Secure® Shaker Cup with Lid

This lightweight and sturdy cup makes it easy to prepare and drink your Secure Complete Meal Replacement.

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Secure Complete Meal Replacement Shaker Cup Now enjoying nutritious, low-calorie Secure is easier and more convenient than ever! Preparing your Secure Replacement Meal can be as easy as one - two - three. One - pour water, milk or juice up to the easy-to-read measuring line on your Secure Shaker Cup (8, 12 and 16 ounces are clearly marked) and add one or two scoops of Secure. Two - snap the no-spill, no-drip lid in place and shake for 30 seconds. Three - remove the lid and enjoy your delicious Secure meal or snack! The Secure Shaker Cup makes it easy to enjoy your favorite Secure flavor at home, in the office - even when traveling. It fits conveniently into a briefcase, shoulder bag or suitcase and is always ready to use. The lid snaps on and off easily so you never have to worry about cross-threading or whether the seal is tight enough. Four agitator blades inside the lid assure that your Secure shake is blended to creamy perfection. Made of lightweight, durable plastic, the Secure Shaker Cup is "top-rack dishwasher-safe" and will not fade so the markings will be easy to read throughout your weight-loss program.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews


Blends the powder as good as any blender would. After adding Secure mix to your liquid, just give it a few good shakes up and down and it's perfectly smooth. I am an AL customer for 10+ years and still using a dozen or more of his products so thought it was time to give this cup a try and I bought two. The first cup I used only once and the lid broke - not because it was cheap but because I put the weight of my hand in the center of the lid to push the lid down on the cup. I realized what I did wrong and now just work my hand around the edges of the lid to secure it. I have a very good portable blender that I've been using for the past 2 years and I like the cup better than the blender. In the summer when I add fruit to my Secure using my blender, I'll transfer my drink to this cup. Excellent for on-the-go. Buying more.
By Gina, TX on 12/30/2023

Great cup for the price I love these cups... I did have one lid that cracked over time but the company sent me a new one. I use this at work. I add 8-12 oz of soy milk, and one scoop of secure. Then I put the cap on and I hold it on tightly as I shake the cup for a bit to mix it together (so I don't need a spoon). Then I drink it right out of the cup. Works great for me! I have several and I agree the lids probably aren't the best quality, but the cup is so cheap to buy... I love it!
By Joyce, RI on 1/15/2017

Great Cup, Great Value I love these shaker cups. They work better than the shaker bottles that sell for a lot more money. The blender blades must work because I never experience a problem with clumping. I only wish the cup was clear so it would be easier to tell the amount of water you are adding. They also double as a fast, convenient way to mix eggs!
By Mary, CA on 4/11/2009

Convenient If you currently drink the Secure meal replacement products, this shaker cup is a very convenient thing to have. I have 3 - one for home use, one for work which I keep in my desk, and one for travel. I honestly don't know if the four "agitator blades" on the inside of the lid actually do anything...but the cup/lid assembly works well and doesn't leak.
By Sherri, PA on 7/12/2008

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