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Marine Collagen Peptides™ | Beauty and Joint Support
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A blend of highly absorbable collagen peptides specifically selected for their ability to promote the healthy collagen structure of our skin, hair and nails, as well as our joints, bones and blood vessels.
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ANDREW LESSMAN'S Marine Collagen Peptides provides a unique blend of highly bioavailable Collagen Peptides from Marine collagen sources. Marine Collagen is specifically selected for its unique ability to deliver the benefits to the vital collagen structure of our Joints, Bones and Blood Vessels, as well as our Skin, Hair and Nails. Our Marine Collagen Peptides mixes easily with any liquid and is flavor-neutral, while also free of carbohydrate, sugar, lactose, fat, cholesterol and sodium. It is also gluten-free and non-GMO (Not Genetically Modified) and contains no added ingredients of any kind (no flavors, sweeteners or preservatives). Collagen is the primary structural protein in the body, comprising almost one-third of the body's entire protein mass. The healthy structure and function of our skin, bones, arteries, veins and connective tissue (cartilage, ligaments and tendons) are all built on an integrating matrix of Collagen Protein. The healthy appearance of our skin is dependent upon the integrating structure provided by a Collagen Peptide matrix, which is why it is so often deceptively used in so many topical beauty products. Unfortunately, slathering Collagen Protein on the outside of our body does absolutely nothing for the internal collagen structure. The only way that Collagen Peptides can affect the internal structure of any of these tissues, including the skin and joints, is to deliver them where they can be utilized – inside our body. That is the basis for the unique quality, composition and absorption of our Marine Collagen Peptides. It is an unfortunate fact of life that, as we age, our resilient, flexible tissues, including our skin, joints and circulatory tissues lose their youthful elasticity and flexibility. This loss of tone and resilience results from, among other things, changes in those tissues integrating collagen structure. Collagen Protein is the essential molecule providing for the strength and flexibility of our joints, as well as the beauty and resilience of our skin. In fact, it is this age-related change in these collagen-based tissues that is behind the wrinkling of our skin and the reduced flexibility of our joints and blood vessels. These tissues must endure a lifetime of physical demands and biochemical challenges, yet there is no molecule more central to the retention of their youthful structure and function than collagen. Accordingly, our Marine Collagen Peptides provides a unique blend of the precise peptides required to promote the health of all collagen-based tissues. Mix one or more level scoops of this product with water or a beverage of your choosing. It is neutral tasting and highly soluble, so it can be readily added to any smoothie, juice or water; however, when mixing directly with water or juice, it dissolves more easily if the liquid is not cold. As with any dietary supplement, this product is most effective when used as part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Notice This product is a food supplement and not intended for weight-loss.


By Amazon, NV
I have alot of autoimmune disorders and these helps with my digestion. I would rather take these than another pill.. helps me very well.
By Christine, NY
This is one of my favorites, which there is a list of. Grateful to have access to these awesome supplements. I am hooked on the quality and results of about 8 of products. If there is a supplement you need, and you want GOOD ingredients that work, try this brand. I am so glad I did years ago and I believe it's helped me and my (older!) husband stay healthy and active.
Employees of this wonderful company, Thank You!
By Marilyn, NV
To all the employees of this wonderful company, Thank You! With this Covid 19, and being 75 years old, I was introduced to your products through my daughter-in-law. Being a 75 year old woman at the time, I wasn’t much of a believer in taking vitamins. She introduced me to ProCaps Immune Factors, Vitamin C 500 Complex, Vitamin D3 5000, and Ultimate Women’s Wellness vitamins. I believe that is what got me thru this past year, and having Covid 19 with little to no symptoms. One of my favorites is the Marine Collagen Peptides with MSM, I add it to whatever I’m drinking with breakfast every morning. I can see the difference in my skin, even as old as it is!
my dog and I love this product
By Adrienne, CA
I have been taking Andrew's supplements since he first was on HSN and wouldn't take any others. I am 75 and have taken this particular product for a few years. My thirteen year old, eighteen pound dog was starting to slow down. About six months ago I started sharing this with my dog. I only give him about an eighth of a teaspoon sprinkled over his food and he loves it. Within about a week I noticed a big improvement in his energy. I have given him supplements since he was a puppy and he is very healthy. I can imagine how healthy he would be if Andrew would make dog supplements. Hint hint. Thank you.
By Amazon, NV
I have alot of autoimmune disorders and these helps with my digestion. I would rather take these than another pill.. helps me very well.
By Christine, NY
This is one of my favorites, which there is a list of. Grateful to have access to these awesome supplements. I am hooked on the quality and results of about 8 of products. If there is a supplement you need, and you want GOOD ingredients that work, try this brand. I am so glad I did years ago and I believe it's helped me and my (older!) husband stay healthy and active.
Employees of this wonderful company, Thank You!
By Marilyn, NV
To all the employees of this wonderful company, Thank You! With this Covid 19, and being 75 years old, I was introduced to your products through my daughter-in-law. Being a 75 year old woman at the time, I wasn’t much of a believer in taking vitamins. She introduced me to ProCaps Immune Factors, Vitamin C 500 Complex, Vitamin D3 5000, and Ultimate Women’s Wellness vitamins. I believe that is what got me thru this past year, and having Covid 19 with little to no symptoms. One of my favorites is the Marine Collagen Peptides with MSM, I add it to whatever I’m drinking with breakfast every morning. I can see the difference in my skin, even as old as it is!
my dog and I love this product
By Adrienne, CA
I have been taking Andrew's supplements since he first was on HSN and wouldn't take any others. I am 75 and have taken this particular product for a few years. My thirteen year old, eighteen pound dog was starting to slow down. About six months ago I started sharing this with my dog. I only give him about an eighth of a teaspoon sprinkled over his food and he loves it. Within about a week I noticed a big improvement in his energy. I have given him supplements since he was a puppy and he is very healthy. I can imagine how healthy he would be if Andrew would make dog supplements. Hint hint. Thank you.
Great great, Emma Guyton
By Amazon, NV
It’s true to what is said it would do my nails my hair my joint and help my knees a lot
Taking Andrew Lessman marine collagen, Deb B.
By Amazon, NV
I loved this collagen I put it right into my morning coffee /tea. I couldn’t taste it either bc I am soooo picky. I order every 2 months. Also his vitamins rock!!
Great product!, Kim S.
By Amazon, NV
Love this product. Used it in combination with the free range collagen peptides. Noticed improvement in my hair and less joint pain after only a couple of weeks.
Surprisingly Pleased!
By Linda, PA
After watching, listening and reading about collagen, I decided to give it a try, not really expecting to feel or see much or any difference...just knowing it can't hurt and may do some good. Well, I am now on month 3 of this and can say without a doubt that my skin, allover body and face, is noticeably softer than it ever was. I am on month 3 with Andrew's Marine version and would say I noticed the change after about a month or so. I am VERY happy...still hoping it does some good in ways I can't see...and will NEVER be without this. Thanks, Andrew.
