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NEW Essential 1™ with 2000 IU Vitamin D3 - Capsules | Multivitamins
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Delivers all the benefits with the convenience of a one-per-day multivitamin, plus 2000 IU of Vitamin D in an easy-to-swallow capsule, without any additives or impurities typical of most leading brands.
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Andrew Lessman's ESSENTIAL ONE delivers the world's most advanced single capsule multivitamin. Essential One is a pure healthy alternative to all the problems of typical multivitamins. Our small, easy-to-swallow capsules eliminate the additives and upset stomachs of hard-to-swallow multivitamins. We also ensure that all key nutrients are provided in their proper forms and at their most beneficial levels. Essential One provides high potencies of Vitamin D3 (2,000 IU), Methyl B12 (100 mcg), along with a complete B-Complex, including our unique 5-Methyl Folate and 40 times more Biotin (for beauty) than the leading brands. We provide all of the costly carotenoids; Lutein, Lycopene and Zeaxanthin; along with a dozen other essential nutrients. Essential One is gentle even to the most sensitive stomachs providing all the convenience and affordability you seek in a multivitamin without the stomach upset, additives and other problems of large, hard-to-swallow and difficult to digest typical multivitamin tablets. Consume one capsule daily or as recommended by your physician. As with any dietary supplement, this product is most effective as part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle.


My second bottle of these. Getting my husband to try them this time., Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Used this product to replace my usual senior adult vitamin. They are more expensive, but I think they are work it.
ProCaps is always your best choice for quality, Andrea
By Amazon, NV
I have been using this product and his others for over 20 years. His vitamins are the best. Even my girlfriend who is a scientist chooses these also. They are always fresh and packaged well. Customer service is great.
Easy to swallow, vfleming
By Amazon, NV
Easy to swallow no stomach upset
Trust the product, Dianne L. Webster
By Amazon, NV
For one, I hate taking pills and one only needs to swallow one capsule per day. Plus I feel they are effective and I trust Andrew Lessman's products.
My second bottle of these. Getting my husband to try them this time., Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Used this product to replace my usual senior adult vitamin. They are more expensive, but I think they are work it.
ProCaps is always your best choice for quality, Andrea
By Amazon, NV
I have been using this product and his others for over 20 years. His vitamins are the best. Even my girlfriend who is a scientist chooses these also. They are always fresh and packaged well. Customer service is great.
Easy to swallow, vfleming
By Amazon, NV
Easy to swallow no stomach upset
Trust the product, Dianne L. Webster
By Amazon, NV
For one, I hate taking pills and one only needs to swallow one capsule per day. Plus I feel they are effective and I trust Andrew Lessman's products.
Decent Multi at Affordable Cost, Chick Norris
By Amazon, NV
I actually ordered these direct. Probably the best quality Mutli I've found in years. It's best to eat your nutrients, but if you're going to take a 1-a-day, this is a great one. I do not take these everyday, just on days when I think my nutrition is lacking. So, one bottle of 60 pills will last me a few months more than the 2 they are slated for.For people complaining about vitamin D ... Vitamin D is a hormone produced by the kidneys. You can't eat it. I mean, you can, but it's essentially useless. If you spend 20 minutes outside a day - getting that good 'ol Sunny D - you will help your body more than taking a pill. I'm not saying don't supplement, but learn how your body works and if you are going to take vitamins/minerals, take the most active form. And if at all possible, eat nutrient dense foods - you will get a lot more out of those than synthetic or substitute vitamins/minerals.
Best multi I've ever used, Wolf29
By Amazon, NV
Have tried several different multis over the years but always come back to Lessman's. I have used his packets in the past and they are great but wanted something good in just one-a-day. For just a single capsule a day it has great, pure ingredients and goes down easy. Actually quite the small capsule for all the goodness it has. Price is fair for almost a year's worth. Don't see myself trying out any others ever again. These have served me well.
Happy with purchae, Chris
By Amazon, NV
We have been taking these for years now and they have improved our health. Will continue buying them.
Better than the cheap brand, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Works fine
Best vitamins, MSBM
By Amazon, NV
Easily digestible. No belching!
Helpful, Sandy
By Amazon, NV
I was amazed that this helped my intestinal issues right away.
Don't let aday go by without them, Theda Miller
By Amazon, NV
I was sharing a bottle with my husband and ran out early. Order two bottles. One for you and one for him. Great product
Includes all your needed essentials, Brewster
By Amazon, NV
Easy to swallow
Excellent Multi, dakco
By Amazon, NV
Excellent multi. Doesn’t upset my stomach.
Fabulous nails!, Mimi T
By Amazon, NV
This is a quality vitamin with the higher dose of Vitamin D I need for my RA. An added bonus that I didn’t expecting is strong, fast growing nails. These babies are unbreakable. Love it!
Simply the BEST!, DUFFY O
By Amazon, NV
I’ve been using Andrews vitamins for over 25 years and recommending the the whole time! I’ve spent hours reading the pros of the ingredients in each tablet! He has introduced me to popular vitamins before they were popular like CoQ10! He always recommend that you stay with this. Compared to the 25 most bought and used vitamins in the US these exceed the amount of ingredients on each level there was a study that was done by ProCaps who makes these. His vitamins have helped me in so many ways and I love recommending the right one (if I know of one pill) to friends and family members because I know they are the best, they work and you can feel the rrr err results! One of my favorites is his meal replacements the coffee is my favorite it has everything if you were to eat the perfect healthy meal! They are only 60 or 80 calories per serving and over the years the have gone down in price, you just mix a scoop with water and I swear it’s delicious! The HAIR.SKIN AND NAILS works so fast my nails and hair grow so fast and my skin looks & fells healthy and looks healthy too! Trouble with leg cramps or your joints I recommend his Circulatation Vein Support got healthy legs and the Glucosamine 1500 w/ Chondroitin 1200 for all your joints. He gives explanation with each product of the benefits when you pull up the page. With this product the Daily Essentiial 1 he offers extra vitamin D3 1000, 2000,3000mg close to no extra cost and has been recommending it for years since the average American is deficient in this vital vitamin and you hardly ever heard about D3 to COVID-19! He offers a guarantee on all his products. Catch him on HSN if you want to get a true feeling of how much he cares, how he has charts to educate you on how the products work, they search all over the world for the highest quality product! My husband is diabetic and Andrews vitamins have brought all his levels to the right place! He has a chocolate for high cholesterol that is so delicious! I believe he went to
Health., Yu King
By Amazon, NV
Good flavor easy to swallow with good value.
To your health, BH
By Amazon, NV
I have used these before. Easy-to-swallow and gentle on your stomach. Made in the USA. Check them out,
One of the best multi’s, Taylor
By Amazon, NV
Good sized capsules. Good quality vitamin. The only multi I will ever buy again!
