Totally Awesome Product
By Kim, RI
Been using this product for about 10 years. That's right 10 years BECAUSE it does all it promises to. I recommend to everyone! I am now 42 and people think I am about 30. I used to have fine limp hair all my life. It is always full and fluffy with lots of body. My skin looks great and my nails are strong ,never break and grow fast. I put my new boyfriend on it for thinning hair and his hairdresser commented on how much thicker it was and what was he doing. A co-worker asked if he was getting work done on his hair...lol I can't say enough good things about this vitamin. You must try it and you will never want to be without. Kim from RI
Eyelashes in time for wedding!
By Diana C, UT
I have taken this product off and on for several years. Then I started losing my eyelashes and my hair was falling out so much that I had to clean the shower every morning. I decided to start taking 2 EVERY day so that I would have eyelashes in time for my sons wedding. IT WORKED in 2 months! Not only did my eyelashes grow back, my hair loss is greatly reduced. Not much in the shower at all now! Thank you Andrew for your great products. I take so many of them that I had to use a whole cabinet in the kitchen to store them all!
This is great stuff!
By Heather, OH
I have been extremely impressed with the efficacy of this product. I have many factors which were contributing to hair loss: high dose steroids, chemotherapy drugs, and general malnutrition due to nausea from illness. My hair has stopped falling out, and this is the only change I've made to which it can be attributed. Needless to say, I am ecstatic! I hope Andrew keeps making this product for a long time to come.
Miracle Product
By Tammie, NJ
I am almost 50 years old, an African American woman that has always had acne prone skin, dry dull hair and the worst nails. I didn't wear rings or nail polish to keep from drawing more attention to my hands. I tried these Hair, Skin and Nails supplement once a day and not consistently a few years ago. I noticed a little change in my hair, but nothing really to speak of. I decided to start taking two capsules a day, consistently in May 2011. It has been exactly two months and my hair has gotten thicker and people are complimenting me on my hair. This has not happened since I was in my twenties. My nails are so strong and beautiful. I am now wearing nail polish every day. I have never had decent nails they would split, crack and peel so the polish would not last nor did it look good. Now, I love to wear nail polish and my hands look so much more attractive. My skin has improved as well. My complexion has gotten so smooth and bright. I use less makeup and I actually look younger each day. I am sharing this product with all my friends and family. Give it a chance and be consistent, you will definitely see results.
Best On The Planet!!!!
By Kathy, OH
These vitamins are by far the best vitamins on the planet. I "used" to have dry, broken unhealthy hair and my nails never seem to grow....but since I started taking these vitamins, within a few short weeks I noticed my hair has shine again, is healthy and is actually thicker. My nails grow beyond belief and are stronger than they have ever been. Andrew, I will never be without these vitamins. Please don't ever stop making them. Excellent...excellent product.
By Rebecca, TX
The first time I used this product was several years ago. I was not sure if the product was helping, but I was not faithful to a daily dosage and was trying to be frugal by taking only one capsule, when I remembered. Now, I have just completed three months of taking 2 capsules a day, FAITHFULLY. Oh my, what a difference. For the first time ever, I have nails. I have gotten many complements on my hair and how shiny it looks. I was even asked if I had that treatment that costs hundreds of $$$. But most of all, my ACNE is gone. I am reaching 40 and still have the occasional acne. I have tried everything under the sky for both my acne and nails....with nothing working until now, THANK YOU ANDREW!!! Plus, I get healthy looking hair all under $11 a month (100 count autoship). Had I only known then what I know now!!!!
Used Years Ago - Coming Back
By Lakeisah, DC
I used this product about 3 years ago and it worked great in conjunction with what my body already does. I think of it as a booster since I've never had problems with skin, hair, nails but wanted something to add to my regimen since I was getting older and noticed my hair was not growing as fast as it was when I was in my 20's which is natural. I find that this helps put that boost back into my hair growth which, again, has been fine. I think for those who are not receiving results are part of the unfortunate percentage when a product just doesn't work for 10% but does for 90% of users. Great product!!!
Therapeutic Skin Massage
By Lilia, AZ
I truly love taking the skin, hair, nails ProCaps vitamins. I have healthy black hair that I enjoy and have fun of naturally-styling with simple hair accessories. I always keep my finger nails and toe nails trim good-healthy finger and toe nails. After a good-shower bath, I massage my skin naturally with therapeutic touch and sound reflexology. It is refreshing and invigorating.
Love it!
By Kerlie, NV
I love these vitamins! I'm an African American woman and had a bald spot in the middle of my head from wearing hair extensions. It's been about 4 months, the bald spot have grown! My nails are hard, strong, and long. This product makes such a difference in my hair growth journey. I just finished my last bottle and ordered another one. This is now part of my hair care regiment and will not live without it! Thanks Andrew for making such a great product that deliver results.
Will Never Stop Taking!!