Hair skin and nails, Dorothy Jones
By Amazon, NV
I have used this for years and I love it
If you are unsure, google Andrew Lessman. He is so informative. His products are fantastic!, Joy Bar
By Amazon, NV
Andrew Lessman and his scientific background pack a double punch. This product is fantastic and really does exactly whas it is suppose to do!
Backed up by science and doctors, Youth librarian
By Amazon, NV
I bought this from another vendor but am planning on buying it from Amazon from here on out because of price. I've taken this marine collagen in morning coffee for a month. How can I explain how much better my body feels. It's like if all your muscles and joints were dehydrated and shrunken down and then they've been rehydrated and plumped. A feeling of ease I didn't realize I'd lost. I feel ten years younger. Try the smaller size to see if you can get the same results. I'm going to take this as long as I have money.
Great help with easing pain!
By Christy, TN
Before I state my feelings on this product, I would like to say the Customer Service with this company is OUTSTANDING! Had issue with order, due to my computer, called and within 5 minutes, they answered, took care of issue with no hassle and said good bye! Now the product. Love it. Husband hates taking pills and has had pain in shoulder due to working 30 years in manufacturing plant. Finally convinced him to try. What a difference after a week of taking. Not full all pain gone then but as he took it each day, we could see big results, then his pain disappeared after about 2 weeks. Then the mistake. Bought something else. Now he is in pain again. So bought this again because I know it will work. Highly suggest.
I have a neck, Anna Mcclendon
By Amazon, NV
Ladies and gentlemen to I have been using this for over 3 years and what I see at 70 years old is I still have a neck? I am over weight, but I no fat on my neck, my face is still looking good. It takes years for these products to work but in the long run when you get to be my age you will be pleased.
love this stuff, Colleen G. Lowry
By Amazon, NV
great product been using it for over two years and does what it promises
VERY GOOD, Annette tancredi
By Amazon, NV
Collagen Peptides Work!, Marcie Blackman
By Amazon, NV
Feel and see great benefits from collagen peptides. Been using Andrew’s brand for years. Better price on Amazon right now than where I originally bought.
A must have if you want to look younger, Jamil ribeiro
By Amazon, NV
I am in my late 30 and when I got surgery to have my gallbladder removed I noticed something that I never noticed in my life. .....I never had dark circles under my eyes and I felt like my face was just starting to fall apart I took this with his Hair skin and nails and phytoceramides and I been on it since the summer now we’re in September of 2019 and everyone noticed that my under eye circles were almost gone and my skin was glowing. It brung the life into my face I will never stop using all three of his products because they truly are my favorites.
Natural taste, In style
By Amazon, NV
I like the collagen, it has a good taste and it boost y up.
It works, Jennifer Wilson
By Amazon, NV
My body felt better a week after starting to use this product...
Amazon has the best price, Alicia mcadams
By Amazon, NV
Use for Health reasons, and it makes a different.
Awesome Product!
By Colleen, FL
I've been using this product now for over a year....and the results are phenomenal...my hair and nails grow very quickly...and I've always had baby fine thin hair but since using this product it has gotten thicker...and in 59 years of age..and my workouts don't seem to affect my joints in a way where i feel stiff the next day....My skin is also alot softer and to me smoother as far as lines or wrinkles anywhere on my body...i will continue to us this product as long as they keep making...Way to go Andrew..i am a believer in this product and will also try other products they offer...
working very good! I purchased a second time., Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
working very good! I purchased a second time.
Excellent Product!
By Jill, CO
I am 68 years young and have been using Marine Collagen Peptides with MSM for a few years now, and definitely won’t be without it! It has certainly helped my joints, but can’t say whether or not it has helped my skin to improve or reduce any wrinkles. I do take Andrew’s Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails and notice I need to cut my nails every week (I do my own manicures each week). I’ve ordered the new grass-fed marine collagen with MSM since it is more economical. One thing I will say about the Marine Collagen with MSM is the fact that it has helped me lose 7 pounds effortlessly without changing my diet or exercise regimen! I recently read an article in one of the women’s magazines I read and in short, the article mentions: “After 50, women burn between 200-500 fewer calories per day. The primary culprit is a decrease in collagen production, which drops by up to 8% every year after 30, slowing fat burn. But studies show that increasing your intake of collagen peptides can boost the output of metabolism-revving hormones, lower levels of hunger hormones, and promote the formation of calorie-burning lean muscle mass. The proof: Study subjects who enjoyed a breakfast spiked with collagen felt 40% more satiated than those given whey or soy protein, and they ate 20% less at lunch four hours later. For best results, look for a powder that contains 2.5 grams of bio-active collagen peptides. Add one scoop or 2 tablespoons to your smoothie, oatmeal or yogurt. Bonus: You’ll reduce wrinkles by up to 20% in 8 weeks!”
Great product, Bonnie bresnyan
By Amazon, NV
My skin looks more youthful - the collagen - dissolves well in warm water.
This works, just give it some time
By Mary, NY
I have been using this collagen powder by Andrew Lessman religiously for a year now and I love it. This product actually works. My skin looks younger and my friends, family, and office colleagues have all noticed based on comments I have received from them. Everyone has different experiences but for me personally, this mixes better with a protein shake in a blender or with certain types of iced tea but you'll figure it out as you use it. Now here is the most important part. You need to be patient with this and use it on a daily basis for about 6 weeks before you see results. This is not a drug that works after 20 minutes. Instead, it's a natural product that takes some time to kick in. You need to stick with it and be patient. Some people see results after a week or two, but in my experience it took a bit longer, like a month or two. But trust me, it's worth the wait. You will see a difference in your skin and so will your friends. It works, I love it and you need to try it!
Works very well for fragile fingernails, SL-2336
By Amazon, NV
I have been having problems with my fingernails breaking very easily in the last few years and this product was recommended by a friend. I started using it and a month later my nails are like they were 20 years ago. Looking forward to seeing what other benefits manifest over time.
Awesome Product, Sumen Kor
By Amazon, NV
It blends well in any drink.
Terrific., Leilani
By Amazon, NV
Tried another brand I liked but had too much trouble with shipping so tested Marine Collagen - love it. I use 2 scoops<br />(spoon included is little) and noticed my hair is fuller.