The complex of vitamins is wonderful when compared to others, slow2join
By Amazon, NV
For medical reasons, I have been taking a prescription vitamin B complex for years.. However, it seems as if Lessmans has all the vitamin Bs. I am thinking of stopping the my prescribed B complex which is costly and not covered by insurance. I also like the fact, it does not contain vitamin K.
Repeat Customer, M
By Amazon, NV
Does not upset stomach like other brands do. Quality ingredients which other brands do not contain.
Zero carbon footprint! Great vitamin. Fresh, Frances Staunton
By Amazon, NV
Easy to swallow, leaves no after taste.
Vitamins, Juanita Cotton
By Amazon, NV
I was happy the capsules were small and easy to swallow, would purchase again.
Natural ingredients, Luz Thrash
By Amazon, NV
Gentle in stomach
Best quality & best value for your money!, CL Vela
By Amazon, NV
Best multi vitamin & mineral I’ve tried. I trust Andrew Lessman & believe he is sincere about bringing the best quality & lowest price to all<br />of his customers. I like these vitamins & use 4 other formulations he has available.
Good supplement, RL
By Amazon, NV
Yes, it meets my expectations as I use it first part of the day and then use other supplements the rest of my daily use ...
Love Andrew’s products!, A. Zaboski
By Amazon, NV
I love all of Andrews products. No additives, or flavors and even the fish oil is perfect and doesn’t taste bad. I highly recommend his products! Very high quality.
I can feel the difference and lab work confirms, SEAN JOYE
By Amazon, NV
I bought these vitamins first for the quality and standards I read about. I can honestly say I feel better. My doctor ordered lab work done and the vitamins in my blood went from low B6 to high and B1 was normal . So I figured the low vitamin D I had previously will be improved also. I also go to a gastro specialist because I have a ring in my esophagus which make it hard to swallow big pills and I had no problem with this capsule.
Best Multivitamin on the market, Jackie Opaon
By Amazon, NV
I have been taking Essential One for years. I have no reservation it is the BEST multivitamin on the market.<br />My energy level increased dramatically.
Superior quality!, Collette Imoto
By Amazon, NV
Andrew Lessman makes the best quality supplements with more of the ingredients than it’s competitors. Superior products. Thanx Andrew!
Good multi vitamin, Luke Maynard
By Amazon, NV
Makes me feel great
Andrew Lessman is the best for your money if you want to notice it difference!!, Sheryl Amazon Custo
By Amazon, NV
Andrew Lessman vitamins are the best you can buy and actually notice a difference in how you feel !! I've tried many lines of vitamins and supplements but when got Andrews I knew within a few day's I'd be a customer for life. They are made with such high quality. I notice I have more energy, my leg cramps, Charlie horses are gone and I had tried taking straight potassium but this works better. His legs vein and circulation has stopped not only mine but my Mom's restless leg syndrome. Not too mention no varicose veins at all !! I'm 51 and sit and stand long hour's for my job. My dad had surgeries for his varicose veins but I got him a bottle of vein circulation when<br /> A couple minor started to come back and they're GONE! He has no more issues with them since starting the product)
Excellent, Diane Luce
By Amazon, NV
Take these every day. Easy to swallow, feel every thing I need is in these vitamins.
Very good vitamins, skm
By Amazon, NV
We like that there are many vitamins in these so there is no need to buy others.
Great health value., Cindy
By Amazon, NV
Andrew Less man's vitamins are easy to swallow and do not cause stomach upset like so many other brands do.
Very happy with these vitamins., Flying Lady 76
By Amazon, NV
Excellent quality. No SOY!!! That is a big determining factor for me. The quantity of vitamins and minerals are at levels not available in other vitamins that I have taken. Would highly recommend. I am on my 2nd bottle and have no plans to change.
Highly, highly, highly recommend, MsLeah
By Amazon, NV
Great product. Been using Andrew Lessman's Pro Caps Lab products since 2006. This company has a creator with passion that is only outdone by the fact that Pro Caps Labs has ZERO competition. I often tell people if I lived in Nevada I'd of figured out how to get a job at PCL because it'd be great to work for a company that didn't make you feel like you want to take a bath when you arrive each day.<br />If you're looking for a superior product line, you're never gonna do better & you can use flex pay/Easy pay on QVC/HSN.<br />God bless Andrew Lessman for having the audacity to provide clean, beneficial supplements that improves your life period. How about that?
Dissolves quickly., Joann Schieber
By Amazon, NV
Noticeable difference from other brands. Dissolves quickly.
Great Product, Msimplestott
By Amazon, NV
Only brand I buy
You need it, James Kirk Donovan
By Amazon, NV
Amazing value for quality and number of capsules. Never found a better vitamin
Locally sourced and made, Hillary P.
By Amazon, NV
Best multivitamin out there!!
The best multivitamin, zwanbar
By Amazon, NV
The best multivitamin I have taken<br />It’s a life changer, thanks again Andrew
Great!!, DF
By Amazon, NV
Simple vitamin to take
They have done no harm, J. David
By Amazon, NV
They do color the urine in a way no other vitamin in my experience has done, and I do not know if they are any better than Centrum Silver, but I am healthy so here's to the Essentials!
Easy to swallow, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Easy to swallow multivitamin without the nasty aftertaste.
Best Vitamins, Michael Gain
By Amazon, NV
Fantastic vitamins at a fraction of what others cost.
By Amazon, NV
Excellent multi vitamin!, shoefetish247
By Amazon, NV
Excellent product!
Will never be without, GeorgiaPeach
By Amazon, NV
Love this product so much I will definitely order other supplements of his. Never bother my stomach whether empty or full. I broke my fibula bone in December 2020, had surgery that same month, and suddenly grew very serious about my bone health. Although my bone density scan came back normal, I take these supplements with D3 to ensure I get the necessary intake of essential nutrients going forward and I plan to never be without them. And when it came time for me to trust a supplement, I chose Andrew Lessman because he’s passionate and brilliant about his craft. I feel that passion comes through in his products. Love his educational videos. Extremely helpful and informative.
Small pill, once a day, and makes a difference so far!, Peacemaker7
By Amazon, NV
I see the big difference already for taking this pill since a month. I have extra energy, less hair falling out and other health benefits when taking this pill. It is a small pill, no side effects, easy to swallow, and only need to take one pill a day which is amazing. Highly recommend it!!!
Best vitamins I feel you can buy, an value., Darlin from midwest
By Amazon, NV
Great vitamins, great quality. Andrews knowledge is unbelievable.
It is a really good produc., Cesar Gald
By Amazon, NV
Easy to swallow.
Daily Vitamin, Betty L. Ross
By Amazon, NV
Best and most complete vitamins we have ever used.
Number 1 Vitamin You must Take, Debbie Moore
By Amazon, NV
Best multi vitamin from a great company. I’ve been taking these for 5 years.