By Lois, NY
I was taking Andrew Lessman's Hair Skin and Nails vitamin for over a year and my nails were growing strong, my hair and skin looked healthy. I must have run out of the product and bought in a local store and similar product. It promised to help nails grow strong, etc. but nothing happened! Actually, the opposite occurred...my nails were weak and splitting, my hair and skin looked dull. I called ProCaps and ordered a bottle of Hair Skin and Nails and within 1 month I was back getting manicures...my nails were strong and healthy! My hair and skin looked better than ever! I will never again stop taking your vitamins! They are awesome and really do work! Thank you!! Lois M.
Wonderful product
By Tamika, NY
This product is wonderful! This was recommended to me by GYN after I asked for a script for prenatal vitamins for thinning nails and hair breakage. She told me to forget the script and said this product would work better and that I would be thanking her in a month. She was so right!! My nails, which normally break after getting any length, are longer and stronger than they have been since as far back as I remember. My hair is growing like crazy, and I got two compliments on my skin just today (my genes probably help in this area). I will be thanking my GYN on my next appt and highly recommend this product.
Love It
By Hanna, FL
After I had my son my hair started falling out around my face. When it started growing back I had little hairs sticking straight up. I was looking for something to take to help my hair grow back faster and googled around and found Andrew Lessman. I have been taking Healthy Hair Skin and Nails for about three weeks. The day after I began taking these pills I noticed my face was much smoother and the little acne I did have had disappeared. My nails are longer and stronger than they have ever been. My hair is growing a lot faster and the little hairs around my face have finally gotten long enough to lay flat. I absolutely love this product and will use it for the rest of my life.
Can't Believe the Difference!!
By Kathy, OH
I have been using Healthy Hair Skin & Nails over 1 year now and I can't believe the difference in my hair and skin! My hair was dry and lifeless (due to coloring and highlighting) and was breaking off. My hands were very dry and cracked. I went to dermatologists and was given creams that never worked. A few months after I began these vitamins, my hair came back to life and I have not had any issues with my hands since! I now have compliments on my hair and skin. I will NEVER be without these vitamins. Thank you Andrew, for this wonderful product.
One of a kind product
By Phyllis, VA
Everything that people say about this product is true! I am 63 years old and have a very thin scalp. Lots of hair falls out during washing and brushing. I discovered this product last summer, and after taking two capsules daily for about two weeks, I noticed that my hair was growing in like crazy. There were hardly any hairs in the shower after shampooing and I lost very little hair when blow-drying. I stopped taking the capsules for several weeks and my hair loss reappeared. I am now reordering and plan to stay with these miracle pills for the rest of my life! (My nails have also improved)
Was that you last night?
By Eraina, NC
This was the question asked by a wife of my Husbands co-worker. She e-mailed me and said..."I saw a pretty woman standing beside Jeff last night and thought I had maybe seen her (you) before but wasn't at all sure; I thought your hair was shorter". I am in my mid-30's and have been experiencing hair loss for about two years now. At first I just resolved myself to except that I would have thinning hair. I watched my Mom and Grandma go through losing their hair when I was young and realized that you can't intervene with genes. Until, of course I found these miracle workers. I have been taking these supplements since Oct 09 (one every other day). My hair was shoulder length and now it's grown to the middle of my back. This is the longest my hair has ever been. My family can't believe it...I can't believe it! I don't know how to act - I'm so not use to hair being in my way, I sometimes forget how long it is now and have to remember not to get it caught in things...lol. I thank God I've found these vitamins. Even though I was trying to stay strong during my hair loss; I feel so much better knowing that there truly is something out in the market place that does what it says! If I had not found these I would have been a hot sad mess!!!! Thank you, Andrew & everyone at ProCaps Labs.
Should not have gone off Hair Skin & Nails
By Kristen, CA
Last year I dragged all of my Lessman product bottles into my Primary Care Physician (Cardiologist) to let him know what I was taking. He mentioned that he did not think that the Hair/Skin/Nails would help at all. I stopped taking them for around 6 months and my hair started falling out much more than usual. Well I have been back on for a couple of months and I have started noticing just recently that not has much hair is falling out in the shower. I will not go off of it again!
Surgeries make my hair fall out
By Thelma, MI
Every time I have surgery my hair falls out...but now I know what to do. I just double up on my Healthy Hair Skin and Nails. My little granddaughter told me I need to cut my nails, they are just too long. I am 63 and have very few wrinkles. Students can't believe my age. Moisturizer helps....but skin and nails goes a long way to keeping your skin smooth. I have been taking this product as long as it has been available. Fantastic!!!
Miracle Worker!! I LOVVVVVE IT!
By Michele, IL
Now I'm a super skeptical person when it comes to trying new things. After doing an intense amount of research I decided to try them out, but when I decided to try it out I wanted to make sure to lock in my commitment, so I bought a four month supply.. I have never in my adult life had long nails without the need for acrylic or gel nail extensions! And not only are they long, they are hard as a rock! My nails used to chip very easily but not anymore! I can usually stretch my relaxers for 5-6 months... But I barely made it to four months post with this vitamin! :-) And as far as my skin goes I have combination/oily skin that is very prone to acne.. With the combination of raw African black soap, bio-oil (for my acne scars) and my new BFFL my face is glowing! I find myself getting less breakouts, wearing less makeup, and loving it! I'm here on the site today to place another order.. Maybe I'll get a 6month supply this time! Its so worth it, BELIEVE ME!!