By Georgia, WA
Thank you Andrew! I added this to my daily routine with 2 scoops in the evening apx 2 months ago and I have noticed that along with the Glucosamine 1500 and Chondroitin 1200, I can climb 3-4 flights of stairs w/out knee or hip pain! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I know that some say that it has a taste, yes a little bit, but since you came out with Sucress, I started adding just a tiny little bit and WOW it is like drinking sugar water! no taste at all!! I am still working on the same little packet for 2 weeks now, so just a very little amt of Sucress is all it takes....Please keep up the good work you do for all of us humans, pets and the environment. When are you running for President? You have my VOTE.
keeping me away from the 6th month cortisone shots, danny iselin
By Amazon, NV
Since I've been using this for 2 years, I haven't needed to return to the doctor for my usual cortisone shot on my once painful bone on bone foot.
Excellent product, Daphne
By Amazon, NV
Great when added to coffee
A healthy supplement, Karen Johnson
By Amazon, NV
I have been mixing this into my coffee for 1 1/2 yrs. I have gotten relief from my legs aching on long car trips. Increased energy, clear skin, and strong nails are all great side effects.
Mixes easily, pergus
By Amazon, NV
Great product!
Great product, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Felt the difference within a week. Great product
Quality product., L. Vieira
By Amazon, NV
I take this everyday. While I'm not sure if it works I know it's suppose to be good for you. I have arthritis and even tylenol dosen't help.
New hair growth, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
My husband had a hair transplant many May years ago. Over the course of his life, the majority of it just stopped growing. I cut my husband’s hair and has been taking the Collagen with MSN. The last year he has taken it religiously at night. As you can see, it’s growing back and his gray hair that is the remainder is getting much darker; it was pure white. If you look closely at his head you will see little tiny hair follicles. He now has strands of curly hair there. He has been taking this for his joints m, but who new he was getting a bonus.
Andrew Lessman’s supplements are the best, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Andrew Lessman’s supplements are the best. A hit pricy but worth the money. I was skeptical and kept getting mixed feedback about supplements until I noticed that when I didn’t take them, my hair wpuld fall out and my nails would peel. I take about 15 types now and I know they work.
I’ve got fingernails! And hair!, Tch1
By Amazon, NV
I love this supplement! My fingernails and even my hair are growing, growing!<br /> I cannot take biotin or use Rogaine because I am allergic to them. So this product is a god-send for me! It also makes my skin have restored elasticity and restored moisture! This has been helping my IBS symptoms. My husband allows me to make this up for him to drink too, so that means he must feel it helps him. I can see a difference in his skin too. I am 66 and he is 70.
Wonderful product once again Andrew!!, catherine
By Amazon, NV
I started using this because I know the benefits, for my skin........however it also is great for joint pain. This is a feel and see the difference product!!
Probiotic, Olive Oil
By Amazon, NV
Tasteless mixed in hot coffee, just used it for a week, hopefully I will benefit from its use.
Game changer
By Leslie, FL
Bought a small size to begin with and wow what a difference in the joints in my hands. I have since bought the largest size for HSN and use 2 scoop in my coffee each day. I would like to see in individual packages for traveling. Thank you for a great product.
So far impressed...
By Sandra, PA
I purchased with hesitation. Concerned about mentions of fishy taste which I would abhor. Also wondered if I would bother mixing it up each morning. Actually, much easier and more routine than I imagined. Proud of myself. Takes only a second to mix...room temp. water best. Then I take my morning vitamins with it at breakfast. No lousy taste or after-taste. In the past months, I have noticed my nails are seriously much stronger; harder and less breakage. My hair had been falling out due to stress and age. However, losing less hair now as well. Couple this with the Hair & Skin capsules. Seems to be working. Assume it's doing good for the other body parts I may not be noticing yet. I think it is making my skin feel plumper too. I am a believer, so far!
I have been using this for almost a year like my other product normally get from HSN but need ..., l
By Amazon, NV
I have been using this for almost a year like my other product normally get from HSN but need a quick order. This is not a magic bullet but what others have said about it making you feel better in your arthritic joints is true. I just mix two scoops with water/gatorade and drink before my morning walk. I can feel the difference not all the stiffness and bone on bone feeling. Think the protein is cushioning your joints. I have degenerative disk disease in my back and degenerative joint disease in both my feet and ankles. I also have psoriatic arthritis and it helps during the flares.
I love this product, aurie
By Amazon, NV
I have used this product for the past year. I mix it with my coffee in the morning. My nails are stronger, as well as my hair and skin appears more youthful. I am anxious to see my blood-work for any changes. I love this product.!!
Five Stars, loulou
By Amazon, NV
Really does dissolve easily, new hair growth, skin smoother and firmer!!! Love it....
Works great, Brenda
By Amazon, NV
Helping hair grow and nails grow to fast ,not like long nail
Does what it says, Elaine
By Amazon, NV
This product makes my skin feel so soft.
Excellent product and excellent results, Co&Be
By Amazon, NV
I have been using Andrew Lessman's products for a long time, buying either from his website, HSN or Amazon and I couldn't be happier to have added marine collagen peptides to my list.<br />I started using Lessman's marine collagen peptides about 5 months ago and I soon noticed I had more energy and my legs no longer got tired, for example, after I finished washing my vehicle, LOL.<br />A few days ago I had one more chance to test this product. Out of the blue, I got an intense pain in my left ankle that prevented me from walking. I immediately took 2 1/2 scoops of collagen in a little water and the pain was completely gone in less than one hour.<br />I am also giving this collagen to one of our dogs. She is a very picky dog and I had feared she was not going to accept taking it. I prepared 1 scoop in a bowl with a little water and, to my surprise, she licked all the collagen off. She has been taking it for 3 weeks now and willingly licks it off the bowl every time. Obviously it is her instinct telling her this stuff is good for her. We will never be without this great product.
High quality. Worth the money., MelloLady
By Amazon, NV
The nearest one can get to a facelift without going under the knife. Lol. Skin is glowing. And I appreciate the MSM.
Excellent collagen. My nails grow up very hard and ..., Claudia I Rubio
By Amazon, NV
Excellent collagen. My nails grow up very hard and with a shire tip as when I was a teenager....is good for stomach also. The other collagens I tried constipated me. 5 stars so far
Love this stuff, makes me feel good, Susan C
By Amazon, NV
Great price for the largest amount is always good. I can buy this product at 3 places (this is one) and when I need a refill I check all three for the best price at the time, most times it's Amazon and I get free s/h and have it in 2 days. So Amazon is the place!
This works, just give it some time - Highly recommend, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
I have been using this collagen powder by Andrew Lessman religiously for a year now and I love it. This product actually works. My skin looks younger and my friends, family, and office colleagues have all noticed based on comments I have received from them.Everyone has different experiences but for me personally, this mixes better with a protein shake in a blender or with certain types of iced tea but you'll figure it out as you use it.Now here is the most important part. You need to be patient with this and use it religiously on a daily basis for about 6 weeks before you see results. This is not a drug that works after 20 minutes. Instead, it's a natural product that takes some time to kick in. You need to stick with it and be patient. Some people see results after a week or two, but in my experience it took a bit longer, like a month or two. But trust me, it's worth the wait. You will see a difference in your skin and so will your friends. It works, I love it and you need to try it!