Clean High Potency..., Mary Jones-Giampalo
By Amazon, NV
I'm on my second bottle and I'm making this vitamin supplement permanent...Only once a day and easy to swallow...High quality formula with eco friendly packaging...Andrew Lessman offers other high quality supplements too...I'm also taking the Turmeric Cur-cumin with vitamin C...
Andrew Lessman vitamins, Linda J Carlson
By Amazon, NV
Love Andrews vitamins
Great, Mary Smith
By Amazon, NV
Goes down and stays down.
Does not make you sick to your stomach if taken without food!, Anonymous
By Amazon, NV
The product can be taken on an empty stomach and has never made me nauseated like most multi vitamins. I have been taking Andrew Lessman vitamins for years.
Happy Happy Happy, Barb How
By Amazon, NV
I finally found a multi that I don’t throw up!!!! God bless who ever finally figured out fillers do that and I don’t have to wait and see if it will stay down!
Effective and tolerable, Jamie
By Amazon, NV
I purchased these for my son who has IBS-C, he is able to tolerate these with no stomach aches! Our family loves these vitamins.
Good multivitamin, m.hewes
By Amazon, NV
I’ve been taking these vitamins for several months now. Easy to swallow & they do not upset my stomach. They seem to have a good amount of various vitamins and minerals so I feel like they’re good for my health.
Start now..., peterbilt
By Amazon, NV
Using for years..great.
Didn't feel a difference, miroslava golovach
By Amazon, NV
Didn't feel difference from other vitamins
Best multivitamin I have ever taken!!!!! Do yourself a favor, Sozo
By Amazon, NV
I am purchasing this vitamin for the second time. I have found the multivitamin I have been looking for my whole life. I have enjoyed talking this vitamin. It is well worth the money. Thank you for a quality product ??
Dont freak out when your pee changes color, Joseph Godlewski III
By Amazon, NV
My only problem is that I peed different colors for a week and still is gold I dont know if it is cleaning stuff out but it seems it's not absorbing all the vitamins. But it was easy to swallow and did not upset my tummy at all.
The best vitamins you'll ever find, Elizabeth Oliver
By Amazon, NV
I love these vitamins they are the best Elizabeth Oliver
So far, so good., Brad G Whitney
By Amazon, NV
My wife and I load up in the fall with various vitamins to fortify our immune systems but this year our diets have suffered - why? Covid I guess.We researched multi vitamins and this one stood out. Even "expert" doctors say they are not necessarily any help.We have remained healthy so far. I know there's likely to be more bad weather but am pleased that we have not even had a sniffle!
The best, Lori Ashway
By Amazon, NV
This is quite possibly the best multi vitamin on the market. Do your comparison. Higher levels and more bio available types of vitamins in it.
Great vitamins, Kim
By Amazon, NV
Love Andrews vitamins. Would not take any other!
Great Vitamin for folks with sensitive stomach, Toronto Girl
By Amazon, NV
Does not cause stomach distress.
Excellent Product!, ALEJANDRA
By Amazon, NV
Excellent product, easy to swallow and a brand that never fails to deliver quality !
Always a great buy...., LilVee
By Amazon, NV
These supplements are easy to swallow, no flavor, or after taste, and not too thick. Great supplements.
Easy to swallow small enough, Georganne Martin
By Amazon, NV
Very easy to swallow does not come back to you if you burp!!
I love these vitamins., happy_customer
By Amazon, NV
I'm very happy with these vitamins.
Excellent Vitamins !!!, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
I love this product, easy to swallow. More energy...<br />I recommended for everyone...
Won’t find myself without these again., Grace
By Amazon, NV
These capsules are easy to swallow. I found myself without them for a week and my husband and I noticed a big difference in my energy and strength as did was tired very quickly. I try never to go without them anymore.
Awesome, robert arbolaez
By Amazon, NV
Great product
Great multi vitamins, amab
By Amazon, NV
These multi vitamins are wonderful and you can really feel a difference
Good Product., Anon
By Amazon, NV
These are very good. Will reorder.
Fabulous multi-vitamin
By Michelle, FL
My family has been taking this multi-vitamin for years and it has been a beneficial part of our daily vitamin regimine. We have spent the last several years not even having a sniffle, much less an actual cold or flu. Now, we exclusively take Andrew's vitamins, and we are not only big fans of his products, but also his willingness to educate the public on vitamins and supplementation in general. I've learned so much over the years. I'm grateful for how his products have been an integral part of our healthy lifestyles. Even if you only take one vitamin, take this one. It is packed with so many important vitamins. You can't get even the vitamin D or C quantities in another brand's multivitamin. This is worth every penny!
The best
By Arlene, NJ
I have been taking these for years along with other products from Andrew. I would tell anyone who needs a good multi this is it. They are so easy to swallow compared to the hard rock vitamins out on the market. Thanks
satisfied customer
By Sue, WV
While I have not noticed a difference in how I feel while taking these supplements and in some of the other products I take (all Andrew's), I feel my body is reaping the benefits due to the fact he researches his products and brings us the best - as it should be since we are paying high prices for his products. God willing, as long as I can afford to purchase his products, I will. Thank you Andrew for all the research and care.
The best vitamin, William Edward Texter
By Amazon, NV
The best vitamin
Good, Gail
By Amazon, NV
Love Andrews product
Easy on the stomach, howboy
By Amazon, NV
This is my all-time favorite multi. No stomach distress at all. I believe that it contains most of the essentials I need to help keep me healthier.
They are pure and have what I need, Edna
By Amazon, NV
Easily digested and pure
Good product, 3DogNight
By Amazon, NV
I trust this company. Don’t see how a hard tablet from another company would have the same effectiveness.
By Michele, NC
Perfect blend of what you need as a supplement!
Been using this for years, BrownQT
By Amazon, NV
A former co-worker and now very great friend recommended these vitamins to me because I always hated the fact of taking a daily multivitamin. I can now say I’ve been taking this vitamin for owner 10 years and I’m still pleased with it. Gives you most of what you need and it’s the only vitamin I take.
Great quality vitamin!, L. D. from BK
By Amazon, NV
Easy to digest capsules.
best vitamins, Janet Dube
By Amazon, NV
I love these vitamins, i am 77 years old and have no medical issues since taking these vitamins.Best vitamins for the price
its avitamin, Bret H
By Amazon, NV
helps get your daily needs
Good stuff. really!, Anthony Gasso jr
By Amazon, NV
I love this brand. I can actually feel a difference from a brand that i used to take which was of a whole foods company. I used to take these whole food capsules yet still got sick. These 1 essential brand are high quality. I never get sick anymore, even if i stick my finger up my nose.
Health crazy, shirley remilong
By Amazon, NV
Best vitimen for the money
I like the convenience of one tablet a day!!!!, D Rogers
By Amazon, NV
I have always been a big Andrew Lessman fan. I have not been taking a daily vitamin. Strayed away from vitamins and supplements. I AM BACK!!!! I will order again.