By Derek, IL
This product has worked wonders for my hair because my hair was falling out more than usual and when I started taking this less than a month ago. My hair now is shinier and thicker and will continue to reorder and I recommend to anyone who wants the benefit of having healthy hair, clear and more radiant skin also the health of your nails.
By mary, CA
I am a believer....
By Lisa, WA
This product really works I have been on it for about 4-5 months. I saw improvement in about a month or so. However the first time my nails grew out they did still chip or break. Then when they grew out again WOW, they are long, thick and do not break very easy at all. I can even wear finger nail polish with out them pealing and getting thin. My hair is also growing faster as I notice I have to touch up my color more often from the fast growth. Thinning hair runs on my mother's side and I hoping being on this in my 40's will help with that as I get older. I could not be more happy to have my own nails as working in the medical field I can not have artificial nails and we all know they are not healthy for us anyway.
Great Product
By Terry, NC
I have been out of this product for 3 months and I can really tell the difference. My hair had quit falling out as much and my nails were the best they have ever been in my 51 years. My cuticles have never been good and I find myself chewing at them often but not at all when I am on this. I do not want to run out again of this great vitamin.
Incredible supplement!! This is the real deal.
By Robert, AR
It's funny that I would even post about a product named Healthy Hair Skin and Nails, especially being a guy who keeps his nails clipped so short you never see the white tips of them, lol. I got a bottle free when I got Andrew Lessman's Omega 3s as a Today's Special some years back so I probably wouldn't have bought it on it's own because I wasn't looking for something to make my hair or fingernails grow longer or faster, especially when I keep both as short as possible, not to mention his vitamins aren't really cheap (but worth the cost to me) and I live on a limited budget. However since I got them I thought I would take them when I took my omega 3s. I could not help noticing a month or two later how thicker and glossier my fingernails looked and how much more often I had to shave so I knew this supplement had to be working, but it wasn't just those benefits I noticed. The ingredients in that supplement helped with feeling better and weight loss (packed with B vitamins) and helped my joints feel better and my skin wasn't as dry. Anyone who says vitamins supplements don't make a difference, they don't know what they are talking about. I have been taking this for several years I will not be without this supplement!! It is literally a fountain of youth in a bottle! I'm writing my review here instead of HSN as I wait too long after my purchases to write a review there.
Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails!!!!!!!
By crystal, IL
I could see a difference in the growth of my hair and nails. I been on and off the vitamins for about a year, but I decided 3 months ago to remain on them until I see a difference in the growth of my hair and nails and I REALLY notice an improvement. So I will keep ordering them.
By Hope, PA
For 43 years, I have been the girl with the shortest, ugliest nails because I could NEVER get them to grow. About 6 months ago, my hair started to fall out due to a diet issue. I decided to give this product a try and I was amazed. Within weeks my nails were longer and stronger and I could tell that my skin look better. Within 6 week, my hair thinning was lessened and I could see new hair growth. Today, I have beautiful nails that I can paint and feel very proud and my hair is growing back beautifully. This is a wonderful product and I HIGHLY recommend it. Thanks, Andrew.
Definitely worth it!
By Natasha, MD
I have been taking Healthy Hair Skin & Nails for about a year, and I can tell you that my hair, skin and nails look fabulous. I always had a thick, full head of hair, but now it grows at a ridiculous rate. I had to take off the UV gel that I had on my nails, because my nails were growing too fast. I take 2 a day, and drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. My skin is more supple, and I find that I have less acne. My results may be different, but this is definitely worth a try. My best friend and her husband also use this product. They are experiencing the same results. Another great product from Andrew Lessman!
********** Love Love Love this Product
By Griselda, TX
I am an African American woman. This is the 1st product I tried from Andrew Lessman 10 years ago! The product has only improved over time. 4 years ago I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. The medication started taking my hair out so I increased to 3 supplements a day. I know Andrew only recommends a maximum of 2 but 3 works for me. I continually receive compliments on the length and health of my hair! Women often ask "Who does your hair" I give the name of my stylist and Andrew Lessman Griselda
Hair miracle in a bottle!!!!!
By Nikki, GA
Mr. Andrew, This product has been a real life changing event for me and my hair! I have always suffered from not having any hair around my edges only a little fuzz and I have a stress spot in the top of my head that causes me to lose my hair there too! I am a "Black American Female" and I have over the years made my hair situation worse when I choose to wear braids or weaves in my hair. By putting my already fragile hair through such stress it would not grow at all! But now after only taking your product for a little over a month, I have hair growing crazy on my edges around my face, I have hair coming back in the top of my head, my hair is growing past my shoulders, and I now have my eyebrows (bad wax job) growing back like crazy! I would recommend this product to any and everyone in the world! Mr. Andrew I truly believe that you have found your "God Chosen Purpose In Life" which is making these wonderful miracle products for everyone in the world to experience! Thank you so much for everything and changing my life now that I have hair that I can truly enjoy with confidence and not have to alter in anyway what so ever with extras!!!!