I highly recommend this supplement, Suzan Gibson
By Amazon, NV
I highly recommend this supplement. I have had hip and knee pain that hindered my activity. I noticed a definite improvement within a few days after taking it and also notice discomfort if I neglect taking it for a few days.
Five Stars, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
The Lessman products are very good. The convenience of Amazon!
Great product, Patrick Wolf
By Amazon, NV
This was ordered for my wife and she absolutely loves it!
Five Stars, John
By Amazon, NV
Really like this stuff.
Five Stars, Jan K. Alexander
By Amazon, NV
Drink this every morning. I feels as we age it gives us security in our health
My skin looks 10 years younger ??, Christina Marti
By Amazon, NV
The Best absolutely I feel my joints much better and my crape skin it’s gone , firm and tone
This product is a lifesaver., Linda Walters
By Amazon, NV
This product is a lifesaver. Since I'm on my feet all day I have been having problems with my knees ever since I started using this my knee pain has vanished
Be careful if you have Sulfa allergies...
By Bridget, FL
I loved this product when I first started using it. I was mainly interested repairing my intestines from too much gluten. Unfortunately the MSM in this product makes it so I can't use it any longer because I'm allergic to Sufa and the MSM causee me to have a reaction. There are lots of people who have Sulfa allergies and I sure wish Andrew would make a version of this without the MSM because I'd like to be able to use it.
Gives me more energy!!, Co&Be
By Amazon, NV
Ten months ago I bought a brand new BLACK Jeep. I am a freak when it comes to keeping cars clean but, unfortunately, the only car wash I trust is 60 minutes away from me so I decided, for the first time in my life, to wash my car. Every week, I spend one hour shampooing and drying my car. Before taking collagen, 45 minutes into my car wash, my legs would start feeling weak and I would get a general feeling of fatigue. This changed three months ago when I started taking these Marine Collage Peptides. They have completely changed the way my legs and my whole body feel.<br />In fact, only 6 days after I started taking this collagen, (only 1 scoop a day) I was washing my Jeep when I suddenly realized my legs felt much stronger, I did not feel tired and it looked that I had way more energy than in the previous washings. When I finished, I still seemed to have some energy left, something that was unthinkable before the collagen. Days later, it was time to wash the Jeep again, and I was wondering if I would feel equally energetic and I kind of feared I might get a disappointment. Fortunately, my second car wash under the effects of the collagen was equally satisfactory and ever since then, every time I have been reluctant to drive for 60 minutes to get my Jeep washed, I have done it myself with no leg weakness or feeling of fatigue. My hubby who NEVER washes his car himself is surprised at my strength. So am I.<br />A few days ago I decided to move some heavy suitcases that were still full of stuff. It was a stupid thing to do but had to be done. I soon got a bad pain on the right side of my back, so I used some acupressure and took SIX scoops of collagen. In less than 24 hours the annoying pain was gone. I now intend to permanently increase my daily dose to 2 scoops.<br />As for nails and skin, my skin feels smoother and my nails are growing faster and stronger. Really hooked with this product. I know there are more affordable collagen products, but I have been buying fro
works great!
By Darlene, OH
I bought this product for the first time in 09/2017. Wasn't sure what to expect...I'm 66 years old and just hoped it would do some good somewhere for my body. The unexpected benefit was the change in my fingernails! I have never been able to grow my nails out, I either would bite them or, if they did by chance grow out just a little, they would break, or tear once they grew past the top of my finger at the nail bed. I was always embarrassed of theway they looked. Now my nails are beautiful! I don't know what else to attribute the growth to. They are strong and not one of them have broke or tore. I absolutely love going to the nail salon now to get them polished. I believe my hair has been growing kind of fast too. I will have to measure the length next time I get it cut to see how fast it grows. Thank you Andrew!
Five Stars, Sharon Mcgee
By Amazon, NV
Love this - will keep ordering it - I am noticing good changes in my body - thank you
For better health, Sharon Mcgee
By Amazon, NV
Always good delivery - great product - seeing difference in hair and nails and overall health - will purchase again
Five Stars, Elmo Kivisalu
By Amazon, NV
very good product, no fishy taste, some other slight taste
awesome product, jakayd
By Amazon, NV
awesome product
LOVE This Product, Amazon Customer Lady D
By Amazon, NV
Love this product for skin and joints. Add it to my coffee, smoothie and hot tea.
Does exactly what it says it will do for your skin and joints., Brian W.
By Amazon, NV
My wife and I used this for two months and have been off of it for a couple of weeks and I can tell you that this stuff works. Being off of it really lets you, your joints and your skin know that this does what it says.
Finally Something That Works, ClothesMinded
By Amazon, NV
I bought this on a shopping channel and have been taking it for about 2mos. I had injured my knee and was considering hyaluronic acid injections. I went to 2 different dr.'s, was referred to yet another and by the time the procedure was approved, my condition had improved to the point where I am NOT getting any more shots. I attribute the fact that I healed to the use of this product. The first 2wks, I took 2 scoops, 3 times a day, then switched to 2 scoops every a.m., with Vitamin C. As the other person mentioned, it does have somewhat of a taste, but since the benefits are so great (I am also taking it to make my skin look better), I can live with that. I have taken all sorts of joint supplements, but this is the only thing that has ever given me such fantastic results. And it's worth every penny. So glad to find it here.
Five Stars, Herman S.
By Amazon, NV
like it
This collagen is amazing!! My hair, EK
By Amazon, NV
This collagen is amazing!! My hair, skin and nails have growth significantly because of the vitamins, minerals + added benefits of MSM - simply genius!! Please note: this product has a very light marine smell. It is powdery and can be mixed with water, juice or your favorite beverage. If you have an unrealistic idea of a pure product without any marine smell, then, keep looking, or continue your search for something synthetic or non-existent. Anything that strips natural flavor or smell is most likely fake. This product works and is genius of Andrew Lessman!!
By Eric, CA
Great deal! I could not pass up the chance to try something so effective and beneficial for the body. Its been about 3 weeks I see a huge difference in my appearance and the way I feel. I'm pushing 50 and the fine lines in my face has started to " fade" and diminish. This product is Awesome just excellent! I do a lot of hiking as well and It has especially helped my ankle and other joints in my body feel better. I take several Pro Cap products and all are Superior to any I have ever used. I purchase through HSN due to the vitamin Angel program! Excellent work!
Really Soft Skin?