Great value, Cindy Bruce
By Amazon, NV
Love this product. Can feel a fifference when I stop taking them.
Wonderful., Kindle Customer
By Amazon, NV
Love how they make me more en dr getic.
Nothing better, Goody
By Amazon, NV
Awesome. Most comprehensive vitamins in the market
great products, moodyhorse
By Amazon, NV
excellent quality
Essential 1 vitamins, Dave, Carrollton, TX
By Amazon, NV
Excellent product, been using for years
Great for a quick boost for the immune system. Works flawlessly for me., Jon
By Amazon, NV
Everytime i feel like I'm getting a cold I take these for a few days and I'm good to go.
BEST Vitamins, Dsigns
By Amazon, NV
The only vitamins I have taken that don't repeat back up to my mouth. Love them
Wonderful product, Darlene D.
By Amazon, NV
I love Andrews, products because they work I usually buy from HSN. For the last 15 years. It is pure and manufactured in Las Vegas usa
Quality, Marj Pearl
By Amazon, NV
I feel assured by the quality.
Great quality, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Great purchase. Had used brand from another source - great quality
go to vitamin, Lopez
By Amazon, NV
I love all of his products. I take this at 3pm when its seems like I have no energy. after taking this I feel like my self with tons of energy to get me thru the day with school pick up and football games I have enough energy to go home and make dinner and all the other stuff I have to do after working a full time job. great vitamin!
Omg!!!! Excellent vitamins I am left speechless, Jamil ribeiro
By Amazon, NV
Like always Andrew lessman make products that leave you feeling Good.
They have every mineral in the correct amount in one pill., Dori M Tyson
By Amazon, NV
I love these vitamins. They work so well.
They work well, Faloria
By Amazon, NV
Grest vitamins
Only 30 capsules not 60!, Kimberly E. Scott
By Amazon, NV
The item states that there are 60 capsules in the bottle. I have ordered the item twice now. Each time there are only 30 capsules in the bottle.
Very effective, Pamela Zimic
By Amazon, NV
It’s great
Easy to take, paulette
By Amazon, NV
I always wanted to try these vitamins. They are easy to swallow...one a day and no junk. Love them and I will purchase again!
Daily multi vitamin., Carolyn Humphreys
By Amazon, NV
I love the product. I've used them for years! Thanks for the speedy delivery and great price!
quality, Vivian Parisi
By Amazon, NV
The best ever!
capules form easy to metabolize, rodney spurlock
By Amazon, NV
this product is easy to swallow ,Its compatible with most medicine and vitamins thats produce by pro cap lab.
Easy to use, Ranchwife
By Amazon, NV
Best for the money!
Unbelievable! No nausea!
By Martha, MO
I have multiple supplement bottles sitting on shelves around my house. I believe in supplementation for optimal health, and for insurance on those days when I don't eat quite right, stress levels are higher, or whatever. The reason for the bottles at home is that whenever I take them, I have to decide as to whether I'm in the mood to take the approximately 30-50% chance that I'll be nauseous...so I never take them regularly. I've tried suggestions like making sure I take supplements with a big glass of water, with a full meal with protein, etc...but the nausea side effect is still there. Andrew's discussion and most reviews say that nausea doesn't happen with ProCaps products, but my experience over the years made me listen to the "yeah, right..." voice in my head. Finally, I decided to give them a chance and ordered a small bottle. I've taken them daily for a week now (along with ProCaps Acetyl L-Carnitine) and I have been totally fine! NO nausea, icky follow-up taste, or any side effects! I do take them with breakfast, so I don't know if taking on an empty stomach would be fine, but who cares - I eat every day so taking with food is easy. And the result has been so good that if for some reason I had to take them on an empty stomach, I wouldn't hesitate. So it's true - these supplements really do not cause stomach upset like every other supplement I've tried!
By Michael, AL
Excellent! Love this but loved it even more when your Essential-1 contained the CoQ10. Please BRING IT BACK!
By Helen, IL
Great all-around vitamin
By Ronette, MO
This vitamin covers all the basics and has the needed elements, minus the things that certain folks shouldn't have, such as extra iron or lots of extra calcium (which can cause clogged arteries and calcified joints if not paired with other things). One reviewer said it has CoQ10, which it DOES NOT. So read the label carefully. It has a coenzymated B12, not CoQ10.
Quality and price, REV. L
By Amazon, NV
Just as listed.
One powerful healthy punch
By Michele, NY
I wanted to take vitamins but i did not want to swallow 15 different pills. This product provides all the vitamins I need plus added benefits. And, the pill is not gigantic! I feel much better after taking these. Thanks, Andrew, for making it easy for me to do something good for my health by simply taking your multi-vitamin.
By Helen, IL
Results are Phenomenal
By Ann, PA
Both myself & husband experience Phenomenal results providing many healthy results throughout our bodies. Overall provides vibrant energy and resistance to sickness. It's amazing how wonderful we feel. The name "Essential" perfectly describes as the most essential product to use. We use other Pro Caps supplements, and find the quality to be extraordinary. Our Doctor recommended a Quality Multi Vitamin, CoQ10, Fish Oil Omega 3 and was elated we were already using them via Dr. Lessman. There are No Bad After Taste and No Upset Stomach.
By Eric, CA
Excellent Product
Definitely got results!
By Tamika, NV
My mother encouraged me to take this product because I was in need of energy and nutrients, due to an ongoing issue with anemia. So I started taking it along with an iron supplement. She told me to give it a chance to get in my system, after almost a month, I could tell the difference. I was so drained when I first started this vitamin, and couldn't get out of bed most days. Now I buy nothing less than the year supply! Let's just say I am convinced that this product works, and I just ordered the Essential-1 with 3000 IU vitamin D3. I usually don't write reviews but wanted to share how pleased I am with this product, So I will probably post a review of the one I just ordered.
My 1 - Essential
By Paul, CA
I've been using these vitamins for years. My diet wasn't good enough so I needed a supplement. The way Andrew develops his products in a small footprint facility with few additives convenience me to select this brand. I'm turning 70 which isn't a big deal but medically speaking I'm good shape. My doctors and blood work have confirmed that. Those folks who do not recommend this produce never seen to tell us what they like better. I'd like to know so I can compare. I am aware GNC has mega vitamin supplements. Mega is more than needed. Getting a the right balance is my goal for my supplement.
Great all around viamin
By Denise, MI
This is a great all around vitamin. You can get the basics that you need at a price that you can afford. Now that it comes with 3000 IU option it makes it even more healthy for you. Thank you Andrew!
