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Memory & Brain with Acetyl L-Carnitine™

Support your cognitive well-being with Andrew Lessman's Memory & Brain with Acetyl L-Carnitine™, a unique brain health supplement that provides our most comprehensive, natural support for memory, brain and mental acuity as we age. Acetyl L- Carnitine is recognized for its essential role in energy production within the brain and also serves as a building block for acetylcholine (our primary neurotransmitter). This specialized formula offers huperzine A, gingko biloba, bacopa monniera, curcumin, vitamin D, vitamin B12, panax (Asian) ginseng and vinpocetine to promote healthy blood flow to the brain to help ensure optimum memory as well as healthy brain and cognitive function as we age. The comprehensive assembly of ingredients offered in Memory and Brain with ALC helps to reduce the impact of the normal aging process on memory, concentration and mental clarity.