By Julie, MO
I know this product has numerous benefits but it has softened my middle-aged skin like no other skin care product I've used! I stopped and resumed use to test this. This tells me that my body is absorbing the ingredients, effectively. I initially purchased as I've never had much luck with MSM capsules. Hoping this will alleviate my increasing arthritis issues and I will update my review in 6 months.
Surprising Results
By Daniel E., FL
A loyal customer of ProCaps convinced me to use a few of the company's products, and MCP with MSM was one. I did not change my diet or supplements, other than adding the MCP with MSM, for about a year. She said that it would improve my skin and help with my joints. While I cannot really tell with the former (I am a male and do not pay much attention to my skin--sorry!), I noticed an improvement in the fluidity of my joints within a few months. I have had knee problems since I was in my 20s, when I knew I was invincible, and I have taken collagen supplements since I was in my late 40s. I now am 62. Just for the knees, I decided to continue taking MCP with MSM. Then, about two weeks ago, I noticed that my finger nails lost the ridges I had since I was young and increased over time. Gone! About the same time, I was brushing my hair (I have a pony tail (less an issue of middle-age crisis but effective as the longest comb over in the world), and I did a double take. I had perhaps 10 percent gray hair, largely on the sides of my head, and it has reduced significantly, perhaps to 5 percent. Keep in mind, I am not saying that my gray hair is gone, but I know I have much less than before. So, there is another reason to continue my once-daily dose of MCP with MSM.
Will never live without this !, kaitlin
By Amazon, NV
I've been using this for almost 2 years. I initially bought it for joint health . It has helped with everything . My knee pain, all my joints feel better but most importantit my skin! If i stop taking this for a week, I notice differences in my whole body. My knee pain comes back, my bags under my eyes come back. This stuff made my crows feet go away, my skin tone even and bright , it made my facial scars go away, my hair is growing so fast and so think . My skin and joints are so thankful for this product
Won't go without!
By Kathy, IN
This has made a significant impact on the inside and outside of our bodies! My husband and I are near 60 years old, and began taking this 10 months ago. I noticed my skin became smoother, age spots have lightened, hair and nails are strong and healthy, and my eyelashes have thickened. We inadvertently ran out of this for 2 weeks. We both became stiff and sore in our problem joints (knees, ankles, elbows, backs). Never again will we run out of this again!
Suprising but amazing, Loa
By Amazon, NV
I noticed my boobs getting more full when I used this. Yes my skin was getting good. I expected that. But after having children my boobs weren't perfect and it improved them... that's not a joke. When I stopped using it. You could tell I needed it again.
I LOVE This . I Highly Recommend!
By Judi, NC
I started using the Marine Collagen Peptides when it first came out . Ok, then Andrew unrolled Marine Collagen Peptides with MSM... which in my opinion is the perfect Marine Collagen Peptides . I purchased two of the huge bottles (360) for a years supply . I hope he offers it (360) again in July . I use two scoops in every morning . My skin looks better and my joints feel MUCH better.
I liked the Marine Collagen, pbusari
By Amazon, NV
I liked the Marine Collagen. It changed a lot of activities that I can do . It is increased my leg and knees movements, whereas I had aother of pain from Arthritis. It improved my health alot.
Can See Result skin looks Younger
By Joanne, IN
I am amazed at the results I am getting from taking MCP with MSM. My 56 year old age spots every where on my body are reversing, completely disappearing. I even have had skin tags around my eye area that have disappear. My nails are getting healthier stronger. My knee pain is better. When I wear make up people on the street are asking what I use to take care of my face it looks so good for my age. I Love this product!
By Lynn, WI
I too am 65 plus, took this product because I was using asprin in the morning to get moving and reduce sore joints even begged to do dishes so warm water would get things loosened up and to say my wrists would ache. I say it HAS helped me no more pills in the morning I will continue to take this product (ps w/msm) almost afraid to stop
Will not be without
By Janet, CT
Have had problems with my hair for the last 14 years due to a med I took. I never thought that my hair would ever return to its fullness or luster. My girlfriend who had not seen me in about 7 months could not believe hot thick my hair had become. Also hair does not fall out anymore. If you can't tolerate fish you shouldn't be ordering in the first place, but for everyone else take my word I have tried everything and in all these years this is the only thing that has worked for my hair thank you Andrew you are a life saver, not to mention all of the other vitamins I take of yours. Great product
Ii Keeps Getting Better
By Judi, NC
I absolutely love the Marine Collagen Peptides with MSM , I have been using Marine Collagen Peptides since the first time it was offered by Andrew. I have SEEN and FELT positive results. Marine Collagen Peptides with MSM even better looking skin and better feeling joints . THANKS Andrew
Miracle Worker on Swollen Knuckles
By Connie, MO
Have been using 2 scoops daily in my coffee (can't taste in coffee) since July 18, 2016, the day I got it. So anxious for the skin improvement. Have spent thousands on skin care so that was the initial selling point. I also started taking the Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails. The knuckles on my right hand have swollen so much that I have not been able to wear ANY of my rings the past several months. Well, my Miracle is that I can now put on TWO of my rings! I am SO pleased. I'm 66 and retired in January 2016. In March, I started walking 30 minutes and now usually an hour six days a week. I'm sure now that this product will help my leg joints also. Now, I only wear makeup on Sunday's for church. I use my skin care products but not as often as I did prior to taking this product. I LOVE being 66 and retired! But I want to look as good as I can and feel as healthy as I can so I can enjoy many more happy years of retirement. Thank you, Andrew!
Absolutely no taste!
By Marylon, GA
Have not had the product long enough to say how it works BUT there is NO taste and it mixes wonderfully. If it works even better than without the MSM it will be GREAT !!! Another job well done Andrew. It was really nice surprise to see Muriel on camera more too.
No taste at all Seriously!
By Aimee, CA
Well, I am thrilled to receive my Marine Collagen Peptides with MSM. I read all of the reviews of people whining about the flavor and mixability. Let me tell you this: It is a very fine powder, and mixed very easily with room temperature water. No taste at all. Seriously! He really did improve the formula. Amazing. Just received it today, so can't comment on my skin just yet. I also take his Phytoceramides and HHS&N. My skin already looks wonderful. Cant' wait for my skin to only improve with this. Will keep you posted!!
Absolutely No Taste
By Barbara, CA
I was hesitant to purchase this after reading so many reviews regarding the bad taste and smell. I ordered the 30 day supply and it came today. I bought a bottle of Tart Cherry Juice at Trader Joe's just in case I needed to add to the plain water. Imagine my surprise when it was just like Andrew stated. "NO TASTE AND NO ODOR". I put a scoop in a shaker bottle and added purified water and shook for a few seconds. I am so sorry I didn't get the larger size and take advantage of the free shipping. I will add to this review after I have used the product for a few weeks.