Essential-1 #1 vitamin
By Sheila, AL
I usually do not write reviews but I have to let the world know that I am so impressed with these Vitamins (Essential 1) I have always tried to take vitamins, but they would make me eat like a pig and I would stop taking them. I watched Dr. Lessman's show on HSN and he convinced me to try his vitamins. Let me tell you, everything that he states they do, they do. I have more energy than I have ever had. I usually feel very tired after I get off work (military) that when I sit down I would pass out and not to mention how sluggish I would feel during the day. I also had trouble sleeping at night and my legs would hurt so bad. When I awake in the morning I would have to sit up in the bed for a few minutes then ease off the bed and stand there for a few minutes before I could walk to the bathroom and I was walking as if I was 90 years old. I started vitamins and noticed a drastic change. I could get right up,my legs did not bother me and I had more energy than I have ever had. I was a little skeptical so I stopped taking them for a few about a week and I noticed I started to feel sluggish again, so I am convinced that the vitamins are my wonder pills. I ordered some more and told my mom and my sister about them and now I have to order some for them. I just pray that these vitamins stay on the market. I also ordered a few more of his vitamins because I love his products. I'm letting everyone of my family members and friends know that they need to order these and stop paying out money for those department store vitamins that do not work. Thanks!!!
great multi vitamin
By Manuel, CA
I noticed this supplement worked immediately after taking it for the first time; I get more energy from this supplement oppose to Urgent Energy
Love this stuff
47 y/o male I have been taking this suppliment for.6 months now and love it almost rite away I felt a difference even in the bedroom
Great stuff!!!
By Andrea, IL
I only take the Essential-1 on the weekends; during the week I'm on the Women's Complete. I just like to mix it up, but they both work just fine, and the vitamins last a little bit longer this way. I might not always eat the best, but I know when I take Andrew Lessman vitamins, I'm getting the best stuff around, without the extra additives that you don't need. I know that I'm putting great stuff in my body with his supplements. Keep up the great work with your company, Andrew!!! :)
Awesome !!, MIKE NJ
I have tried many vitamin supplement over the years and this is by far the best that I have tried . I recommended this to several others and they really like it also . If skeptical try a 30 day supply first what do you have to loose .
By Roger, NC
What A Difference
By Sharon, NC
I was taking another name brand vitamin, but with this one there's a great difference in the way I feel. I too have hypothyroidism, and most of the time my energy was shot. After getting these into my system, the difference is as night and day. Now, if you can come up with a supplement to rebuild and support the thyroid, that would be great. Then I and others like me can get off the medications for the thyroid. Your work is so phenomenal, please help us.
Bring it on
By Sharon, NC
I have hypothyroidism, and sometimes I have no energy at all. I have other over-the-counter vitamins, but none of them has done for me what the Essential 1 has. They have brought on the energy, and I can tell when I'm out of them; everything goes back to non-existent. Thank-you Andrew for all you do for us.
This Is It!
By Laverne, NC
These are the best vitamins I have ever bought. I had been having problems for years falling asleep after eating starchy foods. I was really concerned about my health, but my doctor could not find anything wrong. But I knew I was not functioning as I should. I had foggy thinking, very low energy and depressing thoughts. Within a week of taking these vitamins, everything changed. This is It! This is just what I needed. Thank-you Andrew. Laverne-NC
This product delivers!
By Yvonne, CO
Excellent product. This is truly a powered packed, 1 capsule multiple vitamin. My stamina and energy levels have increased. I plan on purchasing again. Made in the USA is the icing on the cake - Thank you!
LOVE this product
By Janette, CA
I have tried many, many multi-vitamins over the years, but this product by far is the best. The pills are easy to swallow and do not have an aftertaste. I take these with the Omega-3 product (awesome product as well) and have found that my hair is shinier and my nails are stronger than they have ever been. I am so happy I stumbled across ProCaps late one night on TV. I will never buy another drugstore brand again. Thank you ProCaps!
Nothing can compare to Essential One
By Cristina, TX
Since I have such a busy schedule I take this first thing in the morning. I make sure I take care of myself first so I can be the best I can be for my family. Thanks Andrew Cris , Tx
Best Multi Vitamin Ever <3
By Gloria, PA
I can feel such a difference for just starting to take any of Andrew Lessman products. I have more energy and just feel great. Thank you. Placing my next order now.
Essential 1 Multi-Vitamin Rocks
By Angela, GA
The first time I saw this product on TV (HSN) I must admit I was very skeptical that it would work as well as the host stated. But I ordered it anyway thinking I would prove them wrong. Much to my surprise it delivered EVERYTHING Dr. Lessman said it would!! This is the smallest, easy to swallow most POWER PACKED vitamin I've taken. Now I can't live without them. Keep em coming Dr. Lessman you're the MAN. Angie, Suwanee, GA
Love these!
By Irene, PA
I love these daily vitamins. I love that you only need 1 a day. I take it with my breakfast every day. I notice when I don't take them, as my energy level is not as good. I also like the amount of vitamin D, so I don't have to take another supplement. The only other vitamin I have to take is calcium, so it's so easy now. I'm not fiddling with a bunch of bottles and pills. And I love that they are a quality product made with solar energy. I also take Andrew's Night time capsules - they are a lifesaver - or should I say sleep saver!
Excellent, Thank you
By Donna, CA
Thank you for providing a multi-vitamin which is affordable for the times we are going through. This product helps our budget, still gives us EXCELLENT product so we do not have to take lesser products on the market. We continue to include additional Andrew Lessman products to keep us healthy---as seniors we have been able to keep our DRUGS to only 2-----we feel strongly this has been because we listen, learn and use the BEST supplements made by Andrew.......Keep up the good work....it is worth every pinched penny to be able to continue these products. Donna ----
Wonderful vitamin!
By Juliann, NY
I ordered this through HSN and found this to be a wonderful vitamin! My husband and I had been taking the original Complete vitamins. We found that we like taking one pill instead of several easier and the bottle size is smaller and more convenient to store than the large canisters. I also bought a bottle for my daughter who went to college this year! Great product!!
Daily Vitamin B could slow Alzheimer's per CNN
By Mark, TN
I have an 87 year old father in law that was diagnosed with MCI.....he also has low Vitamin D(most elderly do)...this is a great article on the possible benefits of Vitamin B helping in slowing Alzheimer's. Essential 1 is the easiest on stomachs I have found packed full of everything you most likely will need. Great product! http://www.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/09/09/vitamin.b.alzheimers/index.html?iref=allsearch
By Mike, CA
I have a change of opinion on this Multi after finding out my vitamin D Level was more on the low side then high side. Andrew, I am soooo glad you incorporated 1,000IU of vitamin D in your One A Day Multivitamin. I switch off and on with your Women's Life Rx Complete Multivitamin which is also my favorite Multi. and in time I will most likely be taking your Life Rx Complete Multivitamin all the time. Thank you for being so educational on all your products. You're the best!!