You don't know what you've got till it's gone!
By Natalie, TN
Ladies and gentlemen...this product is not gender specific, once you start taking this product you will never want to be without it. I had been taking this for years and I went through a stressful time in my life for 6 months where I forgot to take my supplements daily (when I needed them most) and WOW what a difference. My nails were splitting and breaking, my skin was getting duller and my hair was breaking off at the new growth. To us this is like glucosamine, you don't always notice how much it is helping you until you go without it and remember what life was like before you started taking it.
Love it!!
By Christine, VA
I LOVE this product! It has made such a difference in my skin. I have the driest skin but noticed a difference in my face in 2 days! Won't live without it!!
Really Really Really works! Buy it now and take 2 capsules per day WITH FOOD
By Richard, CT
I take this (43) and so do both of my parents (67 & 68). Within 2 weeks we all noticed dramatic growth in our nails...they grow faster, thicker and stronger. I take 2 each day (my parents take 1) and my hair is growing faster and thicker (each hair is thicker). It's hard to see the benefits of most vitamins and supplements but this really shows! Take all vitamins and supplements WITH FOOD.
At Last!
By Pat, AL
I am so happy with this product. My hair started falling out about three years ago. I have tried everything to bring it back. It has not responded to nothing. I even went on a program, paying as much as $100.00 dollars for shampoos, that didn't work at all. After only about a month of using this product, I can clearly see the gaps are filling in. My hair is growing. I am excited to think that it will grow back to its normal length. Thanks Andrew. Ann, AL
This product is Great
By Daneska, GA
I have had issues with my hair for the past 6 months with thinning. I have now been using HHSN for about 5 weeks now, and I see a huge difference in the thickness and length of my hair. Within the last month it has grown more than 1/2 an inch. This product works wonders. Thank You Andrew Lessman!
By Jessica, TX
Healthy Skin
By Jen, VA
For ten years, I have been trying to counteract sun exposure from my teen years and 20's. I realized that creams and lotions can only do so much, but that nutritional support was the key. I saw the ad for this product on TV and ONLY tried it (to be honest) because we got an entire bottle of 90 capsules for free. After 2 months, my sister (who I hadn't seen in 4 months) commented, "Your skin looks amazing." My daughter, who is 18 and struggles with acne, decided to try it as well and now she is convinced that this product is a necessity (along with a healthy diet and lifestyle.) My nails are strong and glossy as well. However, as a professional marketing specialist, I have to say, one of the reasons I love this product is that I was able to try it truly and honestly as a free sample. We were not conned into buying more and didn't receive high-pressure phone calls. The company let the product sell itself, and it did! I appreciate the integrity of this company and hope they continue to defy the marketing "norm" and operate in this way.
It Works!
By Karen, MD
If you knew me, you'd know I'm a skeptic through and through. So when someone suggested that I try these vitamins to counter my thinning hair, I paid no attention. But when another person recommended this product, I decided to give it a try. And boy am I glad I did! Within two weeks, less hair was filling the sink as I brushed my hair and falling into the shower when I washed it. I also noticed small stubbles of regrowth, which was very exciting. My hair is so much thicker these days and I no longer feel embarrassed by thinning hair and a peek-a-boo scalp. However, I must say in all honesty that I've not seen much improvement in my skin and nails, but then again, I really purchased Healthy Hair Skin & Nails for my hair.
Definitely a difference
By Irma, NJ
For years my hair had been thinning, dry & was losing its curl. This concerned me since I had always had thick, curly hair. I've been using Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails for over 4 months and my hair is now thicker, shinier and I lose minimal amounts of hair when I wash and brush it. Also, my skin used to be very oily with some dry patches that were very sensitive. Well at almost 43, my skin never looked better. All I wear is mascara & I'm good to go. Give it a chance...hopefully it'll work for you.
Much Improvement!
By Kaye, TX
This product has really helped my post menopause skin. I wish I had started it much earlier in my life. Wish Andrew would make it with more pills per order.