By Marilyn, PA
I first started to use this product in April 2015. I have had two knee injuries to the left knee and one injury to the right knee. The left knee had an ACL tear many years ago, but became much worse with the second injury. (I fell down, on both knees, directly onto a concrete porch). I had grinding bone on bone with sharp, shooting pains after this. I was told I did not have any fractures. I resigned myself to an eventual knee replacement on the left, but figured I would give this product a try. I had been taking the Glucosamine 1500/Chondroitin 1200 with little relief. I added this product and continued to take the Glucosamine/Chondroitin. I noticed a little bit of difference, then more as time progressed. It wasn't until about a month ago, I realized that I no longer had the grinding and the shooting pain. Perhaps for those who do not see any relief with just using this product, try combining it with the Glucosamine/Chondroitin and give it time. As for stomach issues, I find that if I take it too late in the evening, I can get reflux, but taking in the morning or afternoon, no problems. I do take it mixed with two other powder products (one scoop only) which negates the taste from all three. Also, I do let it sit for a time and it will then mix easily. With this latest offer, I took advantage of it and ordered 2 (240 size), which gave me an additional discount. I will keep taking this product because it works and helps my arthritis throughout my body. As for the other benefits to skin, etc., I also take Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails, so boosted benefits there also. If you listen to what Andrew says and take his products as he recommends, you can't go wrong. I have been a satisfied customer for over 15 years--starting with HSN.
Great Results
By Amazon, NV
I have used 1 scoop of this product mixed into my morning coffee each day for a little over a year. I began using Marine Collagen Peptides to help with joint pain and stiffness I was experiencing when I would first get up in the morning. It has definitely helped. An added benefit is smooth glowing skin. It has taken a year of using faithfully, but my joints are so much less painful and my skin looks great. Although I have read negative reviews regarding mixing and a 'fishy' taste, I have to say that definitely has not been my experience using this product. I find that is mixes easily<br />into hot coffee. I've never tried to sprinkle it into anything like yogurt or a smoothie, so I don't know how that would work. I do not feel that there is any sort of flavor or odor about the product. Comes in a canister with a scoop. It is a tasteless, odorless, very fine powder. You mix one or two scoops (I use one) into a warm liquid or sprinkle on applesauce, yogurt, smoothie, etc. I guess in a way it is expensive, but I really feel it has really been beneficial for the health of my joints and the smooth glowing skin is a secondary benefit for which I am grateful. I will continue to use this product and I hope this review has been helpful for someone.
Wonderful Product
By Lynn, TX
I've only been taking the Marine Collagen for about a week. My knee pain is gone and my flexibility is amazingly better....I love this product...it works much better for me than other forms of collagen.
Start My Day With This
By Judi, NC
I put two scoops in my hot Andrews Jasmine Green Tea or coffee . I have been taking it since the first time it was offered . Helps my joints and skin. I hope Andrew does another special like on his podcast Thanks so much for this and all your great products
By Judi, NC
I ordered Andrew's Marine Collagen Peptides the first time it was offered. I will never (hopefully ) be without it . I use two scoops a day. I start my day with two scoops in hot coffee or hot Andrew's Jasmine Infused Green Tea. My skin looks better and my joints feel better. Honestly I purchased because Healthy Skin and Nails works so great (have taken it for years). Collagen has long been associated as a beauty maker . However , my joints have reaped soothing benefits of this product . Now, it is for my joints and skin. I take this daily as I said(two scoops) . I hope Andrew does another great special like he did on his webcast visit .
By Carol, OH
We take a whole lot of Andrew's supplements. This is for sure my fav. My husband puts it in cup and pours coffee on top. He doesn't even have to stir it. I mix it with chocolate Secure. I have spent a lot of money on face creams, serums, etc. None ever did what they claim. I have used this since the first day it was on HSN. My hair is growing so fast I can't believe it. Hope it helps joints. I also take ProCaps Glucosamine Chondroitin. Much better than at the drug store.
Marine Collagen Peptides
By Karen, TX
I mix this in a cup of hot water and wait a few min to let it dissolve completely. Then I use the hot water to make whatever I want (coffee, tea, etc.) I have had no problems with the taste as there is not much of one by itself, and when mixed with something there is basically none. I haven't used it that long (one month) so I'm not sure of any benefits yet. But I also take the Healthy Hair Skin and Nails and the multi vitamins so I'm sure that something is working!!! I think that my chronic pain may be a little more tolerable without pain medicine.
Noticeable Difference In Skin & Joints!
By Katherine, TX
So many ways to use this. I add it to my greek yogurt. I add it to my protein shakes. I add it to my daily green drink. I add 1 scoop to 2 c. organic greens; 1 cup frozen fruit {mixed berries+pineapple+watermelon}; cold water & a splash of lemon juice. My skin & eyes glow & my joints are no longer achy!!!
Love this stuff!!!
By Valorie, AZ
I am still on my first bottle of this awesome stuff, I purchased the 60 serving with a Todays Special. Haven't seen to much really happening yet but, I can tell you that before taking this I would wake up at night with some of the worst Charlie horses in my shins and ankles, usually in both at the same time making it impossible to get out of bed and walk them out. After starting this its only happened once and its because I forgot to take my Marine Collagen that morning, and boy was it a bad one in both ankles and shins so bad I wanted to scream. Thank God my husband was out of town because I sure did some hollerin'. I hope to see soon some of the benefits others are having as well. Not having the Charlie horses at night is good enough for me. I have ordered the large container and can't wait for it to come, surely I do not want to run out of this stuff. Thanks for the awesome product Andrew.
Any side effects
By Cathy, NY
Was wondering if anyone had a bad reaction to this product. I have IBS and was wondering if this product could react badly to this problem. Also if you take 2 spoonfulls instead of 1 can you take them at different times or should you take the 2 together. I would appreciate any feed back. Thanks
Excellent Results
By Patricia, PA
I started using this product about 9 months ago and it has been a worthwhile addition to my morning (Secure) protein shake. It is a little sweet but I find that it blends well with beverages-hot or cold. My skin has had the most dramatic improvement-smooth and wrinkle free on my face, neck everywhere; I have even noticed surgical scars diminish! My hair and nails have are smooth and strong. I have had joint issues with my hands, shoulders and back but now I don't; I'm able to exercise and work in my garden with no worries. Overall, this product is proof that it's about what you put into your body rather than what you put on it to improve your vitality.
Linda ~ OK
By Linda, OK
My nails have always been thin, crack & break easy. A couple times a year they will start growing but if I start taking care of them filing, polishing they will start splitting...Now after taking the 60 serving my nails are long, hard and not splitting. I am even able to use nail polish and they are not drying out. I'm on here to order more. Oh~ my skin & hair are looking better. My joints are not hurting as much. I am so glad I bought this product.