One of the Best
By Frances, NY
In the past I ordered the Woman's Formula, but found taking 5 pills a day was too much, nor did I remember. With this formula, I just take it after my lunch. It is truly the best. It has the Vitamin D that my doctor wanted me to take. Thanks Andrew
Super Fast Shipping
By Bonnie, CO
Love the price. Ordered on Friday, received on Monday. FANTASTIC!
Love This Vitamin
By Gary, PA
Excellent product does not cause stomach problems like other vitamins I've tried, please continue to make Essential One, showed it to my Doctor he was so impressed that he orders it now.
Not bad at all
By Jim, MI
I only wish there were higher amounts of vitamins in the 1 a day multivitamin, that's about it, other then that this is the nearly perfect product because you do not have to take a whole lot of pills and all. So yeah that is my only complaint is that there isn't a higher amount of vitamins, I guess I could always upgrade down the line but for right now I am happy with taking just one pill and being done with that.
By Mike, IL
I enjoy taking this product everyday. I just wish that it came in a bigger size.
By Mark, TN
My teenagers would never take a multi because they typically hurt their stomachs. This is the first multi we have tried that has no sick side effect plus it's incredibly easy to swallow. I really like this pill's powered form, most multi's are solid which I think is the cause of that sick feeling you get after taking. Great product!
Thanks for the One-A-Day Vitamin!
By Latonia, FL
I currently use several of Andrews Lessman's supplements and love them all. I used to purchase the Essential Multivitamin for Women (5 caps packets). Because I've had to cut my spending in half lately, I had to stop purchasing it. I am so glad Andrew decided to do the 1 Essential One daily vitamin. Although it doesn't have the nutrient levels he always recommends, it's still a convenient and affordable nutritious vitamin. I feel great when I take them.
Great Product!
By Jennifer, CO
I love the fact that this has 1000 IU of vitamin D, it has really improved my mood and has made me feel so much better since I started taking it a few months ago. I love being able to take just one capsule, it fits my needs perfectly since I take several of Andrew's other products that also have nutrients in them.
The BEST one-per-day multi EVER!!
By Karen, CA
I have tried every multivitamin known to man. I came to the conclusion that I couldn't afford the good ones, and couldn't tolerate the cheap ones. This Essential One is the most remarkable product I've ever taken. It is one small capsule per day, it's very affordable and best of all, I really feel the difference! I feel good all day, and sleep great at night. It's like my body is back on track and feeling the way it is supposed to. Thank you Andrew...I know you say you offer this product reluctantly, but I believe that for many it is the only hope we have in taking a multivitamin every day which research shows can really be beneficial to your health.
Really Works!
By Marianne, PA
My husband and I having been using this for several months now, and we really see a difference in the way we feel. We have more energy and we only need to take one pill!
Great product
By Barbara, NJ
Very happy to see this vitamin offered. Would like to see more calcium in it, but my ob/gyn told me split the calcium up anyhow to take 1/2 dose both morning & night. So I guess this all works out for the best.
By Diane, MD
I am so glad Andrew introduced a "lower" high potency vitamin! I take so many of Andrew's products (10-15!) that I didn't need a super-high potency vitamin - just something that can help fill in any missing areas. This is perfect for that. Provides what I need without adding too much because of all the other supplements I take. Thanks for creating this, Andrew!
By Sharon, IL
Andrew, I just want to say, you are an awesome person to have come up with such an excellent product. I have been searching for a multivitamin for years that would agree with my body system. All the "name brands" over the counter in the drug stores just did not work for me. I would always get really, really bad stomach aches and constipation from using them, but after watching you on HSN one evening, I decided to order these just to see how they would react to my system and I must say, these are the BEST multivitamins ever and I will continue to use them for life. Thank you very much.
Outstanding Product!
By Tim, IL
I love Essential One. I take it with Andrew's Five Favorites which supply a lot of Vitamin C and B-Complex.
The Greatest Vitamin In The World
By Bill, FL
Essential One is a great product because you only have to take one capsule. I take a few of Andrew's products, all the products are great, thank you Andrew for the great products, I like the fact you use solar energy, keep up the good work and I hope you will make Essential One forever, thanks again.
Thank you Andrew!
By Rhonda, TX
I was so glad to see he came out with these. Love them! I definitely recommend...
Great Addition
By Kerry, NV
This product was long overdue. I take many of Andrews products and was getting amounts of many vitamins that were too high especially vitamin C. I'm now able to receive the amounts my doctor recommends. Thanks Andrew.
Great one-a-day, but . . .
By Johnie, TX
I have been taking these for years. Why have you lessened some of the mg content for example, Magnesium (by 10 mg), Selenium (by 50 mcg), Chromium (by 80 mcg), Boron (by 100 mcg) . . . these are some of the most important items in this multi. I will be in search of another.
A reliable source of supplement., jc
By Amazon, NV
I’ve been taking it for six to seven years…easy to swallow.
easy to swallow, frank farry
By Amazon, NV
quick to dissolve vs tablets
No difference, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
I have not noticed any difference taking these vitamins and it’s been months
Seems like good toothpaste, FN
By Amazon, NV
So far, so good. The tubes are too small
I miss the old one!
By Candace, VA
I love all of Andrew's products, but this use to be my favorite! I noticed the vitamin A has been cut in half on these. Andrew, wasn't there 5000 IU of vitamin A in these??? My eye doctor said that is what I should be taking, and now you no longer have that. Please bring it back for those of us that can only remember 1 vitamin a day! ; )
Love this but it needs Vitamin K
By Chad, OH
I've been using this product for years and I recently bought it for my mother-in-law. She asked me if it had Vitamin K in it and unfortunately it doesn't. After looking at Andrew's Vitamin K supplement, he says that we must get it through supplementation so I'm surprised and a little disappointed it's not in the Essential 1. I'm going to get her the Vitamin K but it would be nice if this essential vitamin was in Essential 1. We love all of Andrew's products.
good vitamin
By Mathew, FL
Love this vitamin to my wife it's working good to her never upset her stomach. I recommend this to everybody the best vitamin
Folic acid, Eddie CA
By Eddie, CA
I do really like this product, and feel the difference when I do not take it regularly. One concern, I recently have read that folic acid is the synthetic form and can actually be found in your blood stream as folic acid rather than as folate, the natural form. My understanding is folic acid must be processed by the liver into folate. I think I would prefer it not be in the formula, or be replaced with the natural folate. I love Andrew Lessman's products, but wish they would go totally synthetic free and processing agent free.
Great product but...
By hillary, CA
I started taking this vitamin supplement recently and really like the benefits I get from taking one capsule. However, while this is a great product, I wish Andrew would make an alternative one a day that does not contain niacin. I take many of his products by themselves and many of them already contain 5mgs. of niacin. I want to have the benefits of a multi vitamin, but I do not need anymore niacin. Andrew, would you please consider eliminating the niacin or creating another one a day without it? Thanks and keep up the terrific work! Your vitamins are the BEST!!