Patti - Las Vegas, NV
By Patricia, NV
I LOVE this product!! I am hooked on this for life! My hair has gotten thicker and more life and shine to it. Even my hair stylist noticed the difference! I have been taking this product for a year or so. Recently one of my toenails fell off and guess what there was a brand new nail under it! Proves to me that this product is worth every penny I spend on it!! Thank you - Andrew :)
It Works and It's Wonderful
By Nettie, TX
I started taking this product in June I was trying to find something to help my nails because I used to use solar nails and when I took them off my nails were very soft and they hurt. My mom told me about Andrew on HSN so I gave it a try. I went the other day to get a manicure and they told me that I had the most beautiful and healthy nails that they had seen in a long time. They don't split nor do they break I actually have to have them cut. Another lady at work also noticed that my eyelashes were a lot longer. It's a great product and I will never stop taking it now my mom uses it and the other lady at work purchased it also. Great Job, Andrew. Thanks
By Christina, TX
I have been wearing Solar Nails for years and finally stopped. Trying to grow my natural nail has been a struggle. They are thin, soft and peel. A friend told me about this product, so I gave it a try, for one month...why not? Well, surprise!! This product is wonderful. My nails are harder, not peeling, the ridges are smoothing out, they are just growing wonderfully! One of my daughters noticed them even before I did. She told me they are absolutely amazing!!! I'm wearing dark nail polish again and beautiful rings. I am very happy....and have ordered the larger quantity. My daughters are even starting to take the supplements....they wear solar nails too, so their nails are a mess! The girls are in their twenties, one is a welder and one is a horse trainer so they are hard on their nails. But soon, they will have beautiful hands like their 50 yr old mom!!! I feel so beautiful. Thank you for this wonderful product!!!
By Susan, VA
This product changed the condition of my hair in [an amazingly short period of time]. I am 35 and have been dying and/or highlighting my hair since I was about 15. I was having serious issues with my hair breaking off and being very, very dry. I started taking 2 capsules a day and saw a wonderful difference in just a [short time]. Even my hair stylist was amazed! My nails also started growing and became stronger. I didn't really see much difference in the condition of my skin. I just bought my second bottle!
Deserves a "10"
By Charmaine, CT
I hope you never stop making this product! I've always had problems growing my hair - I used to chemically relax it every eight weeks. ... It never grew more than six to eight inches. I [tried] Hair, Skin & Nails off and on for the last six years, but three years ago, I finally stuck with it. My hair is now SIXTEEN inches long... The downside is that I now have to relax my hair within six weeks instead of eight because of the new growth (not a bad side effect).
By Judith, VA
For me most health products don't live up to their claims. But "Hair, Skin & Nail" does make a difference. I started using it a week ago have seen such an improvement in my nails it is truly hard to believe. I had ridges, peeling, and dryness with my nails, but not anymore. Even the natural color of my nails has improved to a shiny healthy pink and the ridges and peeling have improved. As for my hair, it is starting to improve from lifeless to shiny. I can't wait to see if it grows at a faster rate. Overall, I am thrilled with this product and highly recommend it in ones daily regiment. My thanks and appreciation to ProCaps for such dedication to high standards.
By Paul, NY
I started taking the product in June. I have very fine hair. Over the months my hair is now thicker, stronger and actually the childhood wave in my hair has come back. At 54, my hair is also darker. Placebo; i don't think so.
By Elizabeth, IL
This product is everything it claims to be. I was so surprised at how quickly my hair grew! Everyone has commented on how long it is and how nice it looks! I would not be without this product and my Rheumatologist said it was better than a multi-vitamin!! Thank you so much, Andrew, for making such wonderful products and for caring so much about our health!!
By Gail, GA
I started using the product several years ago. I start and stop during that time thinking I couldn't afford them. What I can't afford is to be without them. I can see a remarkable difference in my skin. At 54 I'm a firm believer that I look just as good as I did at 34. Thanks to this product. I take a pill that I believe was causing hair loss in the front and I can see it starting to grow- WHO KNEW. I had given up but now I will never not use this even if I have to give up other Andrew's products. For the nails, they are growing like crazy but the skin and hair are my primary concerns. I'M HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Sandra, NJ
I've been using this product for about 2 months now and am so happy to say "wow, what a difference". I've been coloring my hair for years and have had problems with breakage and hair loss for quite sometime. I can honestly say that after using this product the hair loss has almost disappeared and my hair is growing like it never has! I'll never stop using it. I tell all my friends about it. Even my hairdresser noticed a difference. Thank you, Thank you!!
Hair Raising Experience!
By Karilyn, MD
I love this product and need to order more. I use a computer all day, so I'm not really interested in growing long nails, but they are much stronger. There are a lot of benefits to this product...just think, when you look good on the inside, it shows on the outside. I'll keep taking these! Thanks Andrew!
By Meredith, VA
This is truly a remarkable product-- the results are huge!! I can tell a big difference even with my eyelashes!!!!!!!!!!!! They've always been long and lush, but OH MY GOSH are they stunning. My nails are so lovely-- I get compliments all of the time. Thanks for a wonderful vanity product!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Faster Wound Healing
By Carol J, CA
Recently I cut my finger by cutting a bagel. The wound was almost stitch worthy. In the past, I have been a very slow wound healer, but this time it healed incredibly fast! I attribute the healing process to this wonderful product, which I have been taking for just over 3 months.