Simply Amazing
By Aiman, IL
I've been using this product for close to 9 months and its amazing. My skin looks great and my joints feel good. I'm a very active 45 year old man and go to the gym each morning before work. I was starting to get achy joints and this along with Omega 3 supplements are working incredibly. Don't hesitate to purchase both products. I want to address all the whiney (yes, you sound whiney) reviews that complain about the taste and the preparation of the product. If you don't like the taste purchase a small blender bottle and add 1/3 cup of water and 1/4 to 1/3 cup of your favorite juice. Shake it together for 15 seconds then let it rest a minute. It's perfect and complaints solved.
Mixes easily in yogurt
By Karen, CT
At first I was trying to dissolve this in water, crystal light and having no luck, but still drank it. I eat a yogurt every morning so tried it and it mixed easily and did not alter the taste at all. I take the glucosamine chondritin and have been for years but still needed to take a Motrin every now and then, it's been two weeks since I started taking this and have yet to take a Motrin. I've always had very healthy hair and nails, and for 60 I have very few wrinkles, though I do have these criss cross lines under my eyes and honestly they are looking better. This product has many benefits, so glad I tried it!!!!!
Fountain of youth in a jar
By Denise, CA
I am so excited to review this product.. I am 54 year old woman who has been taking this for about 3 months every day faithfully. I went to a plastic surgeon a couple weeks ago for consultation and he was commenting on how clear and wrinkle free my skin was. He said "you have good collagen" The min he said that all I could think of was this new supplement that I had been taking. I have noticed a difference in my skin also but to hear it from a plastic surgeon was the icing on the cake... Its easy to drink .I dont taste anything and it beats spending tons of money on topical creams that are only going to stay on surface of skin. This works from the inside.. Andrew.. this is Brillant!!! Thanks
Tried it and Like it
By Margaret, CA
I have been taking this for a few weeks. One morning I looked in the mirror (bed-head and no make-up) and thought, wow, I look really good! I had a glow to my skin and a shine to my hair that was so obvious I noticed it while still half asleep! But the best result is that my cuticles are healing. For about two years now, they have been dry and split easily. Within a short time of taking this supplement they improved dramatically. I still use the hand and nail creams I used before, but it took this stuff to make a difference. I don't understand why people reviewing it want it to come from the wild vs. a farm. No one has stated a reason for that. Just curious.
Great Product!
By Katherine, TX
I'm surprised at all the comments on the bad taste or inability to dissolve this product. To me it has zero smell or taste & dissolves easily. I add it to protein shakes in the blender; I add it to yogurt that has been sweetened with stevia & fruit; I add it to steel cut oats; etc. So many ways to get your servings in each day.
Great product
By Charlene, CA
Thank you for another great product. I have been using it for about one month for my joints. It has taken this long to begin to see results. Too my great surprise, my skin, nails and hair are looking fantastic! I have taken Hair, Skin and Nails for some years and have been very pleased. Now, my skin seems to have plumped up and my hands look younger. All this in just one month. I plan to take it as long as Andrew makes it. For those who don"t like the taste, I stir mine into my oatmeal with a little cinnamon or vanilla. I use almond milk, coconut milk or low fat cow's milk. Sometimes I add whey powder to it. It's really good. Some days, I make smoothies and add the Collagen to that. My husband really likes the smoothies. Please don't give up on the taste. Just add it to something you like and you may be pleased. Give it a little time to see the results. No one ever believes that I am about to turn 75 because my skin looks so good. Thank you, Andrew for your wonderful products. I take a number of your products and really listen to your advice.
Wonderful supplement
By Charlee, CA
I love this supplement. It does dissolve in water just fine, not exactly instantly, but with a bit of mixing. I consider this not a problem because, how could this be any issue at all considering the benefits? I find it's taste to also be not bad at all. After few days of mixing this supplement with my diatomaceous earth drink, I begin to simply consuming it straight from the scoop. It tastes like an unsweetened powdered milk with a tiny bit of "kelp" type of aftertaste. Not bad at all!! and the "kelp like"/algae" aftertaste I find should be expected, since this is a marine origin product. The results so far are, that my skin appearance is smooth and has a sort of defused look. Can't wait to see the further progress and improvements to my skin. I am so happy that it is completely sugar/sweeteners of any kind free! Thank you Andrew for bringing this product to us.
By Jean, TX
For me....I'm grateful this is not in a capsule as I don't swallow them well...so thank you for that! I know my joints feel better from being on this one month and my skin looks better too! I don't plan on stopping this great product! Here's my suggestion for those who are trying to mix with a glass of water or liquid and claiming it's not tasting good, or dissolving....just mix it with some yogurt that is already sweetened, or I add a spoon of organic jelly to mine and you don't even know it's in there!! Also, applesauce, ice cream, anything like that works like a charm...so don't give up and not use it cause you are having trouble with mixing in liquid.....just mix in solid!
By Tara, NY
No unpleasant taste. Mixes just fine. Very few clumps when stirred, no big deal. No clumps when you add to beverage and shake it. Thank you for making this in a powdered form. How about reds and greens in powdered mix? Good stuff!
Number of servings, Diana G. Strong
By Amazon, NV
I have only used this for 2 months now so I am not sure if it is helping me yet but the thing I have noticed is that it is suppose to have 30 servings per container and I have only gotten 26 per each one. I only use one level scoop per day and it has not lasted the full 30 days.
Wonderful product!
By Charlee, CA
Some would say that I am obsessed with not looking my age, and with the help of long list of your supplements I am taking every day, I am proud to say that I am achieving this goal. For this product, I am taking two scoops every day and see fabulous difference in my skin. Sometimes I would get lazy for a few days and forget to mix it with my water, and when this happens I see a difference in my skin appearance. With that said, the only reason I am giving it four stars, is because I would love for you to consider going back to the very original version, when it comes to its taste. I did simply consume the original version straight up, without mixing it with any liquid. It tasted simply as kelp, but I know that many didn’t like it :(.... this version is impossible to consume without devolving it, because it tases like baking soda. I know I will probably not win this argument lol, but I am giving my best try. Anyway.... this is a wonderful product and if you want to look forever young (like I do lol) you should not be without it.
Decent, T
By Amazon, NV
No flavor & mixes well but tiny bottle & found better product.
Decent, TNT
By Amazon, NV
No flavor & mixes well but tiny bottle & found better product.
Good product, Hernandez
By Amazon, NV
I have been using and loving different brands of bovine collagen peptides from amazon for almost a year. Thought I would give this a try when I saw it on HSN lol. Glad to see it sells here too because it is just as good as the non-marine collagen peptides, and less calories if you're counting : )<br />The only thing I worry about is the msm..only because I don't know much about it. I may order it without the msm, they have an original without it.