Essential One
By Mike, CA
I think your Essential 1 multivitamin is great but I wish you would have made the Vitamin D3 lower potency. I know there has been a lot talk in the news about need of more Vitamin D but I remember they talked about the importance of more Vitamin A Beta Carotene and everyone started putting 10,000IU of Beta Carotene and now they changed their minds and cut it back to 2500 to 5,000IU. Now everyone is putting a 1000IU of Vitamin D in their multivitamins. I wish you would have offered a multivitamin with 400IU of Vitamin D and then we can get the rest of our vitamin through our calcium supplements but the way it is now we don't have choice but take more Vitamin D. I hope you can make a multivitamin with lower Vitamin D in the near future.
Great product
By Judy, AL
This is a great option for a multivitamin. I just wish it offered a version with Iron. I don't like having to take an additional pill for iron and I require iron since I am anemic.
By Leandra, FL
I'm glad Andrew made this, because I can't imagine taking like 5 capsules a day for a multivitamin when I'm already taking 2 of his other products (which is 5 capsules). I just wonder why everything except Calcium and Magnesium are the only ingredients that don't have 100% or more of the daily value. Calcium is only 10% and Magnesium is only 25%. Still, I feel better during the day now, being able to do more things, generally happier, and I think it's been helping my allergies.
By Amazon, NV
Don't know if anyone has noticed but every time you run out & re-order, the levels of very important nutrients are drastically decreasing in each pill. Vitamin A from 750 mcg down to 300. B12 from 250mcg down to 100mcg. Folate from 533 to 400. Calcium & magnesium down also as well as chromium & sadly boron from 200 down to 100. It's not the same multi vitamin anymore. So sad. Do they think no one is noticing? Very disappointing Andrew......
New formula with a FOUL ODOR, Wendy Bishop
By Amazon, NV
I have been taking this product for several years, and this latest formulation change is the first time the vitamins have an odor, and it's a foul odor. I don't know that I'll be able to keep these and take them.
Latest Jug Smells Very Bad
By Maren, MD
I just received a new bottle of 360 with Vitamin D3, 3000, in July '21, & when I opened, there was an EXTREMELY BAD ODOR coming from the capsules & the bottle. Smells like FECES & Gasoline. Hard to say exactly how it smells. These never smelled before. I haven't gotten sick from it, but I take at bedtime so as not to interfere with my meds & supplements. I hope the smaller jugs aren't like this, because I give them away to friends who can't afford multivitamins, & this will be a huge turnoff. I'm turned off, & this will sadly be my last purchase of this supplement. I was told that ProCaps made some changes lately to the formula to improve it. I'd rather have the old recipe because that didn't smell. I take 18+ supplements & 3 prescriptions, & for the most part, everything works well together & I feel ok. Now, if changes keep coming from PC, I'm afraid I'll have to move on to other companies. I am 67 years old & just broke put in mysterious leg abrasions & bruising without trauma, & supplement recipe changes can cause untoward reactions, that frankly, I don't want/need. Please protect your elderly customers Procaps.
By Rozali, CA
Vitamins smell horrible. I will not buy these again. Called the company and advised them of the smell, they say they are safe to take. Why do they smell rancid? Apparently there was a re-formulation in December, 2020.
Overall good with 1 issue, Tiffany Leiter
By Amazon, NV
This is my second bottle. The first bottle, zero issues, amazing product. This new bottle, it smells terrible, very pungent in a bad way. Hope the next bottle doesn’t smell bad.
Stocking issues, Heidi Orr
By Amazon, NV
I really like these but they're out of stock a lot, so it's kind of frustrating. If I could buy them every time, I'd give them more stars but it's getting to the point that the customer service is lacking enough that it needs to be addressed.
No difference felt, PICK1
By Amazon, NV
I can see the coloring effect like that some of vitamins B do to the urine. Other than that no difference felt.
Not for me vitamin, Bebe
By Amazon, NV
Not sure why these products don't work for me but they come highly recommended by Alvin Jackson . Get the lowest price offered and take it by itself and see if they help. Notice what your body does or doesn't do.
RDA percentages are different, JAS1125
By Amazon, NV
What has changed? My last order the ingredients we're different as far as the percentages go of the RDA<br />This latest order is now different but the ingredients seem to be the same? What gives?
Please help
By Elicia, CA
I really was looking forward to this product however, I still have trouble swallowing this pill any suggestions on alternative ways to take this??? Have no trouble with the aloe vera....
The last bottle smelled bad, Dani
By Amazon, NV
It stank like urine.
By Amazon, NV
These vitamins came highly recommended by my friends so I tried them. I had issues with my kidneys after taking them, pain and discomfort so my doctor said that many people can take them with no issue, but obviously, I could not so I stopped taking them and feel better without them, the pain went away after a day. I am now taking a one-a-day vitamin, doctor-approved, and I am fine. This issue was probably a cause of my body, not sure, but I will not take this vitamin again. There was no warning that this could harm me, but I think that next time, I will ask my doctor to review the ingredients before taking any vitamins or supplements, which the bottle did recommend seeking advice from your doctor before taking the vitamin. The bang for the buck was why I chose this product, don't be afraid to try it, just ASK YOUR DOCTOR TO REVIEW THE INGREDIENTS FIRST! Thanks
OK - nothing special, M
By Amazon, NV
The pills are easy to swallow and no problem there. I did not find myself feeling better or worse taking the vitamins. Lots of great reviews and hype. Great to see the vitamins are helping many people. For my part, will not be re-ordering.
Causing Problems, Paul A. Hersh Jr.
By Amazon, NV
This gives me diarrhea and also a bad case of insomnia. Had to throw them away. They actually did not upset my stomach which most multi vitamins do but the other problems were too much to bare.
wonderful product EXCEPT
By Elizabeth, OR
I hate to complain about your generally great products but I just can't overlook the calcium carbonate that is added to this product, this form of calcium is the WORST, it is limestone and can be dangerous to the heart, I have heard this from a couple of doctors and they suggest a different form of calcium, PLEASE take this out and put something more friendly to our systems
By Anita, OH
My rating is only pertaining to my last purchase of these vitamins before was a definite 5 Star … What happened? I thought it was me but after reading some reviews I must agree that something went wrong !! I have taken these multi vitamins for many years and promoting them as well because I really liked them but the last bottle I purchased several months ago was scary … I didn’t notice a smell initially but I did feel a little nauseated, but after taking a couple times After opening the bottle ,, WOW the smell was very concerning and I called to let them know and I was worried about it being harmful to my body but the Rep stated it was indeed a new formula and was not at all harmful but never the less it smells so bad it makes me sick to the stomach , such a waste and a bit stressful regarding Quality in which I have always trusted with Mr Lessman’s products because I have taken several of his products for many years now.. But I am not comfortable re-ordering these for there has been no updates on whether things have gotten better with formula if indeed that was the issue.. Very sad because these were the only ones I would take?? Have a Blessed New Year and may everyone stay well..