By Betsy, NY
I am 55 years old. I have never had nice nails. Any attempt at growing them was disappointing with splitting, etc. I started taking this vitamin along was several others and am amazed at my hands !!!!! Reason I gave the title I did is because people like me need to be warned - YIKES - how do I use these things?????? Seriously, I couldn't be happier and won't be without this product. Now I just have to figure out how to polish my left hand in a neat manner as I am right handed!!! Thanks Andrew. I actually purchsed this product as the special value on HSN, however, since the item # is different now from the day I purchased it, I couldn't leave my review there !!! Wanted you to know how thrilled I am having nails!
Can't do without this vitamin!!
By Gail, VA
I love, love, love, and love this product!!! My hair and nails are growing like thick weeds but beautiful nails and skin. This is a keeper for life. Thank you for making a great product that works.
It Really Works!
By Paulette, HI
I was having the start of white hairs cropping up on the right side of my head. After taking this product the number of hairs decreased significantly and now I have only 1 strand in that area, all the others are gone. My nails have grown out stronger too, but most significant improvement was my hair. I do take Andrew's multi-vitamin (Essential for Women) along with this product.
Unbelievable !!!
By Charleen, CA
I began taking this in March 2008 after a stressful illness that caused hair to fall out, nails I gave up on, and my skin I thought would never be the same. This product was recommended by a friend of a friend who is a manicurist. I jumped on it and now my daughter is so impressed, I am ordering a supply for her too. This is my new best friend.....thank you :)
It really works!!!
By Robbi, CA
After wearing braids and extensions for a period of time my hair had starting thinning and in some spots balding. I was referred to Andrew Lessman's Hair, Skin, and Nail capsules and the results have been remarkable. There is a noticable difference in the appearance of my hair. People ask all the time is that your hair or wow your hair is really long or your hair has gotten really thick. I tell them it's all due to Hair, Skin and Nail capsules. They asked where can I get some. I've referred soooo many people and my sister, who's a hair stylist, has referred all of her clients where at one time there was a back order for this product. I really believe this back order was a result of all the people my sister and I referred to Andrew Lessman's Hair, Skin, and Nail capsules. So that I will not run out I have this product automatically sent to me every 50 days. I'm a true fan of this product!
By Michelle, CA
I have been using this product for a little over a year and I get compliments that my hair looks shiny and full. Also, over the past year my hair does not shed as much as it did years before I implemented this product into my vitamin routine.
hair,skin and nails
By Patricia, NC
My husband and I have been using H, S, & N for at least 8 years. It really makes a difference in our hair. Grows faster and thicker. Also my nails grow faster and are stronger. I gave some to my daughter because she was complaining about her nails. She tried other products that did nothing so was skeptical. After a few weeks she was hooked. She loves it. Her nails look great. We love all of Andrews products that we tried so far.
You saved my skin !
By Nancy, GA
I am in my sixty's and several years ago I started having trouble with extremly dry skin, my arms and legs were scaly like snake skin. I started using Andrew's hair skin and nails and skin looked so much better that my husband started using the Hair Skin and Nails too. He also noticed a difference in a toe nail he had been having a problem with . If you could cure baldness like you help dry skin and hair we would love you forever. Just joking about the baldness.
Quick results
I was under a lot of stress due to being unemployed for several months. My hair was falling out and thinning due to the stress. I began taking these supplements and within a month's time I could tell a difference in my hair's texture and my hair was no longer falling out. My hair is naturally fine and thin anyways but I'm still taking the product and it's been approximately 3-4 months and am very happy with this product and have recommended to others.
Marvelous Product
By Mayra, FL
I have been taking Andrew Lessman's products for years and must say, that this is one of his products that I can't do without. I am in my late 50's with a thyroid condition that had made my hair fall out and become very thin. My nails had become brittle and my skin very dry. Since I started using this product years ago, my hair grows like a weed and is very soft even though I color treat it every 6 weeks. My nails just grow like wildfire and are no longer brittle. My skin is looking a lot better too. As I mentioned, I take multiple Andrew Lessman products on a daily basis, but his Hair, Skin and Nail Benefits, is one product I will buy forever. Thank you Andrew for this marvelous product.
By M Dianne, CA
I truly love this product, it was the first Andrew Lessman product I tried and that was approx. 2 yrs ago. I am still using it, as well as several other of your products. My manicurist, said to me on Saturday, "you have to beat the record for fastest growing nails". My hair and skin also appreciate this product. Thank you Andrew.............
By Maureen, NY
I have been using this product for several years, and the difference in the condition of my hair, skin, and nails is so positive, that others have ordered just from seeing the results I have experienced. Thank you, Andrew.
By Mercine M, MD
I began using this product in January, 2008. I have had thinning hair since I went through perimenopause and menopause. I have been to the dermatologist twice, plus an endocrinologist. I took a round of steroids in December, 2007 which was for sinus inflammation. I really lost a lot of hair from it. It scared me. So I saw Mr. Lessman on HSN and decided to try the product. I have not skipped a day of taking the capsules since January and I cannot believe how much more hair I have now. My part on top was getting wider and wider and even Rogaine wasn't doing the trick. Now I have all kinds of hair. Can't see through it. It grows so fast, too. I highly recommend this product. Give it a few months. I am on autodelivery and will take this forever. Thank you Mr. Lessman, for a quality product that works. Easy on the stomach, too.