By Amazon, NV
I love Dr. Lesman products, buy them from a shopping channel, glad to see products on Amazon. Collagen Peptide dissolves easily in water, without a bad after taste. I missed reading the marine protein came from Tilapia. Unless he's raising his own Talapia without hormones and all the nasty stuff in these fish farms (that have been banned in other countries), I will buy another brand, next time. I'm surprised Tilapia is in this protein, because, his products are normally superior.
really helps with joint pain but i do taste it
By Bridget, NJ
i use this for my knee pain. it really helps.My knees were giving me pain when walking up and down the steps and the pain is almost gone since taking this everyday. But i dont really like the taste. I am surprised when people say it has no taste. I dissolve it in hot water because it doesn't dissolve well in cold. To describe the taste it is almost like slight vodka taste. Like if you added a tiny splash of vodka to water very mild but there. Maybe I just have sensitive taste buds. But i will drink it for the benefits it gives me
Great product, stuart
By Amazon, NV
I love how this collagen makes my skin feel. I am unable to give it 5 stars because while there is no taste, there is a smell but I just pinch my nose and all is good in the world. The difference in my joint pain and especially my meniscus thanks you!
Four Stars
By Amazon, NV
Thank you this product does work!
Four Stars
By Amazon, NV
I like it
I do recommend
By Amazon, NV
Ok, so the work...recommended
Taste is fine
By cam, CT
My husband & I just received the product and have taken it each twice. No problem dissolving in water, just wait an minute or two. We both thought there was absolutely no taste. Can't wait to start seeing/feeling results. We are taking this for our joints but skin benefits is a real bonus.
Mix with Banana
By Rosemarie, OH
I found the best way to take this produce is to use 1/2 of a banana. I put the power on top of the banana, mashing it into the banana and it leaves no taste and it dissolves nicely. If you like banana's this is a great way to hid the Marine Collagen. I have not taken it long enough to make any comments on results but I feel this good for me to use daily.
By Carol, FL
I found a beverage that helps with the taste...lemonade! I also mix the two by shaking in a mixing cup and it dissolves just fine. Will rate again as I see results.
Container not full, Heather Hall
By Amazon, NV
I love this product but this is my second container in a row that is not completely filled. I am now paying the amount of a 2 months supply yet only getting one month's worth. I may need to look into an alternative brand.
Over priced, elaine
By Amazon, NV
Too expensive
Not as advertised, Darlene
By Amazon, NV
I'm not sure if this is working as described, but the advertisement says that you cannot taste the product. I have been able to taste it in everything I've mixed it with, coffee, water, etc. Not a fan.
Carol, FL
By Carol, FL
Mixed with water, ice tea, and coffee, but taste not very good. Will try mixing with other beverages. Not sure I can continue using product, unless I find a beverage that will improve the taste. Would recommend changing to capsule form, if at all possible.
Looking forward to the Heath benefits but...
By Joe, NJ
Super fine powder which is great but does not mix very well with cold drinks. Clumps a bit. Perhaps a capsule version would be better. But I'm glad I bought it to try.
Gross, Mary Pat Olszewski
By Amazon, NV
This is NOT "flavor neutral" as the container claims! It actually tastes disgusting! Will not buy again!
Have purchased 3 times, something off on this one, VickyC
By Amazon, NV
I have been using this product since it was launched. I had been ordering it from HSN then directly from Lessman and finally from Amazon. I opened this container 4 days ago and there is a definite smell to the product that is not normal. Not sure what is going on but definitely different from all the previous batches. Even has a slight aftertaste that is not in the other batches. Not sure if they changed the product, sourced differently or what but will not be reordering from this source.
Not for me, Meggie
By Amazon, NV
I gave this a good chance, but for me, I didn’t see any improvement. The testimonials are good, and I am certain for some it must work great, but for me and my “ailments”. I saw no difference.
Two Stars, Wendy Gatlin
By Amazon, NV
New to this. No difference yet noted.
Two Stars
By Amazon, NV
Didn't do what it said it should do.
By Trisha, IL
Love product, hate bag. Product falls over, product gets stuck in slider mechanism, awkward storage. Purchased plastic container then transfered to smaller container... it's a BIG miss. Either product is offered in bag and plastic bottle, OR over time as I lose old plastic containers.... I will not reorder this or secure products.
Less for your Money !, Gwendolyn D Irish
By Amazon, NV
Come on people I purchased this product some months ago and now I get smaller container and half full. This is ridiculous not to mention insulting. I doubt this is a 60 day supply . Looks like I will need to shop for better buy looking at your competitors. If you skimp on amount my fear is you will do the same on product.
By Sigrid R., MN
made my acne flair( BADLY)-too much iodine,perhaps? or just inflammation from MSM?...out $180, too late to return. next product buy smallest size & keep packaging in case of return. bummed...smells bad,too. iodine can exacerbate acne..p.s. i take great care of my skin & have beautiful skin for my age
NO DIFFERENCE SEEN, antoinette panico
By Amazon, NV
my partner and I have taken the product since 7/20/18--first month we were at one scoop each then 2nd month to present 2 scoops each--results: ABSOLUTELY UNREMARKABLE ---we have not noticed any improvement whatsoever in our wellbeing --on research I've done the product really can't be substantiated ---also the research says that if you're already healthy you won't notice anything --sort of like taking vitamins --I will finish the full size tub I ordered in about a month and will not reorder---we are 49yrs and 54yrs old and I guess we're healthy and didn't need the added benefit--our hair/skin/joints/nails/bones and blood vessels remained the same--no improvement at all<br />p.s.--my partner had to get knee surgery 3 wks ago-- he tore his meniscus--so much for the helping of the joints--lol<br />I bought this on HSN as a TS that is why I can't be verified
So glad I switched because you can definitely see a difference, Todd
By Amazon, NV
Used it for 60 days consistently. Didn't do a thing, so I went back to my other collagen peptide protein powder. So glad I switched because you can definitely see a difference.
Allergic Reaction
By Catherine, NY
I was unable to tolerate this supplement. It gave me serious skin rashes on my body and face. This product is derived from tilapia, a species containing the allergen tropomyosin, very similar to the allergen in crustaceans. In fact, marine collagen has been known to cause serious allergic reactions no matter what fish or shellfish is the source. I have doubts about this supplement, which can also cause hypercalcemia and other problems. So disappointing, because it's a great supplement if you can tolerate it.
No Difference
By Karen, UT
I have been taking 1 scoop twice a day for at least 3 months. My skin looks worse. I have seen no difference. I have more hip and joint pain. I don't know why this won't work for me.


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Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 Scoop (5 g) (3 1/2 tsp.)
Amount Per Serving . .
Calories 20
Protein 5 g
    Marine Collagen Peptides      5 g
† Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients:

Common Allergens: Fish - Primary ingredient is derived from fish (tilapia). 
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