Very strong odor, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
The Essential One 2000 Vit D product was not available. Ordered this with 3000 Vit D. Was not aware that a number of the elements were decreased in potency in this formulation. Significantly lesser amounts of many0 nutrients. In addition, the smell of this product is very, very rancid. I finished taking the 2000 Vit D and now opened this after the return window had closed. Be cautious before consuming this product. Have been using Lessman products for years, but this is awful and very disappointing.
Something changed and not for the better
By Louis, PA
This is the second time I bought this product and the first time it was great but this bottle not so much. The vitamins now give off a VERY strong odor and the vitamins made me nauseous every time I took them. I love all the other products I get from here but won't be buying these vitamins again.
The Smell is too strong - Changed their formula ?, truthopiniion
By Amazon, NV
I have loved taking Andrew Lessman’s vitamins for years with out any effects but the last 2 batch of vitamins I have taken small very strongly, bleach like smell and has caused me a upset stomach. Not sure if they changed the ingredients or formula but I miss the old supplements.
By Trisha, IL
Decades of being a Lessman customer and very turned off by offensive odor. Reminds me of pharma manufacturing plants. Maybe adding an new ingredient at a time instead of 12 new would yield where mixing process deviated. What about all of that FDA and independent testing? Threw away, regardless of potency/integrity.
Smells like rotten eggs!!!!!, Kathleen Sullivan
By Amazon, NV
The odor of Essential 1 D-3000 smells like rotten eggs and so does my bedroom, including my closet~~For weeks I have been nauseous and sick to my stomach after I take it? I think I received a bad lot and trying to reach Pro Caps and a call back from them. Btw, Pro Caps~~Andrew Lessman, I have been taking your vitaimins for over 30 years?? This is the first time I ever had a smell from your viatimins and became so sick to my stomach.
Big Changes
By Harry, FL
We have been buying for years. Now we see the ingredients have been reduced greatly. Like vitamin A is cut from 750 to 300mcg. So many reduced. Of course the price didn’t come down. Why is that?
Different formula?, angela
By Amazon, NV
I ordered the same vitamins from here twice, yet they are very different. The bottle is much larger and the amount of ingredients in each one is very different, if you look closely at each bottle. I believe these vitamins to not be the same as the original vitamins.
Dissapointed!, karen
By Amazon, NV
I always take these vitamins but I had to return them this time because they had a terrible odor!
To high dose vitamins making me ill, Mousepower2015
By Amazon, NV
I'd say to avoid them I been taken them since February and have had bad indigestion sometimes nausea and constant heart burn couldn't figure out what was then I did research that the overly high amounts of certain vitamins in this are causing it I'll go back to the men's daily vitamins
Ordered before but this shipment has strong caustic odor even before you open the bottle., Mr C
By Amazon, NV
This strong odor from current bottle makes me question if this may be a defective product and not the quality we expect from Andrew Lessman PROCAPS lab.
Product changed!!!, TJS
By Amazon, NV
This is my 2nd time ordering these vitamins. I really liked them, tasteless and orderless, easy to swallow and gave me energy. But this time around they seem to have a strong vitamin smell. I took one, got a migraine with vommiting. I can't say if it was caused by the vitamins, but I threw them away!!
Love you, Andrew, But!!
By Patricia, FL
I have been taking the Essential One for a while, but this time when I ordered it I found that it had a strong smell. For this reason I have stopped taking it. I had put the bottle next to my desk to write a review, and even with the bottle top closed the smell is making me nauseous! So sorry. I will have to try to find another choice for a vitamin! I read another review saying that the formula had changed a bit and the vitamins now have a strong odor, so I guess it's not just my bottle or my sense of smell.
Easy to swallow; hard to hold down, Shona Brown
By Amazon, NV
They are easy to swallow but hard to hold down. I’m not sure what is but every time I take them, I vomit about 30 minutes later?!?! My body is rejecting something in them. I read all the positive reviews and I want them to work but they can’t help me if they don’t stay in my stomach.
Not easy to Digest, Nanette r. LaRose
By Amazon, NV
Indegestion every time I swallowed one,
Essential 1
By John, KY
change the ingredients and put cheaper ingredients in Essential 1 and FDA had nothing to do with it all about money!!!!
Not proven
By Lyn, WV
I am new to this line of vitamins and I am not very impressed with anything I have gotten, nor with the very short satisfaction guarantee. One month is not sufficient time to assess the effectiveness of a supplement. I took my supplements to my natural doctor and he eliminated three of the five I have. But I have only stopped this one, namely, because it appears that my body really does not want it because I have nausea when I take it in the morning with my breakfast.
Very Dry
By Rosemary, WI
I don't know about other people but this powder type made me very dry. My mouth felt like it needed mega water and I felt tired - didn't give me the energy on the first day that people had talked about.


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Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 Capsule
Amount Per Serving . %DV*
Vitamin A (as natural beta carotene) 300 mcg RAE (1,000 IU) 33%
Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate) 200 mg 222%
Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) 50 mcg (2,000 IU) 250%
Vitamin E (as natural d-alpha tocopheryl succinate) 60 mg (90 IU) 400%
Vitamin B1 (as thiamin hydrochloride) 10 mg 833%
Vitamin B2 (as riboflavin) 10 mg 769%
Niacin (as niacinamide/chromium nicotinate) 20 mg 125%
Pantothenic Acid (as calcium pantothenate) 20 mg 400%
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride) 10 mg 588%
Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin - protected Coenzyme B12) 100 mcg 4,167%
Folate (as L-methylfolate) 400 mcg DFE 100%
Biotin 1,200 mcg 4,000%
Calcium (as calcium carbonate/ascorbate) 80 mg 6%
Magnesium (as magnesium oxide) 40 mg 10%
Zinc (as zinc oxide) 15 mg 136%
Selenium (as sodium selenite) 150 mcg 273%
Copper (as copper oxide) 1 mg (1,000 mcg) 111%
Manganese (as manganese sulfate) 2.3 mg (2,300 mcg) 100%
Chromium (as chromium nicotinate) 120 mcg 343%
Molybdenum (as molybdenum glycinate) 75 mcg 167%
Boron (as potassium borate) 100 mcg
Vanadium (as vanadyl sulfate) 50 mcg
Lutein 1 mg (1,000 mcg)
Lycopene 1 mg (1,000 mcg)
Zeaxanthin Complex 500 mcg
Branched Chain Amino Acids (Leucine, Valine) 5 mg
Silicon (as silicon dioxide) 3 mg
* Percent Daily Values (%DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. † Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Gelatin capsule, Proprietary Protective Methyl B12 Matrix.
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$24.90 - $189.90
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