Done wonders for my hair!!!!!!!!
By Loretta, IL
I have fine thin hair and it started falling out......badly...I started taking this product and I quit molting, my hair got thicker and started growing like a weed. Also I must mention the fact my splitting nails are no longer. And they too grow fast.
All Time Favorite Product
By Alyce, OH
I have had thinning hair for years and I was starting to get desperate. I tried a healthy hair type product from a health food store that worked ok if I took it everyday. The reason I decided to try this is because it is actually cheaper, I could buy it in bulk and it was shipped directly to my door. I found that I ONLY HAD TO TAKE THIS PRODUCT 2-4 TIMES A MONTH FOR MY HAIR TO STOP FALLING OUT. Amazing!! I now take it every day and my hair is thicker, softer, and grows faster. My nails are stronger, my skin looks better, and I noticed my mood improved too - must be the extra B's. I could go on and on about what a life saver this has me been for me. I love everything I have tried but this is my all time favorite product, also the first I tried and the reason I tried other products.
Great Product
By Deborah, TX
I've been using the Hair, Skin, and Nail benefits since October and I have really seen a vast improvement in the growth & fullness on my hair. My skin is less dry & my nails are healthier. I highly recommend this product.
great product
By Jennifer, NY
I ordered this and shared it with my mom. Both of our nails have improved and our hair is growing at a much faster rate. My mom's thinning hair appears thicker and the texture of mine is much improved.
Great product
By Emily, NV
This is a wonderful product and has helped my nails particularly... Thanks Andrew!
New formula?
By April, AK
I noticed you have lowered some of the amounts in this formula and left out vitamin A completely. Why?
Post hospital stay
By Judy, CT
My mom suffered a massive stroke which left her in the hospital for over 3 months. During the first month she was only able to receive "nourishment" via intravenous and later to only pick on "hospital" food...you know what I mean. Her beautiful hair began thinning out over this time. Once she was able to come home and her primary care Doc examined her, I mentioned about getting this product, gave the label to her and she gave the blessing. Her hair has come back in full, beautiful condition after completing one large bottle. Skin has not been so lucky but one out of 2 is great considering how ill she was. I will continue to get this for her.
It works Great
By Diane, VA
I noticed a difference with the growth of my hair and nails with in 2 weeks. My hair needs to be cut every 6 weeks. My nails are longer and harder. I am very happy with healthy hair, skin and nails.
Strong, Healthy Nails
By Margaret, DE
My husband and I have been taking these vitamins for 2 months now. We've both noticed how quickly our hair and nails grow. I've always had a problem with my nails splitting and, all of my adult life, they've had deep ridges. Well, the ridges are now much less noticeable and my nails are stronger. Although I've always had a good complexion, it seems to be getting even better. We're still waiting to see improvement in our hair (mine is thin and dull). I don't think 2 months is a fair assessment of any hair benefits that hopefully occur. We'll continue for at least 6 months to see if my hair improves. Has anyone else had any experience with how long it really takes to see noticeable improvement in their hair?
So happy
By chelsea, NY
I feel it's really working I can't believe it .... but my hair never grows and it shows such a difference in only a month . I can't wait to see what my hair looks like a year from now . It doesn't really do much for my nails but my hair was really all I cared about ... I will continue using this stuff =)
Great Product
By Kimberly, NY
I started taking this product in the February 2009. I was losing my hair due to a severe thyroid condition as well as post traumatic stress. My part was getting very wide and there was general thinning all over. I am trying to re-grow my mid-length hair and am noticing that my part has filled in nicely. Because I highlight my hair, I can see the hair growth and it seems promising. My nails have never been so thick and they have stopped splitting. I have to file them at least once a week or they get too long to type or do housework. I will write another review in a couple months, but overall I think this is a great product and will continue to use it.
MSN Greatly Decreased!
By Christine, CA
I completely agree with V.Steve. The MSM was reduced by almost 40%! Where's the science to show that the increase in Biotin will provide significantly better results than the previous formula with less (3200 mg) Biotin and more MSM? This product is the #1 reorder product on the Home Shopping Network and has hundreds of 5 star ratings, and the trend with this product over the years has been to increase the MSM. Why change the formula and decrease this key ingredient now, unless there is science/recent test results to base that change on?
Not a believer just yet....
By Jeri, DE
I just started the vitamins about 1 1/2 months ago, and do not notice a difference yet. They say give it at least 3 months. I'm trying to be patient. But reading some of these reviews, has me thinking that it just isn't working for me. I usually give products at least 3 months to work. So hopefully I will see results soon. Fingers crossed.
.. a bit early but so far so good!
By Janet C, FL
I started taking these supplements Feb 11th, '08, not quite 3 months. However, my nails are no longer splitting, noticeably stronger, growing and beautiful again. That's great, however, my main hope is for my hair. I've had thin hair most of my life but became so much worse since my hysterectomy, years ago. Haven't noticed any difference in the thickness of my hair yet (still early I'm hoping) but it sure is growing much faster! I will write another review after another 3 mths ..fingers crossed!
It's Ok
By Charlotte, AZ
I have taken it for several weeks now and It makes my hands tingle for about 2 hours every day. I will not take it anymore. I can't take the weird tingling filling in both hands. I wish I could get a refund because none of this stuff is cheap and the shipping is very expensive.
Any difference
By Ana, AZ
I tried Healthy Hair Skin & Nails for three months and I saw no changes. I just canceled any future orders.
No Change
By Linda, CO
I have used this product for a year now and I have NOT noticed a bit of change in any area it promotes. I don't understand why it would not work but I have used it as directed daily and my hair, skin and nails are still suffering greatly
Healthy Hair Skin & Nails
By Steve V, TX
I don't like that they have reduced the amount of MSM from 800 mg to 500 mg, and also reduced the Gelatine from 188 mg to 152, and only increased the Biotin to 4000 mg from 3200 mg. It's not the same!
Hair skin nails
By Kerrie, IL
ATTENTION FELLOW HYPOTHYROID PEOPLE!!!!!!! I am hypothyroid and I no longer have a thyroid (surgically removed). I exist on a liquid diet literally. I cannot eat solid food or I gain weight. Sadly, this is no exaggeration, wish it was. Hair loss is another side effect of hypothyroidism, plus the not eating doesn't help at all. I started using Hair, Skin and Nails as per directions. @ 2 weeks in I had a terrible breakout and had gained weight immediately....it was like overnight. The ONLY difference in my routine was that I had started taking this supplement. How do I know this supplement is to blame......I DON'T EAT. So I immediately stopped taking the pills and a week later the weight has gone and the breakout has cleared up. I have compared ingredients with other hair growth supplements and the amount of Biotin and MSM in Andrew Lessmans is hugely higher than in the others. For me this was the nail in the coffin. No way will I gain weight , so not worth it for me. Beware. I highly doubt this will ever be put on the reviews as it is not favorable. So much for looking out for the welfare of people. As a hypothyroid person this has been a nightmare for me. Will definitely return. There should be a special warning for hypothyroid people. I tried to submit this with NO STARS as it deserves none, but it wouldn't let me, so I put one star.....negative infinity stars is the truth.
Side effects
By Monika, NV
This is GREAT for hair and nails, but it also gave me acne. Overproduction of sebum due to B6 and B12. Wish they sold Biotin on its own.
Not doing anything for me
By Arnela, KY
I have been taking these pills since December 2012. I do not see any difference or growth whatsoever. And the pills are starting to stink to be honest, also the label fell of like the second day so maybe they can use better glue to make their labels stick to the bottle. I have been researching so much on what to take to get my hair at least grow a little bit, so far this was the "best" product I came across, and it is not doing anything at all. I am pretty healthy person, I watch what I eat, I am into vegetable/fruit juicing diets, cleaning your body of toxins, etc, so I don't know if this maybe has no effect on me because it is synthetic pill....but I will not be recommeding or buying them any more. I am currently taking lewis lab brewers yeast and Country Life follic acid vitamins (just for a year - since follic acid does provoke breast cancer if used long term) but as far as these a. Lessman vitamins,..wouldn't take them anymore
Not the best yet
By unique, MO
I have been using this product for almost a month and there are people on here saying that after two weeks everything the growing hair nails and skin was looking great.... well not on this end my nails grow fine and fast before the product I was looking forward to the fast growing hair which is not what has happened. My hair still grows at the same rate as before without the product. I don't want to give up so soon but the way people gave so much credit to this product made me want to try it but I see u can't believe what everyone says because they put too much into nothing..... thanks a lot for making me BELIEVE different about the product and finding out the truth...


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Supplement Facts
Serving Size 2 Capsules
Amount Per Serving . %DV*
Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate/ascorbyl palmitate) 90 mg 100%
Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) 5 mcg (200 IU) 25%
Vitamin B1 (as thiamin hydrochloride) 3 mg 250%
Vitamin B2 (as riboflavin) 3 mg 231%
Niacin (as niacinamide) 3 mg 19%
Pantothenic Acid (as calcium pantothenate) 3 mg 60%
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride) 3 mg 176%
Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin - protected Coenzyme B12) 30 mcg 1,250%
Folate Complex (as L-methylfolate/folic acid) 30 mcg DFE (11 mcg folic acid) 8%
Biotin 5,000 mcg 16,667%
MSM (as methylsulfonylmethane) 500 mg
Silicon (from silicon dioxide/bamboo extract) 20 mg
Gelatin (from gelatin capsule) 152 mg
* Percent Daily Value (%DV) based on a 2,000 calorie diet. † Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Proprietary Protective Methyl B12 Matrix.
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